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Michelle Obama welcomes Jill Biden: "I've stayed out of this process, but when he told me his choice, I said, 'That's the right choice.' I was like, 'Good!' " Michelle said after her husband's announcement Saturday that Sen. Joseph Biden of Delaware would be his running mate. In Springfield, Illinois the two women had a chance to hug and get acquainted. At this week's Democratic National Convention, both families will come together, as the Obamas' daughters Sasha, 7, and Malia, 10, will be joined by Joe and Jill's five grandchildren, ages 2 to 14. "I can tell you the kids are gonna have a lot of fun in Denver," said Michelle Obama.

Florida mom missing:
51 year-old Josephine Frenna from Fort Lauderdale, Florida has been missing since August 21. Frenna who recently moved from Canada, previously told a judge that she and her son were "afraid for our life" because her estranged husband, Gerardo Di Marco, 58, is "violent" and "dangerous." Di Marco filed for divorce last week. Frenna's 14-year-old son became suspicious on Thursday when he returned from school to find his mother's car, purse and cell phone, but no trace of her. Police have searched nearby apartments, hospitals, jails and airlines with no luck.

Beauty Pageants for Nuns?
An Italian priest is organizing an online beauty pageant for nuns, to give them more visibility within the Catholic Church and to fight the stereotype that they are all old and dowdy. The "Miss Sister 2008" contest will start in September on a blog run by the Reverend Antonio Rungi and will give nuns a chance to showcase their image. Visitors to his site will have a month to "vote for the nun they consider a model." Nuns will fill out a profile including information about their life and vocation as well as a photograph. It will be their choice to wear the traditional veil or with their heads uncovered. "We are not going to parade nuns in bathing suits," Rungi said. "But being ugly is not a requirement for becoming a nun. External beauty is gift from God, and we mustn't hide it." The contest is drawing criticism from the association of Catholic teachers.

Study: Women suffer more than men: According to the old adage, anyone who can tolerate childbirth must have a high tolerance for pain but, according to new research presented at a conference for the International Association for the Study of Pain in Scotland, that's not true. In fact, women are more likely to suffer from migraines, irritable bowel syndrome and arthritis and are less likely to receive treatment for their pain. Study authors say medical professionals need to be educated on the various ways women suffer from pain and how to best treat them.

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