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Does Bill Hate Barack?

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Political reporter and Mom Ronda Kaysen: While the women are playing nice at the Democratic National Convention this week, the same can't be said for their better halves.


Bill Clinton has been swaggering around Denver all week, telling anyone who will listen that he's mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore. He's also busy letting foreign dignitaries know that Obama doesn't have the experience to cut it. Things have gotten so tense between the former president and Barack Obama that he's now threatening to play hookie during Obama's acceptance speech on Thursday night.

But Obama's no angel. And winning the nomination hasn't done much to mask his thinly veiled disdain for the Clintons. He rarely calls Bill for advice, despite the widely known fact that Bill loves giving advice (who would have thought?).

"We all know that he [Clinton] wants to be loved. Just call him. Call him any time of day or night," one associate of Clinton's told the Washington Post. "Talk to him about anything. Talk to him about the Olympics or what he thinks about a certain congressional district or even about the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle. Obama could even put the phone in a drawer and just let President Clinton talk away. It wouldn't take much. It could be so easy."

Speaking of talking, Obama snubbed the former president's request to talk about the economy during his big speech tonight. And, in what is probably the biggest blow to Bill, Obama has not come out and publicly denounced claims that the former president was "using the race card" when he compared Obama to Jesse Jackson during the primaries. Bill and Barack aren't the only bad boys in town. They're just the ones allowed at the convention. Cheating John Edwards and party turncoat Joe Lieberman haven't even shown their faces in Denver.

Even though Edwards won delegates during the primary and was the party's vice presidential nominee last time around, he's persona non grata at this convention. Cheating on your dying wife is not a good look for a party running on a "change" theme. Elizabeth may not be able to leave John, but the party sure has no problem with it.

Lieberman--another former vp pick for the Democrat--didn't cheat on his wife (just his party), which is a bigger sin in Washington. It was bad enough that he turned Independent in 2006 after he lost the Democratic primary in Connecticut. He topped it off by--the horror!--sleeping with the enemy and speaking at the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis. Looks like this convention is all about the Boys Gone Wild.

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Jana August 27, 2008, 5:20 PM

Who cares if Clinton “just wants to be loved?” If Obama doesn’t want to call him for advice, he DOESN’T have to!

And judging by Clinton’s behavior (past and present), I’d say that’s a wise move on Obama’s part!

BETTY August 28, 2008, 2:58 PM


CK1 September 3, 2008, 10:23 AM

Good choice Betty. After watching the first part of the Republican Convention there is NO DOUBT in my mind who I’m voting for.

McCain/Palin ‘08 Change we can count on!

And, about this story…Obama turned his back on Hillary. Ha! Can you believe that? I can. He could have had the Presidency in the bag with Hilary but he decided to go with Biden. I bet the Democrats, especially, Hillary fans are pissed. I know I would be. I want to see a woman in the oval office. I am excited about Sarah Palin. I can totally relate to her, because I am a mother of four children and I have two grandchildren. One of my Grandchildren was born to my teenage daughter. I feel for Sarah Palin and her daughter. The media are like sharks feeding on her family. It’s sickening. It’s noboby’s business what’s going on in her families private life. Once again, another reason I won’t be voting for a Democrat this year. Oh, and the list goes on….

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