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Where is Caylee?

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The case of missing Caylee Anthony has captivated the nation. Here are the latest developments.

• Detectives visited the home of Caylee Anthony's grandparents today after being contacted by Cindy Anthony to discuss her granddaughter's disappearance. After authorities left, reporters bombarded Cindy's front door, but she had little to say. She admitted that she doesn't plan to see daughter Casey before Saturday, Caylee's third birthday.

• Yesterday, police also visited the Anthony residence and took away four to eight bags of evidence. That is at least the fifth time they have been to the home.

• Last night, Nancy Grace reported that Casey Anthony might have posed as the mystery babysitter, Zenaida Gonzalez, to look at a unit at Sawgrass Apartments. She may have signed the sitter's name during a visit to an apartment complex and written in a visit date within the time frame of the child's disappearance. She later took police to that apartment and told authorities that's where she'd left Caylee.

• The search warrant executed Thursday in the case revealed new information. Nancy Grace reported Thursday night that the private phone call that Casey supposedly received from Caylee never came in, according to phone records. Also, the warrant revealed that Cindy Anthony had found a pair of gray-and-white pinstriped pants in Casey's car that "smelled like a dead body" and unwittingly washed them. Those pants were the same ones Casey was wearing the last time Caylee was seen alive.

• Police diving crews plan to search one of the local lakes near the Anthony residence on Friday.

What do you think happened to Caylee?

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~Mona~ August 8, 2008, 12:46 AM

I’ve had a bad gut feeling ever since I first heard of this prescious little girl’s disappearance. I believe she died at the hands of her mother, because who wouldn’t call the police right away, as soon as Caylee went missing? Why would Casey tell her mother she wanted to take some time alone with Caylee, so they could bond? Hadn’t this so called wonderful & doting mother already bonded with her little girl? I know little Caylee is an angel in heaven now, because Casey has never asked if Caylee has been found or how the search is going. Does that sound like a mom who is innocent of wrong doing? How did you like how she cursed so horribly at her mother via phone calls? She’s been a spoiled brat all of her life & her family, especially her mom, has enabled her to be that way. Her mom acts as though she’s afraid of Casey when you listen to their phone calls. Speaking of Casey’s mom, she keeps changing her story all the time, especially where the pizza in the car is concerned. First, the car smelled like a “dead body” then it smells like rotted pizza. Cadaver dogs are trained to sniff out dead bodies only, not food. They hit on the trunk & that’s where I believe Caylee was for a while. Casey is one sick gal & she needs to go to prison for the rest of her life, with no chance of parole. No Casey, mommy can’t get you out of this one. Casey dragged someone else into the picture, Zainada (sp) & now her life is forever changed/ruined because of one sick woman. How did she come up with that name? Did she see something at the apartment complex when she went there that day, with that ladies name on it? It will all come out in time. Caylee will be three years old on Saturday & I’m afraid, it’ll be celebrated in heaven with all the other little angels that are there. So sad!

Watching from New York August 8, 2008, 1:14 AM

I’ve been reading literally hundreds of comments from ordinary people around the country, all of whom are reacting to the horror movie/soap opera of the Caylee Marie Anthony disappearance.

A few common threads have emerged:

This case has utterly captivated and outraged the public.

There is a widespread consensus that Caylee is no longer alive, as evidenced by the mounting physical signs and Casey’s bizarre, uncaring demeanor throughout the investigation. No parent of a legitimately missing child would be so nonchalant.

There is absolute disgust and fury directed towards Casey and the members of her family.

Casey, of course, deserves the lion’s share of these feelings for the unspeakable acts she has committed.

We are thoroughly stunned at her ability to lie with impunity.


We try to place ourselves in her position (horrible and impossible) and find ourselves AMAZED that she has no fear for the authority of the police who arrested and interrogated her…let alone reverence for that value we call TRUTH.

So, we instantly identified Casey as a monster, the worst kind of monster there is, a mother who commits the ultimate betrayal and for what, exactly?

Nights of partying and slutty behavior.

Days of shopping sprees.

Manicures and pedicures.

Eyebrow waxes.

Slutty behavior.

A carefree life?

But the American public is also plenty disgusted with Cindy (and George, although less so), for encouraging the nation to join them in pretending to search for a living child, all the while chastising the media to stop asking such gosh-darn harsh questions and focus on “finding” Caylee instead.

We have reached that point where we all know exacty what finding Caylee entails.

There have been maddening moments in this case, most of them stemming from Cindy’s unique gift of thwarting and subverting reality.

Or simply inventing an utterly fictitious world.

The repeated assertions that Casey knows where Caylee is, but simply cannot say. That her daughter is actually speaking in “code.” That she’s protecting her family. Or wait, was it that she’s protecting Caylee? That Caylee is “close by.” And yes, sirree…that she’ll be home for her third birthday.

But now Caylee’s “in danger.”

And early on…more BS. The psychics who said everything was okay and that Caylee was safe. And yes…all those really reliable and credible sightings from people who somehow called the Anthony HOUSE instead of the police.

What the $%&* has this woman been thinking????

