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Celeb Parents: What's Your Problem?

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No one is perfect, but these celebrity parents need a serious time-out!

Recent reports have featured the naughty and scandalous behavior of members of the Lohan, Hogan, and Blonsky families. But we're not reading about the crazy antics of celeb kids--it's their parents. What's worse--watching Lilo in trouble or her mom?

Moms and Dads: From partying with your kids in nightclubs, displaying sexual behavior in public, and starting fistfights, your behavior of late has crossed the line. Are you all vying for attention from your children or jealous of the attention your children get?  Either way, one thing is clear: It looks kind of pathetic from this angle.

Linda, you're dating a child 29 years younger than you. How do you think this impacts your daughter Brooke? She's already publicly admitted your actions are damaging your relationship, and that she's being teased for all the media attention. And in light of your public divorce, your son Nick's incarceration for a horrific car crash, and your vicious verbal attack on the mother of victim John Graziano, shouldn't you tone it down a little?

Dina Lohan, how can you set an example for Lindsay when you're drinking and clubbing right alongside her and acting like an older sister to daughter Ali in her reality show? You have an opportunity to ensure Ali doesn't make the same mistakes as Lindsay, but you shocked viewers when during the premiere of Living Lohan, you openly watched porn on your computer when Ali was home, and when she walked in and caught you, she asked, "Is that Lindsay?" Enough said.

Pam Anderson, we applaud you for not including your children on camera in your new show Pam: Girl on the Loose, but you're also exposing your butt, crawling around topless, and pulling all-nighters in Vegas. Sure, the public won't see your kids on camera, but don't you realize your kids can see you?

And Carl Blonsky, you're setting a terrible example for your Hairspray-starring teen daughter Nikki by resorting to physical violence. Your recent arrest at a Turks and Calicos airport for brawling with former America's Next Top Model contestant Bianca Golden landed you in jail--and now you're facing a possible sentence of five years in prison. Was a dispute over saved seats worth the bad example you set for your kid?

Parenting is difficult--and admittedly you're dealing with issues of fame, extreme wealth, and scrutiny---three things most parents don't have to face. But in light of the fact that your kids are growing up quickly, you'd do them a real service by guiding them and acting like parents--not celebrities.

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Anonymous August 14, 2008, 11:00 AM

These parents are PATHETIC.

foxymama August 14, 2008, 5:19 PM

I know some pathetic parents, they’re just able to be pathetic without the cameras around.
Sure - some of the stuff they have/are doing is pretty shady, but those who lives in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, right?

praying4baby#2 August 14, 2008, 11:53 PM

The sad thing is, celebrity moms aren’t the only ones who act out! Just some regular moms I’ve seen in my own neighborhood have questionable behavior! I see too many moms try to live through their children or be their best friend. They just don’t realize the damage!!

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