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Size 12, You're Fat!

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Guest blogger MILF Mommy thinks you're fat.


I am sick and tired of hearing that it's OK to be a size 12. I understand that this is the average weight of women in the United States, but since when does average make everything OK? Here's some low-cal food for thought...

1. You're not as cute as you could be. Being a size 12 is neither healthy nor is it attractive. Ask any man (in private) if he'd prefer that his size 12 wife lose weight and he'd say, "YES!"

2. You're lying about feeling good. Any woman who says she'd rather be a size 12 than a size 6 is lying. Think about it. Have you ever met someone who has lost weight who regrets it? Does anyone ever say, "I hate how I look in this sexy dress with my toned arms"? Or, "I preferred it when I had a muffin top belly and huge thighs"?

3. Stop pretending you are on a diet. I'm also sick of these size 12 women pretending that they do everything possible, but just can't lose the weight. That's impossible. If you really exercised 45 minutes a day, 5 days a week and ate the recommended 1800 calories a day, you wouldn't be a size 12. So stop pretending. And FYI -- it defeats the purpose if you eat salads for every meal that are covered in bacon and blue cheese dressing.

4. Thin people aren't lucky -- they work harder than you. I work very hard to be a size 4. It's difficult, but I always find the time to work out. I also make many food sacrifices. I would love to eat baked ziti for lunch and get dessert after every meal. I'd also be thrilled to drink a beer! But, sometimes in life you have to give things up in order to gain something bigger.

5. Stop using genes as a crutch. I get it. Sometimes it's harder for people to eat well and exercise than it is for others--being heavy may run in your family, you may have had an issue way back when. The same goes for people who do drugs, but it doesn't make it OK that they are addicts.

This may sound harsh, but you are doing a disservice to our children. I don't want my daughters under the delusion that life will be easy as a chunky person. It's harder to get work, find a husband and even walk up stairs. It's also a good way to decrease your life expectancy. It seems to be taboo to discuss this epidemic too loudly, but I think it's time we start.

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Anonymous September 26, 2008, 5:58 PM

okay, I’m new to this site…can someone please tell me what “milf” stands for?

Cantstandcockypeople October 8, 2008, 6:25 PM

First, I want to say that yes…some people DO try EVERYTHING and it doesn’t work for them. Some people have thyroid issues which severely slow their metabolism. My mother has been trying for the past 5 years to get her weight down (followed diets to the t, paid for personal trainers, saw a nutritionist, went to weight loss programs) and she STILL can’t. And, some guys do like bigger women. A friend of mine is a size 14 and her husband thinks she is the sexiest thing that has walked the planet. (and no he didn’t just say that to me, he said it to my husband while her and I were out.) Some people have fetishes for bigger women. I do agree with that women that are TOO big should lose a few pounds but for health reasons, not for appearance reasons. I live a very healthy lifestyle, am a vegetarian and exercise regularly….I have a friend who is a 12 that lives the same lifestyle I do except she works out a lot more. So yes, genetics, health and many other reasons account for someone being a 12. Your arrogant a** needs to be smacked.

anonymous October 8, 2008, 9:58 PM

this article is really offensive. i’m 5’10” and a size 10/12 and my body is completely normal. i’m trim and neither fat nor skinny. i dont have huge thighs or a muffin top belly, so i dont know what you’re talking about.
this article is just really bitchy, unnecessary, and untrue.
plus, it is OK to be a size 12. its ok to be any size you want. women who are this size can be perfectly healthy, athletic, and look good.

i really dont know where you’ve done your “research” but its wrong.

Trish October 11, 2008, 4:37 PM

I was so sad when I read this article. That is why people have eating disorders. I do NOT believe a size 12 is unhealthy. I am 5’10 and weigh 140, which is on the low end of the healthy weight for my height. If I lost 5 lbs, I would be considered underweight. And yes, I am a size 12 in pants. How can I be obese when if I loose weight I am considered underweight? I have a larger bone structure on the bottom, and there are hip bones there, no extra fat. In college I was a dance minor, and I often spent 6 hour a day dancing. I ate very healthy, but I did not drop below a size 10. I think size is very relevant, and I can’t believe that would say that size 12 is obese.

