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Child Abduction:
It Could Happen to You

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Picture this: You tuck in your baby for the night--and when you return to check on her, she's gone. New research says this is more common than you think. Here's how to protect your infant.

empty baby buggy

It's every mother's worst nightmare, but it happens. 10 mothers a year have had their infants snatched from their own homes, according to just-released research published in the American Journal of Nursing.

Cases of kidnapped babies taken from public places like homes, parking lots, and shopping malls have doubled--even as tighter security has cut the number of newborns stolen from hospitals and health centers by half.

Consider the stats: 

  • According to one abduction study of 126 cases, 86 happened in private homes, parking lots and other public places, while only 40 occurred in health care locations. 
  • One study showed that out of 247 cases, 44 involved violence. 
  • In 22 of those cases, the mother was killed, and in two cases, both parents were murdered. 
  • In nine of the cases, the baby was cut from the mother's body in a forced Cesarean section. Eight of those mothers and three babies died.

According to experts, the profile of an abductor is almost always a woman and usually one who has lost a baby or can't conceive and desperately wants a child. The kidnapper typically plans the attack in advance, visiting the home of the parent at least once before taking the baby.

We can't even imagine the horror of having your baby snatched from under your nose. 

So how do you protect your baby? Go to Child Abduction: It Could Happen to You, Page 2.

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cara September 12, 2008, 10:42 AM

I think the stats are a little over 500,000 kids go missing in USA each year, with just under half being from non-custodial parent abductions. (I know this story pertain to babies) But, humans, are THE most profitable commodity on the black market, with white being of the most value, I’m sure. I just think that we, as mothers, need to investigate the evils that are going on in the world, rather then pretend that they are not there, because then we’ll be able to better protect out children. Being cautious and aware never hurt anyone.

***There is a great, but disturbing website by Johnny Gosch’s mother Noreen that as disgusting as it may be, every mother should go to, see, look and read. It’s under her son’s name (.com).

Anonymous September 12, 2008, 12:17 PM

Whoa! That is scary.

Anonymous September 12, 2008, 2:58 PM

how stupid of the mother to leave baby alone and expect the baby to still be ther

Proud Mom of five! September 12, 2008, 4:30 PM

The Johnny Gosch website you suggested Cara is beyond distubing!!! Sorry I even went to the sight. I thought it would be important for me to check it out so I could understand what goes on better so I can protect my children, isn’t that the ultimate goal? It just disturbed me to the point of nausea. Those poor babies! Those pictures! I just wanted to leap through the screen and save them.

How could anyone harm a child? This is a sick world we live in!

cara September 12, 2008, 6:04 PM

@proud mom of five- I am sorry but I think every mom should see that and be aware. There is nothing more precious then babies and children..and not just to us moms. For too long pedophiles have been protected, I think because they can be anyone, from any social backround, from all walks of life, and are often thought of as harmless, “oh, that’s just Uncle so and so.” Just yesterday I read an article in the daily mail (uk) about a upperclass pedophile (an art historian) who bragged about partaking in the gang rape, and subsequent murder of a five year old Cambodian girl…and the first paragraph “disturbed me too to the point of nauseaum.”

I AM sorry and I thank you for going because change needs to come and honestly, it will probably have to come from us moms. ** And I didn’t mean “great” as in fun rather as truly informative.

Proud Mom of five! September 12, 2008, 7:31 PM

@Cara, I wasn’t upset with you at all. You are right we need to be aware of what goes on around us. It was more graphic than I anticipated.

In fact I was growing up in Omaha while the ring was operating. I never heard anything about what was going on, however I was very young.

My opinion on these types of situations is if the authorities turned these predators over to the families of the victims when they are caught there would be far less assaults on children. Get my drift? The punishments are not enough.

All these poor babies/children!!! Did you see the article about the Chinese babies that were being abducted for these pedofiles and shipped overseas? They found a bunch of babies in sacks and drugged on a ship. One of the babies died. They were the lucky ones they were found before they got them to these perverts.

This is why I homeschool my children, to keep them close.

Pamela September 13, 2008, 9:47 AM

How and why did people get the idea that turning your kid loose in a store such as Wal-Mart, Target or K-Mart is a recreational activity suitable for kids of all ages? The store may have security but it isn’t there to provide babysitting srevices for your kid; nor is the toy department there to provide free entertainment. YOU and YOU alone are responsible for your child’s safety; never let them out of your sight; never assume “someone else” is watching out for them. The store security is there to protect THE STORE. Unless you pay someone directly, they have NO obligation to watch your child. Sitting at the snack bar drinking coffee while your kid tears up the merchandise unattended does not qualify as paying someone to watch your child. It is YOUR job to watch your child; the store may unknowingly employ child predators. They don’t conduct criminal background checks on minimum wage cashiers; why should they? They are hiring for their own purposes not yours. Any parent who has a kid snatched from a store should be investigated for child neglect. Bottom line-don’t expect someone else to do YOUR JOB.

Debbie Morgan September 13, 2008, 3:02 PM

This is exactly why I offer nanny cams, electronic child leashes and other child safety products on my web site.

You can be careful but you need to be prepared too.

cara September 14, 2008, 3:55 PM

I don’t home school (my kids drive me INSANE…I cry on snow days!) and I let my kids walk to school and to the store…BUT I do tell them the horrible truths. I let them know that, hey, this IS reality, and you know what there is a conspiracy to keep the monsters out of the jails and lock up many a victim. They need to know. ( I mean what happens to these kids when they grow up, the ones that DO grow up? Many turn to drugs, end up on the street and we lock them up, score 0 for society!!!)

Also, I pray, everyday, all the time, wherever, whenever. But trust me, this is my mission….laws need to be changed, actually there needs to be a whole new reworking of our system. Sadly though, too many would rather forget that this even exists. We need to start to make sure they never forget that it exists!

Peace to us ladies.

Pam September 16, 2008, 12:31 PM

Pedophiles cannot be rehabilitated. They need to remain in prison. That’s a start…

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