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Where is Caylee?

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The case of missing Caylee Anthony has captivated the nation. Here are the latest developments.

• Detectives visited the home of Caylee Anthony's grandparents today after being contacted by Cindy Anthony to discuss her granddaughter's disappearance. After authorities left, reporters bombarded Cindy's front door, but she had little to say. She admitted that she doesn't plan to see daughter Casey before Saturday, Caylee's third birthday.

• Yesterday, police also visited the Anthony residence and took away four to eight bags of evidence. That is at least the fifth time they have been to the home.

• Last night, Nancy Grace reported that Casey Anthony might have posed as the mystery babysitter, Zenaida Gonzalez, to look at a unit at Sawgrass Apartments. She may have signed the sitter's name during a visit to an apartment complex and written in a visit date within the time frame of the child's disappearance. She later took police to that apartment and told authorities that's where she'd left Caylee.

• The search warrant executed Thursday in the case revealed new information. Nancy Grace reported Thursday night that the private phone call that Casey supposedly received from Caylee never came in, according to phone records. Also, the warrant revealed that Cindy Anthony had found a pair of gray-and-white pinstriped pants in Casey's car that "smelled like a dead body" and unwittingly washed them. Those pants were the same ones Casey was wearing the last time Caylee was seen alive.

• Police diving crews plan to search one of the local lakes near the Anthony residence on Friday.

What do you think happened to Caylee?

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Dennis August 8, 2008, 6:24 PM

I think the police need to put pressure on everyone invlved in this case. As a retired policed officer when we had cases like this we would drag everyone and anyone off the street even remotely related to the case, to trace the wheabouts of eveyone in the family and everyone that knows them. People mentioned that a card was filled out for a visit to the apartment by Zenaieda Gonzalez, but not complete. This Zenieda Gonzalez claims she now can’t find a job?? Was she someone connected to the Anthony circle of friends and desperate for money? I don’t trust her either. Check that card for prints as someone already mentioned. That card to me is key. Investigate everyone in that apartment complex as well to see if they have criminal pasts. Check their phone and cell records. and follow the money of casey during her disapperance, where did she get any besides stealing? And why haven’t the Anthony family ever claimed to have met this babysitter who was watching Caylee for over a year or so????? Nobody knew the babysitter? How odd is that? Why Cindy Anthony with all your answeres have you never claimed to know this babysitter? (RED FLAG). Lean into the family members and all the relatives and friends and ask why? And who saw this babysitter ever. In Long Island in the 1990’s a young girl named Katie Beers was kidnapped and it was a national case like this one. When everyone was pushed they discovered John Esposito a friend of the family took the kid and stuck her in a dungeon. Thank god she was found alive. I think despite all the lies there is more going on here and more that everyone knows that is letting on. Listen to Caseys lawyer and the statements he makes about how Casey never had anyone to advise her on the situation. Meaning ?????? You don’t wait, and assume a homicide, you assume the kid is alive, put out amber alerts, search the home top to bottom, search the neighborhoods and places visited and treat this as a missing person, time is of the essence. And if it turns out to be a homicide (hopefully not) then you proceed and use the lies etc against Casey to discover the truth. I would be checking the backgrounds of everyone that ever met or talked to the Anthony’s or Casey and/or her brother. After all the kid is named CAY/LEE ?????

frdies August 8, 2008, 6:35 PM

Dennis: excellent point regarding the babysitter … what was she doing before this that she is now looking for a job? I think there is something there. Did she tell Casey to drop Caylee off there in a pretense that she was now living there and she met Casey on the sidewalk? Maybe there is some truth to some of it. Where did the b’sitter live before? Get the sniffing dogs to her apt and check that out! This is huge … how quirky that she did fill out a card there … to make it look like she was not loitering? And she belonged there? Find her car as well and get the dogs on it. PLEASE!

Sandy August 8, 2008, 7:44 PM

Nancy Grace ought to get her FACTS straight before she just makes an asumption. Just to set the record straight (there actually is FACTUAL information out there to those who really are seeking FACTS and not opinions…such as Nancy Grace’s who absolutely does no justice to her last name and I’m not just talking about this case) It has been reported by investigators that they have actually talked to Zanaida Gonzales and yes she was “the” Zanaida that actually did go to see the Sawgrass Apartments. She admits she went to see them and signed in on June 17th however she was just looking. She also told the detectives she did not know Caylee or Casey. When detectives showed her pic to Casey she also said she did not know this Zanaida Gonzales. Tell Nancy Grace if she is going to report then she should at least make sure she has ALL the information and not just ASSume anything! People need to just pray for this little angel, the mother (that she will have the boldness to tell the truth), the grandmother/grandfather (peace and hope). People shouldn’t be so dang negative…whatever any of you are sowing is going to come right back upon you…better be careful what you say because NONE of us are without sin!!

tony August 8, 2008, 11:15 PM

how can someone do that to such a beautiful little girl i think that Casey probbly did kill Caylee like jan said in a psychotic state have the cops thought of a mental evaluation on Casey or backround checks to see if there’s any mental history in the family and even though it might not help maybe force Casey to take a lie detector test to see what comes up

