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Become Multi-Orgasmic

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Yes, every woman is capable of it -- even you! An OB/GYN gives us surprisingly easy how-tos.


After you hit the big O, are you tempted to come back for seconds -- but just don't know how? Hilda Hutcherson, M.D., gynecologist and author of What Your Mother Never Told You About Sex, has the lowdown on how to reach the ultimate peak(s). She says every woman is capable of having multiple orgasms -- yes, even you!

Here are the surprisingly simple steps:

Don't make it a job or chore.
"If you view it as something you have to have, it's never going to happen," Dr. Hilda Hutcherson says. "You'll be thinking about it too much! If after one orgasm you're totally spent and satisfied, you shouldn't even try for more." 

Feel like continuing? Do just that.
"Once people orgasm, they usually cease all stimulation," Dr. Hilda notes. "But the instant you do, the tension will plummet and it will be extremely difficult to build it back up again." 

Slow the pace.
"Instead of stopping completely after your first orgasm, just slow down a bit so the tension stays at a high level," Dr. Hilda says. "Then gradually increase the speed and intensity of stimulation until it starts to feel really, really good again. Your body will guide you."

Practice without a partner first.
"That's the best way to learn, because during masturbation you have total control," Dr. Hilda observes. "If your partner's present, he'll be having his own thing going on, and that might distract you."

Don't be afraid to keep going.
"The number of orgasms a woman can have is unlimited," Dr. Hilda says. "I've heard of women who've had more than 20 in one sex session."

Hear more bedroom advice from Dr. Hilda below.

If you're multi-orgasmic, what's your secret?

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PremRaj February 9, 2010, 10:58 PM

The point I want to say is that Passionate Lovemaking before penetration is very important.. and Penetration should not happen until You can hold on no more without it done. As a Male I would advice the guys to not give it to her Until She Screams in Lust (Some thing like “DO IT NOWWWWW BABYeee”). Play with her body till that time. Even her Hands and legs are sensitive and need Your attention.. (Women do not often get touched by men in any part of their body) Now I hope I do not need to mention that Private parts need to be played with… So Guys.. and Girls.. If you really are Passionate about each other… Express your fantasies and Play with Each other.. Till the GIVE ME moment comes.. The More time you spend in Love making the Better will be Her “Orgasm”.. Have Fun.

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