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Toughest Jobs & Tougher Lessons

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Last night two new shows premiered, America's Toughest Jobs and MTV's Exiled--the spin-off of My Super Sweet Sixteen.

After years of being both disgusted and fascinated by MTV's My Super Sweet Sixteen and its bratty stars, vindication has finally arrived. Exiled takes some of the series' most notorious birthday girls and along with their now ashamed parents, sends them to third world countries to learn that there's more to life than make-up and new cars. Last night was Amanda's turn--and it was good to see her out of her sheltered element.

America's Toughest Jobs takes a group of 16 diverse contestants and has them compete in some of the hardest jobs there are. Last night's episode takes ordinary people and puts them on Alaska's crab boats--a job that is often fatal. The ratings dropped off from its lead over Deal Or No Deal--and we can see why.

Did you watch? And would you watch again?

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