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Casey Anthony: Caylee's a 'Little Snot Head'

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Casey Anthony calls Caylee "the little snot head" in instant messages to her ex. Read the shocking transcripts.

Casey Anthony

We're getting a look at instant messages Casey Anthony sent to ex-boyfriend Tony Rusciano. In the IMs, Rusciano never calls Casey's three-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony by name, only referring to her as "the offspring." Casey, in turn, callously calls Caylee "the little snot head." Check out the transcripts.

May 3, 2008

9:13 p.m. casey o marie: I'm going crazy over here.
9:13 p.m. casey o marie: I'm online so I can stay awake.
9:13 p.m. casey o marie: At least the kid is passed out.

9:28 p.m. casey o marie: brb
9:28 p.m. casey o maraie: Checking on the kid

On May 6, Casey sends an astounding 198 IMs to her boyfriend from 1:39 p.m. to 7:42 p.m. And this is while Caylee was HOME!

On May 6, 2008, at 1:44 p.m., Casey says her nanny is en route.

nyitaliano3: so is she willing to get the offspring?
casey o marie: as of right now
nyitaliano3: geez
casey o marie: brb
casey o marie: caylee wanted pizza

They chat for another fifteen minutes, mainly about their sex lives. Then, at 2:04 p.m.:

nyitaliano3: Where'd you go freakshow
casey o marie: hey asshole
casey o marie: caylee wanted more lunch

At 2:08 p.m.:

casey o marie: I have a headache
casey o marie: What the hell should I eat?
nyitaliano3: come over i'll cook
casey o marie: ha, want me to bring the little snot head?
casey o marie: didn't think so.
nyitaliano3: I mean when she is occupied by another adult
casey o marie: ha ha
casey o marie: i know

at 4:31 p.m.:

casey o marie: i feel like I have cabin fever
casey o marie: I'm ready to chew my arm off
ny italiano: why
casey o marie: I'm going stir crazy sitting around here

She gives Tony a litany of excuses of why she can't come over ... mainly running commentary about her nanny's whereabouts and her being a no-show.

Then, at 7:20 p.m.:

casey o marie: I'm sad. I've been sad all day. shit, I've been sad for days.

Ironically, at 7:37 p.m., she says:

casey o marie: you know what you're getting into with me, and i'm sorry, caylee has to come first, my job, a close second. i can only take so much time from that for anything else.
nyitaliano3: I understand but understand my point. i can't see someone once every 3+ weeks and say we're dating.

Click here to read the entire IM history. (Warning: Explicit!)

What do you think of Casey's behavior?

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Janina September 30, 2008, 2:38 PM

I listened to Cindy Anthony blaming everyone to the cops…With eyes closed it sounded like Casey…same words and sound ,flip-flops…One of the lawyers on Nancy Grace said the family is creepy for sure…I tried not to think that at the being & took them for their word…Grand-pa is a cop and Cindy a nurse..They know what they smelled..what they thought was the worst..They’ve raise and lived with Casey forever and know her like a book..She didn’t turn into a liar overnight or into a crook and snook…We all love our children and try to do good by them too..But to allow them to get away with murder is the last thing they should do…They can still love Casey unconditionally but need to make things right…They owe it to Caylee who loved them so and have Casey give up the fight…The fight of deception, and SPIDERS web…from partying,doping, drinking, hopping from bed to bed..For if she is free she’ll do it again if she’s blessed with an Angel…Another life she’d end…If Cindy and George really loved Caylee and Casey too…They’d stop all the dreaming..Make their daughter give up what’s true..So as a grandmother and mother too I pray that they see the light and do what they need to do..I send them the blessings they need at this time…Pray that they’ll come to their right minds…Do what is right for Caylee for sure..Then deal with Casey to find her a cure…She just can’t be right for how long we don’t know..But worst it will get the longer they go..

Lisa September 30, 2008, 3:48 PM

Casey is a selfish, borderline personality with extreme narcisistic qualities, on top of being a sociopathic liar. Her poor lovley child is in much better hands now bless her soul, she should have been adopted by her grandparents from the beginning! It’s so tragic!

KansasGirl September 30, 2008, 4:19 PM

RIP Caylee.

SaraBeth September 30, 2008, 4:31 PM

I dont see how anything in this conversation marks her as a murderer just because of using slang terms. I’m a mother and love my kids to death ( oh no, now you are going to call me a killer cause I said ‘love to death) but I still call them “little brats” or “you little booger” when I’m referencing them doesnt mean I want to kill them or dont care about them. When my youngest dauther takes a nap I’ll reference that as “passed out” especially after a long day of playing outside I’ll say “we came in the house and she’s passed out cold asleep”.
I’m not saying that Casey may or may not have did something to her child but you cant base that she did on this conversation. my gosh Im so sick of people dissecting everything and dramatizing it out look for something more hardcore like ” I did something bad and dont know what to do” more incriminating in this case then same pet names and slang terms.

Anonymous September 30, 2008, 6:24 PM

What’s scary to me is that we know: 1. she did not have a job, and 2. she did not have a nanny. Look at the web of lies in these IMs. Unbelievable!

