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Report From Beijing

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Four horses get disqualified, U.S. soccer is victorious, and men's softball comes to an end.

What you missed:

• American women's soccer player Hope Solo helped lead the United States team to the Olympic gold medal with a 1-0 victory over Brazil in overtime. The gold medal was the third for the United States in women's soccer, after titles won at the 2004 Athens Olympics and the 1996 Atlanta Games. Solo credits her late father (whose real name she never knew) with her success.

• In the final Olympic men's softball game, Japan beat the U.S. for the gold 3-1, putting a shocking end to American Olympic dominance. The sport has been removed from the Olympic program in 2012, meaning that many of the well-known players on American team have ended their Olympic careers on a losing note. The U.S. had beaten Japan twice earlier in the tournament, but was left with the silver medal and Australia won the bronze.

• The United States women's volleyball team creamed Cuba on Thursday, heading to the gold-medal round for the first time in 24 years. "I felt like it was an out-of-body experience," said player Kim Willoughby, an outside hitter who was just 4 years-old in 1984, the last time the United States women played for an Olympic gold medal. "Is this really happening to me right now? Am I really doing this? We just made the United States very proud."

• The U.S. women's basketball team has ruled the last two weeks at the Beijing Games and Thursday night was no different when they beat Russia in a semifinal at the Olympic Games. The U.S. will play Australia for the gold medal on Saturday.

What's on tonight:

8:00 to midnight: Beach volleyball
8:00: Cycling
8:00: Swimming
8:00: Softball

Beijing Gossip:

• Four horses and their Brazilian, German, Irish and Nordic riders were suspended from Olympic show-jumping on Thursday after tests suggested the skin of the horses might have been doused with a banned derivative of chili peppers. Traces of capsaicin (an ingredient used for the treatment of minor horse injuries) were discovered. The substance is banned at the Olympics because it can also serve as a mild stimulant. Since the riders won the bronze medal earlier this week, The International Federation for Equestrian Sports deferred a decision on whether to revoke the bronze medal until after final test results were confirmed.

• A few minutes after sprinter Wallace Spearmon thought he won the bronze medal in the 200 meters final, he learned he was disqualified. After Spearmon raced around the track in a joyful victory dance, the scoreboard replaced his time of 19.95 seconds with "DQ" because Spearmon stepped out of his lane along the inside of the curve. His mom only realized what had happened when she overheard the crowd buzzing. "My head was so out of it that, to be honest, I was thinking, 'Wallace got Dairy Queened?'" Nina Spearmon said. "I was just like, 'Shut up, we're in the moment,' and then we all stood there not knowing whether to keep cheering or not. When I finally saw on the screen as they told Wallace, I knew what they said because he said, 'Who, me?' It was like someone put a pin in the moment. It was like a funeral." Spearmon says: "I was a little embarrassed, I'll say that much, because I was walking around like I had won a medal when I hadn't."

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