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Celeb Moms Are Skinny B*tches

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The race for stars to lose weight has spurred a new phenomenon called "Pregorexia." What is it? Our expert weighs in.

Just two weeks after giving birth to daughter Sunday Rose, Nicole Kidman revealed her perfectly flat stomach in a photo published in Us Weekly. Blogs, magazines, and people everywhere were buzzing about Kidman's fast weight loss. How??? But this isn't the first time a celebrity has quickly dropped her baby weight.

Former Bond girl Denise Richards, who, after gaining 30 pounds during her pregnancy with first daughter Sam, posed for the cover of Playboy magazine five months after she delivered. And supermodel Heidi Klum walked the Victoria's Secret runway in a bra and thong just eight weeks after giving birth to son, Henry.

That's great for these women, but what impact do these images have on the rest of the world? A survey conducted by found 31 percent of moms felt angry about the "extra pressure on regular moms to look like celebrities" and 24 percent just felt depressed.

The topic of celeb baby weight has even spurred a new phrase called "Pregorexia"--a condition where women get so obsessed with keeping their weight down during pregnancy that they go to extremes with diet and exercise, ultimately harming the health of their baby.

But since most moms can't afford personal chefs, private Pilates sessions, and those rumored delivery room tummy tuck/C-section combos, should we feel jealous of celebs whose basic survival depends on their ability to stay thin and beautiful?

"Women are used to having celeb envy, but new moms are particularly sensitive to it and feel judged as soon as they give birth," says Yvonne Fulbright, Ph.D., author of Your Orgasmic Pregnancy: Little Sex Secrets Every Hot Mama Should Know.

According to Fulbright, having a baby is a time for women to be honored and praised for her efforts. But instead, many feel pressure to lose weight immediately. "Women are no longer allowed to gain weight beyond that of the baby and if she does, she fears being seen as a failure," says Fulbright.

"Women should gain one or two pounds per week for a total of 30 pounds, but how quickly a woman loses that weight is related to whether she's breastfeeding, her activity level, and her diet and sleep schedule," says Fulbright. Sleep keeps cortisol (a.k.a the stress hormone) levels low, which help suppress cravings and stay trim. In fact, one Harvard University study found women who sleep five hours or less when their babies are six months old are three times as likely to keep their baby weight six months later than moms who sleep seven hours a night. (Having a nanny also helps!)

And do husbands expect their wives to shed weight quickly? They're hardly immune to the images of a sexy Halle Berry hitting the red carpet weeks after giving birth. "The good news is, guys aren't comparing their wives to celebrity moms," says Fulbright. "Sure, they drool over eye candy, but they're just thinking, 'She looks good.' Most don't relate those images to reality."

"The bottom line is, unless you have the funds to afford the luxuries celebrities have, you shouldn't worry about losing all your weight right away," says Fulbright. "Most women take a year to get back to their pre-pregnancy state anyway. In the meantime, proper nutrition, sleep and exercise will help your body return to its pre-pregnancy state."

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Katherine August 12, 2008, 9:41 AM

Kidman, whose tall thin sister had 4 children also did not show much. Kidman is naturally thin and always has been. She has publicly stated her father encouraged family fitness and accompanied her and sister running and doing sit-ups daily since they were small children. The lady is over 5”11 and probably has the abdominal muscles of an Olympic athlete. The fact that she practiced yoga for years right up until the birth is not a symptom of anorexia, it is very healthy lifestyle and eases childbirth. As she did have natural childbirth and was home in 24 hours, it would seem that by eating well and being fit, this particular 41 year old woman had a very easy delivery.

Kidman’s lifelong physical conditioning is why her tummy bounced right back, not anorexia.

I understand that groups need to use any public figure they can to showcase their particular cause, but this is horribly unethical. Kidman is not anorexic and her child (born with a normal birth weight) is healthy and was born to an exceedingly healthy woman.

meg24_83 August 12, 2008, 11:49 AM

Aren’t there other celebrity moms who don’t just shed the weight that fast? I mean NOT ALL CELEB MOMS ARE SKINNY THAT FAST! And so what it took her 2 weeks to lose the weight. Most moms have envy b/c even after 2 yrs they still haven’t shed the pounds. She watches her weight and takes care of herself. I find this trend interesting though. Putting women down who take care of themselves. I feel like this is in the middle of a weight war.
When is this crap gonna stop! You have a problem with your weight, then do something. Otherwise no one else cares what you look like!

Heather August 12, 2008, 9:43 PM

Staying fit is one thing, but Kidman took it to the extreme. Was a gym visit everyday necessary? And it wasn’t just yoga. It wasn’t even pre-natal yoga. Do you not realize or care that it also impacts the baby’s weight? As a result of her extreme excersing, her baby was a tiny 6.5 pounds. Add to that the fact that she had 2 movies to go right into. Was she working out to the extreme to stay fit or to keep her weight down so she could head back to the movie sets 1 month after giving birth? Where is she right now? On a film set in Australia.

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