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Blue State Mom vs. Red State Mom

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Two mothers duke it out over Sarah Palin.

sarah palin holding nowhere alaska 99901 shirt

Guest blogger Blue State Mom feels these facts about the VP candidate Sarah Palin should scare us out of voting for McCain. But Red State Mom says her points are nothing but B.S. that have been blown out of proportion by the media. What do you think?

Guest blogger Blue State Mom lists 10 things she hates about Sarah Palin, and Red State Mom responds...

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1. She only opposed "Bridge to Nowhere" after the plan was publicly blasted. The project called for the construction of an almost $400 million bridge to an island populated by 50 people that already had an airport. She even modeled its T-shirt. Shut up already about the "Bridge to Nowhere"!  Republican Sen. Ted Stevens said she was very critical of the "Bridge to Nowhere" at the time. In her convention speech, Palin said, "I told Congress, 'Thanks, but no thanks,' on that bridge to nowhere."
2. She got her first passport in 2006. She's only traveled to four countries. Although people tout Alaska's close proximity to Russia as a notch in her belt for her foreign affairs experience, she has never been there. Oh--and one of the four countries was Ireland. She only stopped there so her plane could re-fuel. Really. Who cares if she only got her passport in 2006? I have never been out of the country, but I consider myself cultured nonetheless. Not everyone can afford to go to Europe or Asia, but it doesn't mean we're not smart people who know about the world.
3. When she was elected mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, she asked the city librarian to ban books. Click here to see the alleged list. When she refused, Palin sent her a termination letter citing her lack of mayoral support as the cause. The library then sent her back a copy of the Constitution.
Palin asked the city librarian to ban books? Good! There are certain books, like ones with inappropriate language, that should not be on library shelves for any child to pick up and peruse. She didn't want them burned, she just wanted them banned. There's a difference.
4. She supports an abstinence-until-marriage sexual education program. She only thinks contraception should be discussed in regards to its failings. No word yet on how her now pregnant 17-year-old daughter is clearly failing to learn about abstinence. Abstinence-only education works! It prevents teens from getting HIV or AIDS, and teaches morality. True, her daughter is pregnant, but no one is perfect. At least her daughter is having the baby, not aborting it. I commend that choice.
5. When her mother-in-law ran for the mayor of Wasilla after Palin was elected governor, she didn't endorse her. It's because she was pro-choice. Family values, here we come! Her MIL isn't endorsing Sarah Palin, either. She recently said, "I'm not sure what [Palin] brings to the ticket other than she's a woman and a conservative." What family loyalty! Family values, indeed.

Go to Page TWO for five more things Blue State Mom hates about Sarah Palin ... and what Red State Mom has to say about that. Who's right in this fight?

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CK1 September 9, 2008, 10:53 AM

Let me tell you what I think about this going back and forth. It’s ridiculous. Bashing a candidate to try to move Republicans over to the left side is ridiculously hopeless. We are CONSERVATIVES. We believe in Palin and McCain’s abilities to be the next President and Vice President. All the bashing does not affect us one bit. We stand by our candidates just as you stand by yours. I’m sure it doesn’t even matter to you that in an interview heard yesterday Barack Obama announced that he is of the Muslim faith. Yeah, folks, A MUSLIM. When the interview said, I thought you were a Christian he replied, “UUHH, yeah, I’m sorry I’m just tired”. What? I have never accidentally said I was a Muslim or Jewish or Baptist for that matter. I am Catholic and I know I am Catholic. But, you just keep on ignoring the facts about Obama (he stands in front of the American flag and disrespects it by not putting his hand over his heart). We’ll keep defending our wonderful picks for President and Vice President. The two candidates that show honor to our flag, the people, and our country.

jay September 9, 2008, 10:54 AM

This is about jobs for women and men. As a medium-sized exporter that has been trying unsuccessfully for years to export into the China market I think trade policy is a crucial aspect of this election. The 400 jobs that my company supports will be lost if our government doesn’t get very tough on trade negotiations. I’ve been very disappointed with the Bush Administrations weakness in the face of China’s unfair trade policies. China subsidizes my competitors in China and slaps huge import duties on my products - yet Bush has done nothing to help protect American companies and employees. McCain has said he will continue these Bush policies of weakness so for the first time in decades I’ll be voting for a Democrat. Obama has promised to be tougher in trade negotiations and to insist on FAIR TRADE. If you work for a company that depends on exports then you better get out there and vote for Obama this time - or face a loss of jobs.

