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The Joys of Sneaking Sex

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So your kids have learned how babies are made? Good! Now you and your husband can enjoy some super steamy sex. Dr. Jane Greer, a marriage and family therapist in New York City and host of the radio show Doctor On Call, explains.


"When your kids are old enough to know about sex, you don't want to put them into an 'Oh my God: What are my parents doing?' position," notes Jane Greer. "You don't want to gross them out or freak them out, right? That means that you and your husband are going to have to try to maintain your privacy. Translation: You're going to have to start sneaking sex--and that can be very beneficial for your sex life."

3 benefits of sneaking sex:

It creates anticipation. "You and your husband will have to plan your liaisons ahead of time," says Greer. "Being forced to wait will give your desire time to build."

It fuels the excitement. "Going behind your kids' backs creates a kind of role reversal," observes Greer. "It takes you back to the days when you had to sneak around so your parents wouldn't find out. Just the idea that you could 'get caught' feels naughty--and erotic. And the kick of pulling it off can enhance that thrill."

It strengthens your bond. "To sneak sex effectively, you and your husband will have to work as a team," Greer says. "You'll have to know your children's schedules and agree on how you're going to work around them to find time for your rendezvous. Before you even get into bed, your camaraderie will be enhanced--and that's what great sex is all about."

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Yeah I farted. Jealous?

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