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Size 12, You're Fat!

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Guest blogger MILF Mommy thinks you're fat.


I am sick and tired of hearing that it's OK to be a size 12. I understand that this is the average weight of women in the United States, but since when does average make everything OK? Here's some low-cal food for thought...

1. You're not as cute as you could be. Being a size 12 is neither healthy nor is it attractive. Ask any man (in private) if he'd prefer that his size 12 wife lose weight and he'd say, "YES!"

2. You're lying about feeling good. Any woman who says she'd rather be a size 12 than a size 6 is lying. Think about it. Have you ever met someone who has lost weight who regrets it? Does anyone ever say, "I hate how I look in this sexy dress with my toned arms"? Or, "I preferred it when I had a muffin top belly and huge thighs"?

3. Stop pretending you are on a diet. I'm also sick of these size 12 women pretending that they do everything possible, but just can't lose the weight. That's impossible. If you really exercised 45 minutes a day, 5 days a week and ate the recommended 1800 calories a day, you wouldn't be a size 12. So stop pretending. And FYI -- it defeats the purpose if you eat salads for every meal that are covered in bacon and blue cheese dressing.

4. Thin people aren't lucky -- they work harder than you. I work very hard to be a size 4. It's difficult, but I always find the time to work out. I also make many food sacrifices. I would love to eat baked ziti for lunch and get dessert after every meal. I'd also be thrilled to drink a beer! But, sometimes in life you have to give things up in order to gain something bigger.

5. Stop using genes as a crutch. I get it. Sometimes it's harder for people to eat well and exercise than it is for others--being heavy may run in your family, you may have had an issue way back when. The same goes for people who do drugs, but it doesn't make it OK that they are addicts.

This may sound harsh, but you are doing a disservice to our children. I don't want my daughters under the delusion that life will be easy as a chunky person. It's harder to get work, find a husband and even walk up stairs. It's also a good way to decrease your life expectancy. It seems to be taboo to discuss this epidemic too loudly, but I think it's time we start.

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Anonymous August 8, 2008, 9:05 AM

anyone who calls herself milf mommy has already lost my respect. get over yourself.

Hollie August 8, 2008, 9:46 AM

Wow…I’m so glad there are are skinny beautiful people in this world such as yourself to keep us hefty bags in check. I’m sorry for getting in your way of the perfect world. I’d also like to thank you for all of your wonderful insight. I’m sure it will help our daughters everywhere to have a nice big fat eating disorder. So thank you skinny b*tch. Us heffers everywhere are better off for having read that.

Kristen F August 8, 2008, 10:39 AM

I do understand some of what she’s saying. We should all strive to be healthier and there are sacrifices when can make to achieve that. Not saying we should all be a size 4 though, lol. I had a doughnut for breakfast (not the norm), but I could’ve eaten something else. The key is moderation and some people don’t know how to do that.

That being said, most people would not look healthy being a size 4. I am 5’8 and am truly a bigger boned person. At 165 pounds, I could lose 15 and am a size 12 right now. The smallest I was, I weighed 150 and was a size 10 and I looked perfect. I could have been a little more “toned” but by no means would I have been a size 4. I would be non-existent at that size! So, it’s not always what size clothing you wear, but how you look in your body, height, weight, etc.

Kat August 8, 2008, 10:44 AM

The world in which you live lacks many things, the first of which seems to be intelligence. The second of which appears to be an understanding that there are body types out side of the single numbers that are conisdered attractive by many men in this world. If you have a body image issue, which it in fact appears you do, then you need to learn to cope with that and not project it in mass to the rest of the world. Your blanket statments make you no better than the idiots of the world that target races as a whole. The idea in your head that large women have sweets after every meal shows how little you know about the world outside of your little, opinionated corner. If size four works for you, congrat! But not everyone wants to be that person. Some people would actually like to live their life. Believe it or not, there are size 12’s out there who lead happy lives without ever needing to know what it is like to have a tiny little body and a tiny little mind.

Amy August 8, 2008, 10:54 AM

Amen, Kat.

If the writer actually ate desert and drank a beer once in a while she might not be so angry.

There’s more to life than your dress size. I’d rather have good relationships, enjoy my career, eat delicious food and have fun exercising than go through life completely focused on my weight and the weight of others. She must be very, very unhappy and I pity her poor daughters.

amanda August 8, 2008, 10:55 AM

omg….yeah she has a point…as sad as it is. it is hard to loose weight. i went from 14/16 to a size 6/8. i work hard for what i got. when i was bigger i wanted people think it was okay for mysize. now those people who are bigger (like i was) irritate me because they dont try. they just accept the unhealthy weight

Put Her Out of Her Misery August 8, 2008, 11:01 AM

MILF Mommy.

