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Can Cheating Save Your Marriage?

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Absolutely, says the founder of an online service that helps people commit adultery.

noel biderman ceo ashley madison

There's a controversial Web site out there called Ashley Madison that's essentially a matchmaking service for cheaters. Its slogan? "Life is short, have an affair." To date, it has 2,490,000 members and counting. And it was created by--get this--a married father of two.

Here's how it works: Anyone can log on to the site and for a one-time fee of $49, users create a private profile to send e-mails, chat and wink--much like a mainstream dating service. The only difference is that the so-called daters are all married. Because, according to the owners, cheating is "a serious and emotional decision," there is no recurring monthly fee, and users can come and go as they please. When the credit card arrives, Ashley Madison is labeled as an innocuous charge. Says one momlogic staffer: "I signed up to see if guys would really respond--and queries from married men were flooding my inbox within 30 minutes. And they didn't stop coming--every 20 minutes, another would pop up."

Here are some real solicitations from married men:

"To be honest, I am not looking to leave my wife but I do miss having a sexual connection in my life. My wife completely lost her sex drive since birth of our child. I love to please women and I'm very generous in bed. Plus I'll always respect your boundaries."

• "I love to have sex but my wife and I don't do it nearly enough. I'm looking for someone who can meet up once or twice a week. We don't always have to go to a hotel, we can just enjoy each others' company...I'm a very social guy, and I love meeting new people. I've got a strong sexual appetite, and I typically will go for an hour or more. Not trying to brag, but I really do like to savor the experience. Sex is always best when you're keeping it interesting and I consider myself very adventurous in the bedroom. If all this sounds interesting to you, let's get to know each other!"

"I'm your typical executive who is looking for something more. I value trust, honesty, and above all, discretion. I am hoping to find married women who have no desire to leave their husbands but just want to add some fun to their life. I love an intelligent and opinionated woman...If you are interested in having an open, trusting and ongoing affair, then please feel free to write me. Thanks for your time."

We spoke to Noel Biderman, the 37-year-old aforementioned married father of two and Chief Operating Officer of Ashley Madison, on the state of marriage today and why he created such a controversial service.

Find out if this married Ashley Madison founder and father of two is a cheater as well.

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Jodi September 6, 2008, 1:01 AM

This service is disgusting

Byron September 6, 2008, 2:04 AM

I love this service…I’ve had six women in the past month. Jodi, you were one of them.

In Shock September 6, 2008, 2:18 AM


wow thats crazy.. and im never getting married!!

beautifulblonde January 18, 2009, 9:32 PM

sometimes you just need to feel new and young again, after having been ignored, dismissed and humiliated for 7 plus years. Your only crime being you gave birth to your husbands children and now he sees you as a mother rather than a sexual being.

And... December 7, 2009, 12:13 PM

Just think of all the publicity the creator of A.M. has created. There is no such thing as bad publicity when it creates a swarm of people hitting the website. Guess what, each time a page is viewed with an advertisement equals a “page hit” which adds up very quickly. and make millions from Google Adsense. If there is a demand and you supply it you can be rich if the demand is high and the publicity brings the masses to your honeypot. No pun indended.

I know this is stirring up alot of people and yes, it shows others that alot of people have no values. Think of this on the business side of things for a quick moment.

Ok, now you can continue your bashing on the moral values of america are going down the drain for greed. Yup!

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