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"WE" Have a Problem

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Here's the scenario: You finally get a night off from kitchen duty.  You've ordered your food, and three minutes later--but a lifetime before the food actually arrives--your toddler starts bugging out.  


People aren't giving you the hairy eyeball yet, but you know it's coming if this rising storm doesn't get quelled fast. And then Dad asks, with a nervous, plaintive and slightly accusatory tone, "Did we remember to bring the crayons and Baby Elmo?"

This drives every mom I know absolutely bonkers, because "WE" never pack together! Inevitably that duty falls to one half of the parental unit; the other half is more concerned with setting the TiVo, checking email and/or doing anything but packing the bag moments before walking out the door.  So how come that half always asks a "WE" question in times of panic? Most of the time I laugh it off and say, "Yes, Honey, "WE" do have crayons, and Elmo, and books, and clothes and cheese sticks, and about five other baby things in my purse." (Why the hell do you think my shoulders are always so tight? You try schlepping this bag!)

But sometimes I fantasize about opening a tiny clutch and saying, "No. WE don't have anything to entertain the child with.  What are YOU gonna do about it?"  Alas, I have resigned myself to the truth that my husband may never pack a bag again--apparently that skill-set evaporated on our wedding day. It's OK though, because "WE" are very cute, "WE" are great with the baby and "WE" can fix things around the house.

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Anonymous August 10, 2008, 10:05 PM

isn’t that the truth? i don’t personally know anyone who has a concious enough husband to remember to bring anything for the children.

Maria August 16, 2008, 6:34 PM

That is so true. My husband never packed a bag either, but always used the “we” word also. Spot on Karyn. Can hardly wait for your next piece.

A guilty dad... August 22, 2008, 10:55 AM

LOL! That’s me! I really shouldn’t laugh about it but that dad is exactly like me.

From my bad daddy perspective, I’ll say this… My wife is so great about these things that I do take it for granted that we’ll have everything we need.

On the positive side to make up for it, while she’s preparing stuff, I’m usually either getting the kids ready or playing with them.

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