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'John Edwards, I Forgive You'

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Guest blogger Leslie Adler of The Vuv Club says: Who wouldn't? Your excuses for your behavior are enough for any reasonable person to absolve you.


You said you cheated because you became "egocentric and narcissistic." Who wouldn't understand that a selfish, self-loving man put his primal desires above all things he professed to believe in, like morals, family and religion?

As long as you admit you were only thinking of you, I'm okay with it.

You said you "took responsibility" with your family. "Yes, honey and my church-going children, remember when I denounced Bill Clinton for screwing around on Hillary and making her fodder for all the media? Well, the John Edwards that you are going to see all over the newspapers, the one that is going to lose his chance to be vice-president because he supposedly had a torrid sexual affair with a woman named Rielle Hunter? I'm responsible for that, that's me!" You 'fessed up. That's all any woman would need, especially a woman who campaigned alongside you while delaying treatment for her chronic cancer so she could assist you in your attempt to be president. As for the kids, I'm sure your "responsible-ness" will be enough for them too...they'll never hold it against you even after their dear mother leaves this earth.

You said, "She was in remission." John, I can relate. My husband battled testicular cancer. It was an incredibly emotional and scary time for my family. During this period we watched someone we love endure chemotherapy and two surgeries, following a protocol that comes with lots of pain and discomfort and no guarantees...all the while looking into the eyes of two wonderful children and promising everything will be alright. So John, I can see that when you got the news that the spouse you love is in remission how your thoughts would wander to celebrating by making love with someone else.

You said you "made a serious error in judgment and conducted [yourself] in a way that was disloyal to [your] family and to [your core] beliefs." No problem. One's core can be a confusing thing. Just 'cause you believe, at your core, that others shouldn't be unfaithful, doesn't mean that applies to you. Plus, admitting to a "serious" error is so much more satisfying than admitted to a "little error."

You also said "[we] cannot beat [you] up more than [you] have already beaten up [yourself]. " Here, I think you may be wrong, but I give you credit for beating yourself up. Did you happen to use a red hot poker by any chance? Did you squeeze your own nuts till you were singing soprano and turning blue? If your answer is "yes," then as I said before, "John Edwards, I forgive you."

Leslie Adler is the founder of  The Vuv Club.

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Rose August 11, 2008, 2:42 PM

Sounds like you really don’t forgive John in your last paragraph. I don’t blame you. I found out my husband’s cheating when his girlfriend used his credit card to buy about $2000 in new clothes. I threw him out of the house and got a $3300 a month child support judgement against him for our three boys. About a year later, my best friend confessed to me that my ex-husband had badgered her for sex while we were married. She never gave in. I forgave her for not telling me and for being loyal to me. I told my three boys that their father is still a good person but certainly not someone to emulate. Recently I found out that my oldest was given some pot by my husband, who picked up the habit from his 22 year old girlfriend. So now, I am trying to take away his visitation for good for any of my son’s. Although I am not racist, his girlfriend is an African-American and makes a lot of money, all cash. Jesting!

Anonymous August 11, 2008, 5:09 PM

I think this should be between him and his family. Not to bring down the fact that adultery is a major sin against one’s spouse and family, but seems like this just helped us weed out a potentially $hitty vp candidate don’t you think? Maybe we should thank him for that.

runner up... August 11, 2008, 5:38 PM

maybe he’s secretly republican…

WeeWeeJordan August 11, 2008, 7:19 PM

How come we never hear about female celebrities cheating on their husbands. You know it happens. Double standard anyone?

Shwamy August 11, 2008, 10:27 PM

I’m sure MANY politicians have cheated. Men AND women. Sometimes they get away with it and sometimes they don’t. Don’t think this is an usual act by a public figure. He should be kissing his lucky stars that his wife is still by his side! Can’t wait to see the article that will probably come out in People magazine next week! Damage control city!

vuv luvver August 11, 2008, 10:55 PM

You said it, sister! Guy’s a schmuck - wouldn’t be so unforgivable if he hadn’t spent so much time fooling everyone that he wasn’t.

karina August 12, 2008, 12:04 AM

this is for rose,
I agree but, at the same time I desagree whit you. I know is bad for your ex-husben to give your son some pot, but you can’t take the visitatio from your kids, if you tell your oldes son that hes not allow to see his father again he’s gonna recentyou and it’s not fare for your other kids, beside if he don’t get the pot from his dad, somebody els will giveit to him.

TC Survivor August 12, 2008, 7:05 AM

Like Leslie’s husband, I too survive testicular cancer. Plenty of stress to go around. Even without that stress, and even had I never needed her support to fight cancer, I respect and love my wife. I have never considered cheating on her. And I’ve had it with lying two-faced politicians. I think Edwards should be tarred and feathered.
Thanks for the blog.

Fabian Socarras August 20, 2008, 1:32 PM

Everyone deserves a chance to redeem themselves.

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