After reading your mean-spirited, self-congratulatory and frankly STUPID entry, I realize what MILF must stand for in your case:




Flipping unbearable

Seriously you sound like a complete and utter joke. And what’s up with calling yourself MILF as a badge of pride? Do you go around flirting with teenage boys? Is that how you get your ego gratification, you pathetic pseudo-adult?

Hey, guess what? I’m 47 and I look 15 years younger. I’ve got a buff bod and work out like a maniac and watch my food intake but am not on an ego trip about it.

Some of the most beautiful, fantastic, successful women I know are heavier than me. Some of the women I aspire to be like weigh at least 30 pounds more than me.

They have my respect, not my disdain.

You on the other hand have my pity.

Seems like you have swallowed the Hollywood message hook line and sinker, forgivable, if you are a teenage girl.

But you’re not. That’s the problem.

Sounds like your ego is dragging and in order to feel okay about yourself, you need to create a Superior Me persona.

I obviously don’t know a thing about you, but I know that if I was asked to point out the biggest loser in a room of strangers, I’d point to you.

Anonymous August 8, 2008, 11:02 AM

In response to point 4 - Thin people aren’t lucky — they work harder than you. I am a size 2 and I don’t exercise, unless you count chasing my son around, and I eat whatever I want. I have to hand it to all of the women out there who actually work hard at maintaining their health - regardless of what size they are.

birdsfly August 8, 2008, 11:23 AM

In response to genetics I’ve been anywhere from 8-12 and (usually get stuck at 10) will never be smaller then 8 unless I remove ribs. I’m built middle european, wide hips, stocky ribs. No amount of dieting will change that and at some point “skinny” starts to look unhealthy on my frame.

steelers75 August 8, 2008, 11:51 AM


Mayay August 8, 2008, 12:09 PM

OMG!! A size 12 is NOT fat by all means. I used to be a size 4-6 & I was told I looked skeleton like & unhealthy. I am now a size 10-12 and yes I could use to lose some weight & I am working on it but it is hard. However, putting others down to make yourself feel better is pathetic. We all come in all different shapes & sizes and if we are happy w/ourselves then who the heck are you to point out that we’re not.. Get over yourself!! Oh as of now since I am the size I am now after having kids, I have more men knocking down my door & wanting me. OH & ask a man if he wants bones or meat on their women & see what they tell ya, that’s right… they want meat on their women!!!! My goodness the ignorance of some people is just plain annoying. Get a life, get a hobby.. but seriously.. you may be thin & think you’re a MILF.. but I’m medium built & have been told by many men that I’m a MILF but I don’t go around bragging about that crap. You are a MORON!!!UGH.. Stupid people!!!!

Shawnarae August 8, 2008, 12:10 PM

Sounds like an angry person to me?!? I know when I’m hungry I get irritable…anyone else?? Depriving your body of food also means you are depriving your brain of the essential nutrients and fats it needs to be healthy…hummm maybe that is the issue here. I’m an average women and of course I wouldn’t mind losing some weight but I don’t make that the most important thing in my life…I am a mother of 2…we don’t keep frozen pizzas in the fridge or anything of the sort, we don’t eat out often and we don’t drink soda or juice for that matter…I’m still a size 12 and I do yoga and cycling 4 hours a week!! Whatever…I am bound and determined though to teach my daughters that internal beauty is more important than external beauty…compassion and kindness is what we need in the world…not another dumb blonde:>
Thank you

Anonymous August 8, 2008, 12:40 PM

I am a size 12 or 14 depending on the day. I am happy I won’t be giving my children eating disorders like you, MILF
Mother I’d Like to FORGET
Mother I’d Like to FLIP-OFF
Mother I’d Like to FIGHT

Yes, you are indeed a MILF

Jessica August 8, 2008, 12:52 PM

I am horrified by the message you are sending to your daughters. Yes, it is important to be healthy, but to define healthiness in terms of a size is entirely unrealistic. Do you want your daughters to define their happiness by external things such as men and money? Guessing by your post, you would probably say, “Yes” to my question. If you are going to make assumptions about the “fat size 12” women out there, allow me to make some assumptions about you: You live in a cookie-cutter suburban-sprawl type of neighborhood, your house is immaculate, and decorated with character-less, neutral items that cannot be touched, you drive an SUV, and your husband works in middle-management. I think you might have one of those little dogs, and you probably carry it around in a little bag. You want your neighbors to think you and your family are perfect, but everyday you are secretly unhappy because you can only find happiness in external, material things.
I sincerely hope your daughters don’t develop eating disorders or anxiety disorders. You are setting them up to live in the same unhappy world as your own.