Is lying her standard operating procedure?

Is she a moron or a psychopath?

This is a very hard call.

And as for Casey, this case also presents a hard call. Is she insane or just insanely self-centered?

Is she a psychopath or just a pathological liar…who managed to kill her child through neglect or the aforethought of malice?

There are so many maddening questions, as yet unanswered. This case has turned America into a nation of armchair sleuths. From all appearances, Casey never held a job. Well, what the hell did she do all day? Where was Caylee? How come NO ONE reported this kid missing for all those weeks???

And what is UP with the birthfather?? Dead in a car accident? How CONVENIENT!

Has anyone aside from me noticed how much Caylee resembles her grandfather?

Has it occured to anyone that the dysfunction of the Anthony family might entail a dirty little secret having to do with Casey and her father?

I wrote in an earlier post that Casey Anthony is a new kind of criminal mom. Whether her child was killed by accident or by intent, Casey disposed of her as easily as last year’s cellphone. We can only guess at the how or why. It could have been a vendetta, aimed at her mother. It could have been neglect; the hot car theory is a popular one.

Casey Anthony is a manipulative, irresponsible Girl Gone Wild whose young daughter has gone missing with nary a peep from her.

Because the child was never missing you see.

Caylee Marie Anthony is gone, alright, but her mother, Casey Anthony, doesn’t miss her.

molly August 8, 2008, 2:16 AM

The grandmother Cindy seems to have a histronic, narcissistic personality sprinkled with delusional thinking. Her daughter Casey is a full-blown sociopath, pathological liar.

When I saw clips of the swimming pool this week, my heart sank to the bottom. Instinctively, as a mother, I sensed Caylee met her demise inside the pool. At a young, tender age, barely 3 years old, she would have explored the pool without being forced to go in the water. Motives… Casey wanted to be a free, single, childless woman again. She likes being in total control. She didn’t want to relinquish her parental responsibilities to Cindy and George.

Is America becoming a nation of self-absorbed, narcissistic, people who commit murder? What a heinous, unthinkable, chilling act. For 15 minutes of fame? Notoriety? Parental freedom? Stories like this one and Lacy Peterson’s tragic end are reasons to bring back the death penalty in all 50 states. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth justice. Scott Peterson and Casey Anthony are cold-bloodied, psychologically disturbed individuals. Society is better off without them roaming the earth. Put them out of our misery as soon as possible! Make them pay with their own lives to serve as a deterrent for future copycats seeking media attention, or an easy way out of their self-created predicaments.

Ann  August 8, 2008, 7:00 AM

I agree with the commenter who said she left her in the car in the Florida heat.
Was too “busy” with her own interests and forgot about the baby…Then panicked. Being a habitual liar, she somehow involved the parents…and they may not know the entire truth but are covering up what they do know.
If I were even vaguely aquainted with this family, I would come forward and tell anything I knew (about them, their lifestyles, habits, etc.) to get to the truth of what happened to this innocent child…ANYTHING

L.Cruz August 8, 2008, 7:41 AM

I believe ,unfortunately that this child is deceased.Grandma seems to be out of her mind,she sounds so stupid,grandpa has all but been silenced for some reason and she wont even confide in her brother.Casey knows what happened to that child,The smell of human remains is a very distinct smell,decomposition, and that’s what was in the trunk of that car.Either casey did something to her or someone she is protecting did something to that child.HOw can you report your child missing after 31 days then go out partying with your friends?

donna August 8, 2008, 8:43 AM

black market baby??

Pam August 8, 2008, 8:48 AM

Am very curious to know how Casey knew that “the babysitter” was viewing the apartment??

Jo August 8, 2008, 9:29 AM

Hi i believe that Caylee was either sold for drugs or in one of the pictures of Casey I noticed a gang member symbol on one of the persons shirts. I just belive she was sold because if someone doesn’t work or have money how can they go on a major shopping spree?

Ashley August 8, 2008, 9:47 AM

I agree with “that’s what happens when kids have kids”.. Not because of her age but her immature maybe even deadly actions. If having a drink and going to a party is more important then she should of thought of that before she opened her legs. God Bless that child and pray she’s not hurting.

K August 8, 2008, 10:38 AM

This case is making me sick to my stomache. I can’t get over the dog’s signaling decomposition. We know Casey lied to her parents about being in Jacksonville, she stole their gas cans, she stole a check from her friend and tried to cash it at the check cashing place (where the car was towed)….it just doesn’t look good for Caylee. I am hoping (this is awful to say) but I hope that Casey sold her for money and she is with someone or that Casey owed someone money due to drugs and they have Caylee. I just can’t go there to think an innocent little 2 year old is dead.

