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(Out of) Love Rollercoaster

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Mom-on-the-edge: I hate rollercoasters. They make me sick. But, I'm afraid to get off this one. The ride is called separation. One minute you're up, the next you're down.

I was flying high. My husband and I were making an effort to save our marriage. Day trips with our son yielded minor fights but nothing got blown out of proportion. He actually called from the office and shared his day. We went on a date and stayed out past 10:00. A quick slap on the ass while we waited to cross the street--was he flirting?

Then his mom started with the calls. She wanted to make plans to see the baby only she wouldn't call me, she only spoke through her son. And he wasn't even going to be there!

"My mom wants to spend the day tomorrow..."

"Okay, tell your mom to call me."

"My mom is in the city. She wants to..."

"She's here?  It's only 8:00 in the morning! I haven't showered yet..."

"My mom said..."

"Please, tell your mom to call me.  You don't have to be the middle man.  Don't you find it frustrating?"



I told my husband I thought it was a lot to ask of someone. We're separated, his mom avoids me, and yet I was expected to spend the day with her while he was at work. Of course, he got mad. Then he hung up the phone and then he texted that he wasn't coming home.

That's when I got that sinking feeling. The same one I got on Space Mountain. I was in the dark and I felt like puking. Was this just another fight or was this it?

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