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Lots of Kisses Make You Fat

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You've heard the old saying, 'out of sight, out of mind'? This definitely applies when it comes to eating junk. Celebrity nutrition and fitness expert, JJ Virgin, tells us how to trick our families (and ourselves) to eat better!


A study was done at the University of Illinois using Hershey's Kisses that showed how powerful proximity can be in promoting overindulgence. When workers kept the chocolate on their desk, they ate an average of nine per day. When the chocolate was moved just six feet away, they ate an average of four per day. How many of us can admit to having candy hiding in random places of our homes or at arm's length from our work desks? We're guilty as charged.

So how can we use this study to our advantage? JJ suggests cutting up veggies and placing them on the dinner table. Put them in little dishes strategically positioned within an arms' reach of yourself and your kids so that they will pick at them as they are waiting for their dinner plates. If there is something that you're serving and you want to monitor their portions, serve a small amount but don't bring extras to the table. Be sure to put it away after you're done serving it.

-Don't keep treats and sweets in plain view.
-Don't rely on willpower.
-Move the temptations away from you and put the good stuff front and center.
-Lose the cookie jar.
-Load a beautiful bowl up with organic seasonal fruit in a rainbow of colors.
-Dump the candy out of the jar and fill it with raw mixed nuts.

Remember moms: Exposure equals preference, so keep on putting those fruits and veggies out there and get your kids to try a variety of them (heck, bribe them if you have to). Over time they will find their favorites and even learn to ask for them first!

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Amber August 14, 2008, 7:59 PM

Out of sight, out of mind totally works for me! When I buy snacky foods I put them on the the top shelf in the pantry and shut the door. I’m only 5’ tall so I’d have to dig the step stool out of the laundry room and thats just too much work for a small bag of chips so the snacks stay safe. hahaha

ashley August 15, 2008, 8:23 AM

I bought this bag of marshmallow hershey kisses and came home, ate a few and then pu the bag in a kitchen junk drawer that I rarely ever dig through. So I totally forget they’re there. Maybe every other day I open it looking for something and I’m like ooh, chocolate! and eat one and then forget they’re there 10 minutes later. I keep a bowl with my sons faves canteloupe and bananas on the kitchen table so when he’s hungry I’m like there you go.

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