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Sharon Stone Dates 20-Something Boy Toy

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An increasing number of older Hollywood stars are dating younger and younger men. You go, girls!

The 50-year-old Sharon Stone, now allegedly dating 24-year-old Chase Dreyfous, has joined the growing list of Hollywood cougars. According to In Touch Weekly, "the unlikely pair, who met in early July while working together on Sharon's charity, Planet Hope, were first spotted getting cozy at a party thrown by fashion designer Christian Audigier on August 2 in LA."

Sharon's no stranger to younger men. Stone was engaged to producer Bill McDonald, who was eight years younger than her, after they met on the film Sliver in 1993. McDonald left his wife, Naomi Baca, for Stone. She later wed media mogul Phil Bronstein, and they were married for six years before they divorced in early 2004.

The Oscar nominee joins a growing list of older Hollywood women who date younger men: Linda Hogan, Demi Moore and Paula Abdul, to name just a few. Since the show Age of Love, a reality show pitting "cougars" against "kittens," aired back in 2007, cougars have been cropping up in the mainstream as well. There were always "Cougars 4 Cook" fans in last season's American Idol audience. VH1 began taping Cougar Camp, a reality show hosted by Lisa Gastineau, in New York last week. And many local bars throughout the country even host "cougar nights." So why is this such a hot, growing trend? What's the attraction? We asked momlogic therapist Shannon Fox why so many older women fall for younger men.

1. It's a perfect recipe for gender sexual peaks. Women reach their sexual peak at 40. Men reach theirs in their early 20s. It takes longer for women to come into their own sexually. A younger man is going through the same thing and is better equipped to keep up with the women.

2. It proves she's still got it. Dating a younger man makes a woman feel more attractive. People like Sharon Stone and Demi Moore have long been identified for their sexiness. Dating a younger man proves that they've still got it. They are able to land a younger guy who has his pick of the litter, but is choosing her.

3. Money & power. It used to be that we only saw older men with younger women. But these days, women make their own money. They are free to do what they want, because they don't need to rely on a man for their well-being. Now they can have a man for fun. Women like to be in charge, and dating a younger men allows them to do that and be appreciated for it.

4. No baggage. A younger man most likely doesn't have children, an ex-wife, child support, alimony or other responsibilities and obligations that may get in the way of a relationship. He's free to pay attention to her and work around her life and schedule.

5. It helps them feel young again. Many women dread growing older. Dating a younger man helps women appear younger and, more importantly, feel younger. He can remind her what life was like when there was less responsibility and more fun.

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