CK1 September 9, 2008, 11:06 AM

jay Your comment had nothing to do with the story…are you in left field staring off into space or what?

Beth Forseth September 9, 2008, 11:13 AM

I am a mother of a special needs child. I went back to work for a few months but the realization of what our son needed was a full-time Mom at home. I eventually will return to the work place when I know that our son is stable and his needs are met without me being there 24/7.
My biggest issue with Mrs. Palin is the fact that she spews her family values at us, yet she’s OK with her job being a bigger priority than her family and most important a special needs child. The importance of FMLA for mothers is the time that you get to bond with your child, our son didn’t have that opportunity, we weren’t able to hold him until he was 21 months and let me tell you it can be challenging to get the bond with your child when you aren’t there from the start.
I also am wanting to know what “small town family values” are as in relation to what any other family in this country have? I live in a metropolitan city and I need to know what my values are since apparently they are different than “small town”? Can somebody help me with the differences?

Can somebody tell Mrs Palin that from what I understand them to be that God, family and then country are the top three and in that order—maybe we should call the Evangelical Leader?

Marci September 9, 2008, 11:19 AM


Can you tell me where you heard that interview?

Marquita September 9, 2008, 11:21 AM

CK1 ok at least Obama corrected his mistake. If the question had muslim in it and he was thinking about incorportating the word in his answer, he can easily make that mistake. He has been asked billions of questions and still is throughout ths campaign. So what is the problem when we want the same from Sarah Palin. She walks on stage with the same speech that is getting old now and all the conservatives think she is the greatest person on this earth. When we want her to have a press conference, then its a problem. If she is ready to be a heartbeat away from the presidency, then she needs to answer tough questions.

VA Mommy September 9, 2008, 12:36 PM

It’s a shame that CK1, like the rest of the GOP, has to resort to lies to get ahead in this election. It’s hard to believe that a group that purports to be the “family values” party and the “religious right” would allow its leaders and spokespeople to lie so unabashedly.

Makes you wonder why they can’t just stand on their policies and positions….it screams of desperation and the knowledge that they can’t win on the truth to me.

I’m a Christian that’s voting for Obama. My priorities are straight: God-Family-Country. Obama understands and embodies those priorities unlike the “Grand ‘Ole Liars”.

Marci September 9, 2008, 2:04 PM

I have a question for everyone that would like to answer. First let me say that I am a Christian. I was born into a Christian family, and at an accountable age, I decided on my own to be a Christian. That being said, this debate about Obama’s religious beliefs has me wondering….we have the right in America to believe anything we choose. It is not a requirement for citizenship in this country that we be Christian. The tax paying citizens in this country hold many different religious beliefs. But are we saying that ONLY those that believe as we do can be president? Are we saying that you can believe what you want, pay taxes, fight for the country, but in no way can you run the country? What are your thoughts?

Anonymous September 9, 2008, 2:27 PM

Would ppl be freaking out if he was a JEWISH president? PPl are so scared of Muslims here, it’s not even funny.

Marci September 9, 2008, 2:55 PM


That is what I am wondering. I don’t believe that Obama is a Muslim, but if he was, why would that make him less qualified? I think that certain people in this country have done the best they could to make us scared of those that are different than we are. BUT the fact is there are many AMERICANS that are muslim, and there are white muslims and black muslims. Every muslim is NOT a terrorist!

mattp September 9, 2008, 5:15 PM

Palin did not ban books. I realize the “truth is inconvenient”, but many of the books Palin is accused of banning were not even in print when she was Mayor.

Anonymous September 9, 2008, 5:16 PM

VA mom, you wrote “It’s a shame that CK1, like the rest of the GOP, has to resort to lies to get ahead in this election.” How has CK1 resorted to lies?