Lisa  August 8, 2008, 1:13 PM

Any valid argument needn’t resort to nastiness or mean-ness to make a point. In my opinion what you wrote is less valid and more opinionated than anything. You, of course are entitled to your opinion; as are we beautiful, healthy and NICE size 12 and larger women. I would rather have a cup of coffee and a biscotti mid day with my girlfriends than sit in front of the mirror gazing at my perfect-ness…all alone. Isn’t it great to live in a free society??

Bridget August 8, 2008, 1:24 PM

This is horrible and to me shows how narrow minded so many people are! Before my son was born I was a size 12 and I busted my butt to lose the weight get to that size. At 5’9 and 160 lbs a size 12 was perfect! To get any lower I would had to become anorexic or bulimic.

foxymama August 8, 2008, 2:03 PM

YOU GO MILF MOMMY! Keep working hard and looking great. You deserve a high-5! All the size 12 ladies out there, don’t get distraught…maybe hit the McDonalds drive thru for some comfort.

yourdaughter August 8, 2008, 2:15 PM

for years my mother has told me i am overweight and will have all the problems that you have mentioned: i will not find a guy, i will be overlooked at job interviews, and that I’m unhealthy. and let me tell you what will happen to you and your daughters. when they move out they will be able to hang up on you. they will find people that love them for themselves. because trust me the thought that always crosses my mind when my mom says stuff like this to me is: okay im not good enough and the worst is: okay she is right that guy over there won’t im cute so ill go for that one who yea isn’t that nice to be but i deserve that because I’m fat.

your daughters will have enough to deal with in the world. prejudice from her mother is definitely not something that will be at all productive. there are already enough struggles that she will go through with other people, making her feel bad is something that will stick with her for the rest of her life.

i have a wonderful relationship with my mother now that i’m older, but i will always remember and so will your girls.

Me August 8, 2008, 2:16 PM

Are you trying to be ignorant or does it just come naturally?

Size 12 for most women isn’t anywhere near obese. A little overweight? Maybe, but who dictates that? Healthy body weight is determined by so many factors, dress size being the least important.

So people who aren’t a size freaking four are lying when they have self-confidence and don’t let “standards” tell them how they should look? Just by saying this, you’re the one who sounds like the liar because you don’t seem to feel good about yourself unless you fit into the “perfect” size. I’m sorry that you’re so obsessive about your weight that you can’t enjoy life and feel the need to tell everyone that they need to be a size four in order to be happy. Geez, you sound like a junior high school kid.

Being a size four is fine if that’s what you want, but don’t go around telling people that any size above that is unhealthy. There are a MILLION different factors that go into how heavy or thin a person is. Health issues that make it harder for people to lose weight are way more common than you think. And your crap about thin people working hard to be thin? Most thin people that I’ve met simply have very high metabolisms (then again, I think I’m a lot younger than you and I know that as age increases, metabolism slows and people really do have to work hard to stay thin).

Every guy I’ve asked has said he likes a like a little meat on his girls. If a guy doesn’t like me because I’m not a size four, that’s his problem. He’s the one who’s shallow enough to miss out on the person I am inside. His opinion shouldn’t make me want to be skinny just so I can attract him. That’s completely stupid. I should want to be skinny or healthy because I WANT to, not because of some “standard” that you think should be enforced on everyone. Besides, I’d rather have a man who loves me for ALL that I am, not just my physical appearance (and physical beauty is fleeting, by the way. We’re all going to get old and wrinkly some day).

I can only speak for myself on the “pretending to be on a diet” thing. I don’t pretend I’m watching what I eat if I’m not. I supposed some people do, but don’t assume that everyone is lying. Again, it’s very true that some people really do try everything and still have trouble losing weight. People’s bodies behave differently. Exercising for 45 minutes a day may produce quick results for some, but not others. The biggest problem that most people seem to have is eating in moderation. As long as you aren’t feeding yourself too many calories a day, you won’t really gain a lot of weight.

It can be annoying when people seem to use genetics as an excuse to not even try losing weight, but neither you nor I know how their bodies work. There are conditions that people have that make them hold more weight just like there are conditions that make people super skinny.

You don’t need to be a certain clothing size to be happy. That’s a sad and frustrating way to live. What happens if size four suddenly becomes too fat for you? Instead of concentration on numbers, go out and just live. A number doesn’t make you who you are. Physical appearance is fleeting, but personality, relationships, friends, family—all of that stays. Are you really going to spend this life obsessing over numbers?

Dann C August 8, 2008, 2:17 PM

Just look around. How many size 12 octogenarians do you see? That should tell you something!!

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