Gloria September 30, 2008, 7:08 PM

What a shame, this person who is a young mom, is not familiar with the dangers that lie beyond the ex-husband scenario.Here she has a young daughter, and is a crazy as a bed bug, which she is still really young. I am old enough to probably be old enough to be Casey’s mom. I know what it is like to be a young mom, and available, the ex-boyfriend is probably young as well, and scared. It isn’t easy facing the realities of raising a child on many levels. But this mom sounds immature, and not really available for her daughter on the level of care that is necessary. I don’t think she killed her daughter. The reasoning that she wanted to go on a date with the guy who is using regular terms of most college aged people, is really just lingo, that needs to be redirected again, to be young, single, horny, and innocent of the ramifications of screwing around while having young children quite literally in the way.Hormones are extremely powerful, when they start their mischievous adventure of match-ups and other dating adventures, people have gotten raped, date rape, and other promiscuous episodes endure. Is there to say a sense of intelligence about any of the taped conversations, I would easily say no, him calling her freak show, and other taunting comments, are just their way of saying, “hey I think your hot, when do you think, we could match up”? But to pin her for murder, there is just too much circumstantial evidence. Do I think what she is doing is correct? I really can’t say, I don’t know if shes conducting these conversations when Caylee’s asleep, or napping. I don’t know how long she is talking to the Italiano guy, but to suggest that she is a heartless murder is a bit too far out there for me. Time will tell although, I am sure there are countless people that are looking for that adorable little girl, if it is the case that she did do something awful to her child, she will pay dearly.

Martha Adams September 30, 2008, 7:35 PM

I think that the little girl will never be found, as in florida there are alot of ways to make sure of that. The canals are probably got alligators and all kind of varmits that would clean up any remains left there. It is so sad that they can’t get to the truth from the parents who raised Casey and atleast find out the location she left little Caylee. I mean as a parent I’d still love my daughter but Caylee had no one to help her as her mother gets her own help whose there for this little girl who couldn’t protect herself like her mother is able to!

Donna Hardesty September 30, 2008, 7:37 PM

I usually give people the benefit of the doubt but in this case the more I see and hear makes me believe that either this woman did something to her daughter or knows someone who did. So sad.

Anonymous September 30, 2008, 11:00 PM


pinkmaskara October 1, 2008, 12:37 AM

Casey really has a brain disease. Go send her to Momlogic Boot Camp, that’s where she belongs. And as to her insult to her daughter, please Casey, GO TO HELL!(*cough* no offense to other parents who are not Casey Anthony). Casey sounds immature, i mean for a mother, please, look after your kid and stop acting like a spoiled brat!!!

Anonymous October 1, 2008, 8:40 AM

This woman doesn’t deserve children. Neither does the father of Casey. They both should be locked up and the key thrown away! How dare you talk about your child as if she was nothing! What the HE**!

Personally, I would love to get my hands on her and teach her a bit about not being a good parent!

20some October 1, 2008, 9:37 AM

this woman is sufering from postpartum. can nobody else tell?

Tracy October 1, 2008, 10:45 AM

I hate casey more than life, her and susan smith need to thrown off a bridge.

Anonymous October 1, 2008, 11:25 AM

Postpartum my butt! She is definitely showing signs of ANTISOCIAL PERSONALITY DISORDER! Formerly known as sociopath!

Penny3144 October 7, 2008, 2:44 PM

Are you guys kidding me? Not guilty of anything? Listen, during this little onslaught of IM’s she is spinning an enormous web of LIES. Every pretense for what they discussed during these IM’s is based on out-n-out lies. Nannies, work, stuff about her mom. Lies, lies, lies. She IS in fact psychotic. But she was and is in full control of her faculties. She killed that little girl, she IS trying to cover it up, and she WILL take a needle in her scabby little arm for this. She deserves nothing less than to be put down like the stray dog that she is.

Penny3144 October 7, 2008, 2:51 PM

Oh, and by the way, I’m not even female and I know that Postpartum Depression does not 1. Last 3 years (on a normal timeline) 2. It certainly wouldn’t increase in instensity after say the 9 or 10 month postpartum. Don’t any of you feel sorry for this poor wayward child. She is evil, calculating, deceptive and it’s now coming to light that she may well have been a fully paid escort (you get my drift), which means she’s also a prostitute. That’s no way to go through life.

CATHERINE A. COY October 11, 2008, 10:33 PM

yes i have been watching nancy grass since this happened with casey anthony. why hasn’t john walsh from americas most wanted. is there a way that he can help.

RONNY October 14, 2008, 6:35 PM

It’s hard to believe someone who took so
many cute photos of her child could kill her so easily.

Ashley Dawn October 15, 2008, 11:58 AM

I’m not understanding, this convo doesn’t say anything unormal to me? I go crazy sometimes being at the house with the kids and need to get out, that doesn’t make her a bad mom from this convo….. I don’t know the true story, but based on this convo, it doesnt mean she killed her girl

Mina October 16, 2008, 5:19 PM

I honestly think that she was so in love with her boyfrined that she got rid of caylee to be with him. He states in the email “I dont know if I can do this every 3 weeks” right there he’s already giving her a clue that he can’t do this.I think she wanted to be with him so much that she thought if she didn’t have caylee that he would be with her.

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