Cindy  August 9, 2008, 12:14 PM

ory of Mary HIll? I know her personally and saw her frequently.If anyone is guilty it’s her husband,she was just trying to get away from him and was very afraid. That’s all

marjan August 9, 2008, 3:18 PM

I think Caylee died on June 16 in her grandparent’s house when Casey was alone in the house(probably an accident).
Casey remembered the day but not the date, hence a week difference between June 9 and the later revised to the June 16 date. The same day June 16 Casey left for work/vacation Caylee goes missing. You would expect at least one day difference when Caylee went reported missing. Casey probably left with Caylee already dead in the trunk.
Such a sad story and how horrible for the grandparents.

marjan August 9, 2008, 4:07 PM

Also was it normal for Casey to stay away from her parent’s house for 5 long weeks(with Caylee in tow) and no apparent visible means of support? If she wanted to party, she surely would have left Caylee with her parents.
Life can get very rough with no money for food etc. Unless you have a very good reason to be afraid to go home.

Dennis August 9, 2008, 4:11 PM

To Sandy,
It’s just way too coinciedental that this Zaneida Gonzalez had no job and only filled out a partial show card, so there could be no background check, credit check etc, and that she was there the same day that Casey and Caylee were. Coincidence? Do a background check on her and I mean a thorough one, tough if it makes her life miserable, we don’t know if she is a suspect or innocent bystander… I agree more with Fridies, get the sniffing dogs out to the apartments and declare the shown apartment a crime scene. Me thinks something that took place there (whether idenity thft, fraud or kidnapping) is the key to this whole case. The OCSO is moving way way to slow if they are treating this as a missing person as they should be. Why no search teams? Why no amber alerts? Why no investigating the clubs visited and people in the photos, why no tapping everyones phones? Too much is amiss in this investrigation. I have a college degree in Criminal Justice and over 20 years of Law Enforcement Experience and I know things have to be done methodically but more manpower needs to go into this investigation. More pressure needs to be put on everyone. It’s easy to verify others lies as well as Caseys. Liars always forget their stories and don’t realize they can be confirmed or unconfirmed….And why is Lee Anthony doing his own investigation? Stay home Lee and assist the police in what you know. I honestly believe the family knows something but not everything, and is in somewhat of a denial. Again I mentioned the infamous Katie Beers case in New York. There were countless man hours spent on that investigation and not one tip wentr unfollowed. detectives in that case didn’t even get any sleep most of the time… Search everyone and everywhere. Go to tthe Jail and show Casery Photos of her daughter, tell Casey what a beautiful child she “WAS” and she might just crack. Tell her you need her help to put this to rest. If her lawyer says don’t talk well then we pretty much can start to draw our own conclusions at that point, as we can see there appears to be no threats to anyone at this point and only lies, lies and more lies. That’s not protecting your child that’s risking her life if her life hasn’t already been snuffed out! Casey GET REAL already, you left your kid and didn’t report her gone for 31 days and now you make your family sit and suffer. Cooperate and the police will know how to handle whatever has happened. You’re only 22 YOU DO NOT! GET IT? Amazing how one could be so calm when their child is allegedly in danger. Casey What have you done? Stop wasting everyones time already. Speak Up, you’re an adult now!

Peggy August 9, 2008, 4:40 PM

This is Caylees Day so all this aside.

Happy 3rd Birthday Caylee. Our hearts are with you and our prayers.

marjan August 9, 2008, 5:50 PM


The Z. Gonzales apartment inquiry happened on the 17th, not the later revised 16th of June date(previously June 9) when Casey reported Caylee missing. The fatefull day is probably engraved in Casey’s mind alas not the calendar date.
I do agree there is probably some connection but only after a fatal accident happened to Caylee at Casey’s parent’s home(and Casey panicked) and that Casey accidently stumbled on this information while frantically searching for reasons to explain Caylee’s absence to her parents.
The detectives probably have figured this already out but must substantiate their suspicions/findings. The accidental pool drowning sounds very plausible to me.

Dennis August 10, 2008, 12:40 AM

Nobody has yet explained Zaneidea Gonzalez or “Zani” as Casey has referred to her as with her mother in a conversation. How come the Anthonys don’t know this women/babysitter? And she was the Nanny for supposedly over a year? Can someone please explain that and the fact that a Zaneida Gonzalez showed up at the same complex Casey took police to? No No No 2+2 doen’t equal four under this scenario. Anyone care to hypotheisize?

Peggy August 11, 2008, 8:20 AM

Their saying that Zaneida was actually Casey. Their looking into this. Has anyone heard anything new on this case and I’m still wondering why they didn’t release the dna results yet. Do they have nothing or do they and their trying to get the mother to talk first letting her know what they found. If anyone has any updates can you post it.