Barbara August 8, 2008, 11:17 AM

This is for Ashley
I am a grandmother of two beautiful grandbabies and I agree with you. I would do the same thing until I got to the truth. I pray for little Caylee’s safe return.

ashley August 8, 2008, 11:54 AM

Thanks Barbara! All loving grandmothers would!I think they are building a case against her and she will not be the first person convicted of murder/homicide with only “circumstantial evidence” many have been convicted with no body. I am in law school and will have to make my decision on a field soon and I think little Caylee made it for me! I would love to make my job protecting little precious children like caylee and all of the rest!Its time we stand up to all the horrible mothers and fathers and child molesters and abusers. The average child molester has 60 victims before they are caught and only serve 3.5 years for thier first conviction,The average child abused has to go to the hospital more than 10 times for abuse related injuries before social services steps in, its a joke! These people who are protecting our children are overworked and underpaid.Everyone on this page knows the truth and the justice system in America will not let Casey get away with this because of people like us! God Bless You All!

Debi Keller August 8, 2008, 12:06 PM

I am outraged by this whole thing. Is any one looking for this poor little girl?
I think the grandparents know what happened to her. They keep saying that they hope that she is home by her birthday. What?
Mom did something to her and why aren’t the police putting pressure on her and her parents. My love and prayers to Caylee.

Debbie August 8, 2008, 3:43 PM

I think they are all responsible for the dissapearence of this little girl Caylee. My thought is throw them all in jail with Casey and see what happens. I know in my heart this little girl is no longer with us which is a real tragety. Heck I was young when I had my first child and nobody not even my own mother could get me to go out and have a night for myself, I believe theres a lot going on in this family, and for the mom to wash the clothes dang what a no no with an ongoing investigation. How the heck do you lose your child for 31 plus days and not report it? This is all twisted and I think the law should twist the whole damn family no joke. The mother of Casey is with holding information and shes an x nurse? Father of Casey is some what quiet in back ground and he’s an x cop,the brother is off the hook completely I say arrest them all for getting in the way of the investigation. One thing I can truely say is the Mother of Caylee that she is a party going witch that doesn’t WORK she steals for her drugs and clothes, to boot her gas to get to these places not a care in the world in regards to the cute little Caylee just lies and deception all the way. I’d like to wipe that smirk right off that no good face of hers.I hate to hear of little kids or any kids being disregarded as in this case. Hang her guilty in my book,the news doesn’t have to say no more.I will continue to pray for this cute little Caylee forever she as many others that have been aired on TV News have not had a happy ending, very few come back. I can assure this one is not going to be a happy ending.So very sad.

Barb August 8, 2008, 3:57 PM

Maybe the police should look at the guest sign in card or sheet at the apartment complex > Maybe Casey went to the complex to view the apartment and prior to her signing her name above was Zenaida Gonzalez name and she wrote the name down for a cover?

sarah August 8, 2008, 4:43 PM

Seriously, is this really a big mystery? Nothing this woman has said has had any merrit so far. This woman is a described Pathelogical liar and every bit of evidence points to her. The shovel that she borrowed, I’m sorry but for what reason would a 22year old woman BORROW a shovel from a neighbor for? An why would she break into her parents’ shed to steal gas cans and lie about it? and who in their right mind would have a child go “missing” and wait 31 days to tell anyone and that only being after her mother questioned the smell of a decaying body in her vehicle? And why was there no Amber alert issued? WTF? There is no question in my mind that this beautiful little angel was murdered by her own mother and it’s only a matter of finding hard evidence. This woman is NOT getting off. Don’t you think if police had any question as to whether or not her mother did it there would be search parties—there are none and have never been any.

ANTHONY SPOCHT August 8, 2008, 4:54 PM


sarah August 8, 2008, 5:05 PM

Seriously, is this really a big mystery? Nothing this woman has said has had any merrit so far. This woman is a described Pathelogical liar and every bit of evidence points to her. The shovel that she borrowed, I’m sorry but for what reason would a 22year old woman BORROW a shovel from a neighbor for? An why would she break into her parents’ shed to steal gas cans and lie about it? and who in their right mind would have a child go “missing” and wait 31 days to tell anyone and that only being after her mother questioned the smell of a decaying body in her vehicle? And why was there no Amber alert issued? WTF? There is no question in my mind that this beautiful little angel was murdered by her own mother and it’s only a matter of finding hard evidence. This woman is NOT getting off. Don’t you think if police had any question as to whether or not her mother did it there would be search parties—there are none and have never been any.

girl38 August 8, 2008, 5:37 PM

I think Caylee drowned in the pool by mistake…according to the time line, Casey frantically called both her parents and some others the day Caylee apparently went missing frantic calls at 2PM and then a break and more later that day, no one ever picks up..and then there is something about a ladder by the pool that reappeared after being put away for certain in earlier nights. She then must have attempted to bury the little girl in the back of the house but at some point must of come back and moved her at which point I think she stole the gas and drove the remains far far far away. Hence why the trunk smelled so bad, it’s not likely she would have kept the body back there for any longer then needed. I do however really question if her parents know way more about this then they are telling and even helped her..something is strange with even them and their lies and weird reporting. She believed she was going to get away and not be charged or thought she’d live life since she knew eventually she’d be locked up for life. Maybe she even planned on killing herself…She is mad mad mad that her parents don’t care about her as much as Caylee..hence her anger.

Stacey August 8, 2008, 5:48 PM

Life in prison? How about the death sentence? Taking the life of an innocent and beautiful child should be punished in the same manner.

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