Anonymous October 11, 2008, 6:28 PM

Ok, you definatly need to get off of your soap box, and check into reality. You have issues and need to smarten up. your a size 4 OMG big whoop! Why aren’t you a size 2 or better yet, a zero? Probebly the same reason as why a size 12 can’t get any lower. It’s not feasible (sp). You should definatly get over yourself and stop calling yourself MILF. I think your more of a dumb A*$.

bloggymommy3 October 14, 2008, 3:40 PM

I hate that I’m even going to make this comment on this subject on YOUR blog but I am going to anyway.

You are very rude by saying that anyone who is a size 12 or larger is not attractive or happy. I am a size 12 and I AM HAPPY! Yes, I am trying to loose some more but hey, I’m alive, married, a mother, friend, daughter, sister and so on and those things make me happy. My husband thinks I’m beautiful no matter how much I weigh or what size I am. See the difference is he loves me for ME NOT my size!

I think everything you wrote is rude, mean, untrue and hurtful. And like someone else said, I am so sorry if MY appearence upsets you but I’m happy the way that I am whether Im a size 12 or a size 1! Get a life!

Oh and btw, I’m NOT trying to loose more weight to be a picture perfect size or to impress others. I’m doing it so that I can be around long enough to see my children grow up and help them be happy with themeselves no matter what their size. I don’t want my kids to read crap like this and start to have an eating disorder b/c they think they should care how others see them from their outer appearance. It’s what’s on the inside that counts!

Kate October 20, 2008, 10:23 AM

Uh, “milf mommy” - you going to explain to your daughters what that means?

I hate to point out the obvious, but since science clearly isn’t your strong suit, let me help you. Being a size 12 doesn’t make you fat. Being fat makes you fat. There are women who wear a size 4 who are considered overweight, based on the proportion of height/bones/distribution of weight.

I am a size 12. I stand 6’ tall, and I weigh 165 lbs. My blood pressure and heart rate are fantastic. My cholesterol is low. My BMI is low. I recently had a physical for the purpose of life insurance, and was pronounced in “excellent” health. I have no “muffin top”, and my butt looks fantastic in my jeans.

If I lost weight, I would not have the energy to power my body. My body that power walks for 60 minutes, 5 days a week, swims 3 days a week, and chases a toddler 24/7.

I think what you’ve written is terribly dangerous. You are wading into an issue that can have serious, medical consequences - when you encourage people to lose weight at any cost, you demonstrate a woeful ignorance to the consequences to their health.

Ladies, please, please, please - if you’re worried that you are too heavy, talk to your doctor. They will help you target a weight that is appropriate for your frame, age, and health.

maggie November 10, 2008, 10:26 AM

WOW! a size 12 really isn’t that big, its actually seier and more womenly than a size 4 i used to be a size 7 juniors before i got pregnant and don’t eat any diffrent than i do now after having kids and i’m a size 12 (almost a ten) and i get hit on all the time!!! people come in all shapes and sizes so a 12 for some poeple is to big but a size 4 could be to skinny for others ladies u should go based on how you look and feel and if your

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22% November 13, 2008, 11:53 PM

i care more about the basic BMI statistics than i do a number for my jeans. i think doctors say a 22% - 25% is ideal and healthy. i think mine is a 22 or almost 23.

i’m a huge advocate of just eating things in moderation and not just buying a box of food labeled “healthy” which is covered in salt. i also believe many people eat food purely because they are bored and it’s available.

i think people should pick up more hobbies to occupy themselves with that they genuinely love and want to work on and/or adopt a dog from the local shelter to walk (everyday ?) around the block.
maybe a dog would be a good starting point if they don’t want to take the commitment for a gym quite yet. dogs are also a loving friend who can help cheer you up if you’re unhappy and unmotivated to start working out! :D

i played soccer as a kid and i stopped playing after my first year in high school because of an unpleasant coach and experience with that team, and i stopped playing sports altogether really because of it.
i felt pretty bored and empty for a while because i simply had nothing to do, activity wise. i actually dropped some sizes in jeans because the muscles in my thighs atrophed, which i was halfheartedly pleased about.
about 5 years later, and after i met my boyfriend, i started running to his house in the morning because the bicycle was too slow and he lived only about 5 miles away. (:
it was so nice to show up at his doorstep huffing and puffing with him genuinely pleased i put out the effort to seel him even though i didn’t have a car i could drive to see him.

i love working out, not constantly but happily. the feeling of treating yourself to a great workout helps me personally with my stress and my body also seems less guilty about eating more than moderation sometimes (:

but anyway, like art, my body’s always a work in progress and it’s up to me when i want to sculpt or perfect a different element.
i’ll always have thunder thighs from exercise that force me to go up a few sizes in particular brands of jeans because that’s what my personal genes are… but i’m happier now having something to do now. (:
no one will ever see my jean size anyway except my boyfriend.

size is a label, BMI is a health concern.

