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Olympic Mom Gives ML a Star Pitch

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She tosses a ball at 71 miles an hour, has turned down offers to pose for Playboy and was named hottest sports personality by Maxim. She's pitching for the U.S. in Beijing, already has a gold medal, and she just so happens to be a mom. Momlogic talked to Jennie Finch and got the scoop--from how she balances her family with her career, to what she eats.

The women of U.S. softball are competing in the semi-finals in Beijing--having just beat out China--and have been dubbed the "dream-team" in the 2008 Olympics. They won gold in 2004 (Athens), and if things continue to go the way they have in Beijing, it's likely they will bring home the gold again. But more about Jennie: This 6'1 beauty looks more like a runway model than an Olympic gold medalist--a pair of her used softball shoes went for $1600 on eBay and well, she is the IT girl of the softball world. Here's what she had to say about her home life, her sport and how she keeps her little one, Ace, happy...

Momlogic: How do you balance family life with softball--and what are tips for moms struggling to balance their careers?

Jennie: Basically I do the best I can, and I try to make the most of the time I have with my husband (baseball player Casey Daigle) and son (Ace Shane, 2). We shut down phones and computers and just focus on the three of us. With our schedules it isn't often we are all in the same city, so we know how precious those moments are.

ML: How do you manage to stay in such great shape?

Jennie: Being an athlete is my job. I knew when I was pregnant with Ace that I was going to have to pitch in a world-qualifying game six weeks after he was born, so I worked hard to keep in shape. After he was born, I had to get up to speed quickly. I relied on family, which was great to be able to do. It wasn't easy--and in some ways I wish I were a mom who could have all my time with Ace--but being a professional athlete is a blessing too. I just do the best I can at any moment. I work out up to six hours a day, so I eat foods that give me enough energy to do that and still keep up with Ace. Half the time, I eat whatever Ace has left on his plate, or snacks he hasn't finished!

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