Dennis August 11, 2008, 5:43 PM

Nobody has even verified yet that this babysitter ever existed, the grandparents claimed they never met her. This gets weirder by the minute and the lies keep coming in. Now Cindy and George Anthony met with the Sheriffs Office today to exchange ideas and Cindy Anthony (Grandmother) Disputes the Sheriffs phone records saying it was a mis-statement that Casey never recieved a call on the 15th or spoke to CayLee, and that even Cindys mother or someone also spoke to this Zaneieda. When asked how someone would get the number, Cindy (grandmother) stated it was programmed into Caseys cell. OK here’s why this is apparently more lies. #1 Casey Claimed her cell was lost in the park. Remeber we heard tapes of Casey asking Brother Lee to go find it and Lee asking where it was last and where she saw it? Are they now claiming the ficticious babysitter had the cell phone and called them? Where on who’s phone if the cell was lost and that was the one being used to make the call? What’s wrong with that picture? #2 Cell phone and phone records don’t lie. However it appears almost everyone in the Anthony family does! I believe mom and daughter are involved somehow to an extent with each other or Caseys mother knopws what happened and is covering it up as well. That’s why these visits really keep getting cancelled! Enough with all the family code and B.S. and cough up the information already for the sake and respect of the child!

RP August 12, 2008, 6:11 PM

I just read that now George Anthony has made a claim that kidnappers have Caylee and that they (kidnappers) are under “surveillance.” sp? The investigators have no idea what “surveillance” he’s talking about. What in the heck is going on here? It gets murkier every day. Psychic detectives, George Anthony coming up with his own stories now - this poor little girl. May her soul be at peace.

Kenziesmomma7 August 14, 2008, 1:48 AM

I am a 20 yr old mom of a 5 month old and i love her so much i dont think even God can count how many times i kiss her in a day because there are so many… its not about being young. When I think about people hurting their children it makes me sick Casey Anthony is just a whore and shes too busy whoring with her friend thats all over the news than taking care of her daughter i cannot stand being away from my daughter but i do it 8 hours a day so i can take care of her! I doubt whoever says “kids shouldnt have kids” was a single mother at the age of 20 with her own house, a car and slaving in a factory 8 hours a day! I pray for you Caylee.. if your own mother wont love you I will!

diana  August 14, 2008, 5:48 PM

Authorities in other states have charged people with murder without a body.

CHARGE her, then charge the grandparents as accessories.

I think the answers may come forward then.

Ellie August 27, 2008, 2:14 AM

There are so many things that COULD have been what happened. And we are all waiting to hear what did happen. The mother does seem to have SOMETHING wrong mentally with her. She shouldn’t be waiting a month plus to notify she is missing her daughter and she shouldn’t be out partying when she is missing.
The grandparents though know the daughter, and should have some inkling of what is wrong with her or what she would be capible of.
I have thoughts that a friend might have done something, or maybe the mom was careless and something happened or was upset with her and hurt her more then she thought she did. I think she got rid of her and knows where she is, but probably has made so many stories up in her head that she just isnt straight minded anymore on what happened.
As for the parents again (grandparents) I think they might have an idea but dont want to admit it.
Something is not right as everyone knows, I just hope for everyone’s sake that this doesn’t take the length of time to solve as the Jon Benet case took.

mary August 28, 2008, 2:22 AM

I think Casey killed Caylee . i also feel the grandmother may have grandmother washed the pants to cover up cause.because casey lies about everything she knows how to make lies seem true cause thats all she does so im guessing when all someone does is lie they lie so much they dont even remember the truth

kimsamsoon August 29, 2008, 2:27 PM

I had my first child when I was 17.
It’s tough but I have to make sure my child was given full love and care.My son is 19 years old hurt your child is very evil thing to do.Casey should have given away the kid instead of killing her.Poor little girl,I always wish to have a cute little girl like caylee!

snn August 30, 2008, 1:22 AM

I can’t believe Casey’s parents do not seem to know much about their own daughter? Her father, George, a retired police officer, and her Mother Cindy a nurse? Come on, where did they think she was spending her days, and not be aware of the fact she had no job? How could they never have met a woman who had “supposedly” been babysitting their granddaughter for two years? Where are their heads? Why isn’t there a paper trail of the $40,000, Casey spent with the mothers stolen credit card. It was $40,000, she charged, how can a person spend $40,000 in so little amount of time, and the police aren’t checking where the charges occurred and to whom (where is the paper trail of these charges)? Why didn’t the parents bail Casey out, They could have used their home as collateral? They must have known Casey had emotional problems a very long time ago…. and WHY didn’t they get her help? Maybe George, should take a DNA test to see if he was Caylee’s father? Maybe he was molesting Casey, and she worried he might do it to Caylee??? Too many secrets in this family. I know, if Casey were my daughter and she got bailed out and was sent home, i would be giving her the 3rd degree and ‘beatin’ (figuratively) her into confessing all the truth. Where is Lee, the brother, what does he do for a living, does he have any problems emotionally as well This whole family seems so ‘middle class’ on the outside, but what are their secrets, behind closed doors? Too much lack of emotion, between all members of this family, it seems George can get mad at the media, why doesn’t he show that anger towards his daughter and demand she “fess” up?
Now, Caylee’s father? That is a real strange sort huge secret, kept by all the members of this family! Perhaps they should exhume his body and do a DNA on him to see if the really is the father. I’ll just bet he is not. Too many coverups, lies and secrets.
Reply#4 - Fri Aug 29, 2008 8:46 PM PDT

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