Jason December 10, 2008, 1:49 PM

Coming from a man’s perspective - the woman who wrote this blog is just the worst kind of person.

Instead of sacraficing beers and desserts, consider sacrificing some of your ego.

Congrats on being a size 4.
Also - congrats on being a bi*ch.

Good luck with that.

Nicoletta  December 18, 2008, 1:00 AM

Wow this is very ignorant. I happen to be a size 4, but thats just how God made me, I eat boat loads of food, yeah I could be a size 2 or 0, but I really like eating to much to be a toothpick anorexic, and I don’t really like going to the gym. My friends who are larger then me look ausome, some of them don’t even eat junk food. I have a friend who is a size 10 or 12 and she looks great! size 10 or 12 is not fat and not obese.

Simone December 23, 2008, 7:51 AM

Wow, soooo many defensive posts from the fatties! I think MILF mom has hit a quite a few nerves with her honest prose lol

Get your facts straight oh wobbly ones..Marilyn Monroe was not as big as lots of you have said.That is a common myth. She mostly weighed 118lbs and never went over 140lbs at 5f5.5 tall.(If u don’t believe me the stats are on her official website) Clothes sizes were much smaller then, today that would equate to somewhere between (shock!) a 4 and an it and weep

Speaking as a mother of two, within a few months after my babies I was back to a 4-6.I don’t see why pregnancy is held up as an excuse for lifelong obesity. And guess what, my breasts are D-cup and real! Shock! And, newsflash, I do not have a flat butt, although I do have a flat waist..It makes me laugh when fatties claim they are the curvy ones, when in reality they are shaped like barrels. Be honest, you’ve seen size 4-6-8 women with perfect hourglass curves, (think Marylin)haven’t you? So why deny we have them? Jealous perhaps? lol

Evelyn January 2, 2009, 12:12 AM

You should keep your mouth shut, fat a$$. You could stand to loose a few. You’d look so much better as a size 2. Simone, I hope you choke on your next boca burger. lol

Sadia January 7, 2009, 4:29 PM

Im size 12… im fat… i will loose it. 2009 is my year

yo boy January 8, 2009, 9:09 PM

i think she started off well its not a healthy mentalty to teach kids it ok to be overwieght but most the women i find attractive are between 8-10 and the look damn good it all about how your body looks and how toned you are as a man im below average at 33 and i dont excersize so to all those women who read this and want to cry dont worry your beutiful in your own right as she shows us beautys only skin deep and just to add i dont think id date a size 4 blahh holla

Kelly January 29, 2009, 7:28 PM

I am a size 4 and I think that was the dumbest blog ever. YOU ARE A HAG!

maritza rey February 8, 2009, 6:12 AM

Wow you’re pathetic milf mommy :)
Just drink some prune juice and let the sh!t go creep.
If your words / ideas are this ugly, damn, the world wouldn’t appreciate your fugly outside.

Maria February 12, 2009, 8:39 PM

I’m glad someone’s made this point. I’m from a city where people generally are fairly health concious, coming to America and living in Canada I have lost a lot of respect for this publicly ‘accepted’ image of larger people.
It’s up to everyone to stop falling back on the cheap and disgusting dirt people call ‘fast food’ here. Make an effort, spend the extra $30 a week, buy some vegies! Walk to work.
If you don’t want to put up with being looked as unhealthy and I hate to say it but unattractive, then do something about it.
I mean there’s a big difference between skinny, healthy and overweight. I don’t think it’s a matter of size but I do think our society has made it too acceptable to be large and too acceptable to advertise the unhealthy skinny. What happened to the exercise obsessed 80s!?
Respect your body! Make it the size it wishes it was.. mean it cost, time or effort.
Your life does in fact depend on it.

Chris February 14, 2009, 7:33 AM

Wow…..I’ve read a few of your “articles” and all I have to say is you are one very miserable person. Your unhappiness is so glaringly obvious it’s embarrassing to read your articles. Hope you find some tiny glint of joy in your life…and soon.

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