Say NO to Independent Thought! September 9, 2008, 5:45 PM

I’m utterly AMAZED that first, this beeyotch wants to have books BANNED in the first place…

So, basically Repubs can get all “skeered” when their guns are threatened and they’ll quote the Constitution then, but banning books (AKA FREEDOM OF SPEECH) that’s okay??

And then ML’s Repub Mom’s comment on banning books is “Good! There are certain books, like ones with inappropriate language, that should not be on library shelves for any child to pick up and peruse.”

Lady,chick—WHATEVER YOU ARE—GET A CLUE! It’s a f****g city library first off AND 2nd, this list has some of literature’s greatest works often READ IN CLASS [I know why the caged bird sings, 12th night; to kill a mockingbird..etc]

And I also read here on ML from another Palin supporter that “it was a good thing she was killing coyotes” because they’re “useless.”

Wow…GREAT biological analysis there. Guess that person and/or Palin never heard of “cause and effect” or food webs…guess that’s all “imaginary” much like, gee I dunno…global warming…

I don’t trust ANY politician one way or the other, so I don’t have a hidden agenda here BUT I DO find it ironic how
Palin supporters DON’T WANT to look like a bunch of a$$ backward “hicks,” and yet the more we hear about their beliefs the more they sound like. A$$. Backward. hicks.

Amanda September 9, 2008, 6:13 PM

Actually Say No To Independent Thought

I think that you would benefit from reading a few books so you could articulate your thoughts a little better without resorting to profanity. I also don’t see the need for you to call Palin a “beeyotch” or use F bombs.

Tracy Bates September 9, 2008, 7:38 PM

Why does everyone talk about Palin’s time in any office but no one says anything about Obama’s. She is far more smarter than he is, has more experence than he does, has been in any office longer than he has. I really do not understand what the big deal is about Obama anyway, all he has is the gift of gab. I herd people say they never herd of Palin before now and where did she come from, well I have never herd of what’s his name either before all of this. He came from no where and because he is black ( and let’s not forget HALF WHITE), and new with little experence in any office ( didn’t even finish his FIRST term ), that WOW he’s a god or something, PLEASE. I have big issues with him. McCain/Palin 2009 has mine and my family’s vote. Thank you McCain for picking a great running mate.

praying4baby#2 September 9, 2008, 9:00 PM

If Obama had picked Hillary as his VP, we would be having a totally different debate!!

Marquita September 9, 2008, 10:32 PM

Wow, some people can be very ignorant. Also, why are most conservatives so closed minded? Obama has been introducing himself for almost two years and people still say, “Who is Barack Obama?” Maybe if you listen to what he has to say, you will know. Then Sarah Palin comes out not even two weeks ago and conservatives jump on the bandwagon without knowing who she is. I thought the Bush years were bad, but if she gets in and God forbid, had to take over the presidency, we are SCREWED!!!

OCMom September 9, 2008, 11:33 PM

Within one short week Sarah Palin’s candidacy has revealed the double standards that exist within both parties. We’re seeing liberals (particularly in the media—i.e. John Roberts for CNN) questioning Palin’s ability to balance raising a family and leading a country, and we’re seeing conservatives suddenly embrace a candidate whose family situation seems to fly in the face of the traditional family values they’ve been espousing for years. Regardless of what kind of candidate she is, it’s amazing to see a strong woman turn liberals into sexists and conservatives into moral relativists.

That said, banning books is ludicrous.

Debbie September 9, 2008, 11:55 PM

The republicans offer us nothing but more of the same. Are you better off than you were four years ago?
It is insulting that the republicans think we will vote for a woman because she is a woman. There are so many qualified women out there - Condolizza Rice?
No way, no how! President Palin - she hasn’t even been out of the country!

CK1 September 10, 2008, 12:09 AM

Anonymous I thought it was ironic that you said I have to resort to lies. HAHA! Pretty funny, anonymous, seeing as there have been an overabundance of lies about Sarah Palin floating around on the internet and with the media. I actually found a small amount of respect for CNN today for telling the truth about Sarah Palin. They went through the list of rumors about Palin and discredited them all. Go to and see for yourself. So now that the air is clear maybe the two parties can focus on the issues. Wouldn’t that be refreshing. As refreshing as a woman is to the Republican Party.

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