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Caylee, Casey, and Chloroform

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Evidence is mounting against the mother of missing toddler Caylee Anthony.

caylee anthony

This should make every mother's stomach turn: Preliminary FBI lab results show that there were traces of chloroform in Casey Anthony's trunk, and her computer also showed visits to Web sites with information about chloroform. (This chemical can be used to knock people out.) How sick!

Earlier, investigators said they had found evidence of human decomposition in the trunk of Casey Anthony's car. Law enforcement sources also suggested that a strand of hair found in the trunk of the car was Caylee Anthony's.

What do you think of the latest evidence against Casey?

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Proud Mom of five September 4, 2008, 1:34 PM

Casey, would you give it up already? How could you seriously believe that we don’t know what you have done but not how you did it? The only people in denial are your parents. How they could allow you to stay in their home while you were out on bail is beyond me. Honestly I’m starting to think your parents are really dumb people!

The cloraform thing makes me sick. Either Casey used it to keep Caylee subdued so she could party and it went wrong and she ended up killing her.(or) She might have cloraformed her to incompacitate Caylee so she could kill her. Whatever it was used for its scary.

I don’t completely blame Casey. Her family needs to brunt some of the blame. Casey has shown repeatily that she is a liar and thief. Its obvious Cindy Anthony knew what kind of person her daughter is. Caylee should have never been allowed to be in the care of Casey. Those Grandparents owed it to her to protect her!!! IF they loved her like they say they do they would have never allowed the psycho to play mom. Casey should have been in a mental hospital or out on her hind end fending for herslf. Whyas parents would you indulge these behaviors?

I’d like to see the whole lot in jail!

All I’ve got to say is grow up. Lots of woman who have problems have children young and rise to the challenge. In fact I had my first at ninteen and I suffer from Bi-polar disorder and come from an abusive home. The second I found out I was pregnant I saw the OB first then went to my church and finally seeked out a professional for counciling and medication because I loved my baby that much!!! He deserves the world!

Casey remember God knows what you’ve done! I wonder if your even capable enough to repent?

Anonymous September 4, 2008, 3:23 PM

What a sick and sad situation. I just don’t know why the mother doesn’t fess up to what happened.
that poor little girl. All she wanted was love from her mama. It makes me sad and angry that someone would hurt a little child like that.

Virginia September 4, 2008, 3:54 PM

I read this morning on crime/news site that Chloroform is also used in labs when they retrieve DNA. Is it possible that the FBI labs are picking up on traces of their own chloroform?

I’m not trying to defend Casey because she has proven herself to be extremely questionable, but it was just an interesting fact that I read. However, it wouldn’t explain why someone (most likely Casey) had researched it on her computer that the cops had confiscated.

Anonymous September 4, 2008, 11:15 PM

It’s honorable, Virginia, to at least ask the question, but I think at this point the evidence is stacked against her.

Investigators had me at “didn’t report her daughter missing for weeks.”

There’s a problem here.

adam  September 4, 2008, 11:22 PM

If Cindy Anthony truly believed her grand daughter was alive then she would look for her instead she is on every tv show defending her daughter and telling the media that she gets a thousand calls to where Caylee is. Sure I dont doubt people are calling her yet when Casey was 7th months pregnant she told her mother that she wasnt and she is a nurse and believed her. Sometimes parents are in denial and dont want to believe the truth…… because the truth hurts…….. I dont believe the parents had involvement with Caylee dissapearing but they would help Casey at all costs cover any tracks up.

adam  September 4, 2008, 11:31 PM

Virginia…..its not possible the FBI made the error and here is the evidence the police also noted that Casey searched 11 websites on Chloroform on her website. The chloroform was either used for 2 things 1) to kill her daughter 2) clean the trunk of the car and use it as a cleaning solvent so no traces would find a decomposed body.
3) The attorney stinks, I wish she got a lousy attorney that told her to sing like a parrot yet she got an attorney that is as sneaky as her. Who wants to drag this case as much as possible so he gets Publicity, once the case ends he doesnt get free advertisement. This is why she didnt take the deal.

Susan September 5, 2008, 10:03 AM

Cindy Anthony now has retained a lawyer. Im reading lots of posts on the net asking if the Chloroform could have been brought home from the hospital by Cindy (who is a nurse) and used to clean up evidence in the trunk. We already know she washed clothes and boots taken from that car. I wish we knew the dates that they were looking up Chloroform info on the net. Before or after Caylee disappeared.

mom 5 September 5, 2008, 1:02 PM

come on you know she did it! there’s no ands if or buts about it. the lady is sick and crazy. how can anyone di that to their own child. i would like some time alone with my man but i’m not going to kill one of my kids to be alone with him.she is just sick and needs help or jail.

Vicki September 5, 2008, 1:51 PM

Even if Casey didn’t kill her child(although I believe she did) how could any mother go out and party if her child was missing? I can’t imagine being able to function at all if my child was missing!!!!!!!!!!

Northeast Ohio September 5, 2008, 1:57 PM

This case is sicking. I think she used the Choroform to knock the little girl out then put her in water somewhere there are allgators so there wouldnt be any traces of poor Caylee. Just a thought I dont know of anyone that has brought that up. My brother-in-law that lives down there thought about it.

Jackie September 5, 2008, 3:08 PM

I do not belive that she tried to kill her child. I do believe she needs some serious help and to be locked up. I believe that she tried to knock her out to go party, like alot of young mothers using over the counter drugs to go leave and party, I belive that is what happened to that other little girl overseas that they never found and her parents left the kids asleep while they went to dinner with friends. They gave them too much and they died, They covered it up and got rid of the body. That is what I believe happened here. I also believe that the grandma, Cindy, knew by the smell in the car and I think Casey told her mom and the grandma is heartsick as she should be for her grandaughter but I think her mother instincts kicked in for her daughter and she thinks she is sick and needs help and she is covering up for her and I think she messed with evidence by washing those clothes and who knows what else.
I so love my daughter, but I worship my grandkids and I really believe that if I were in that same situation I would have to turn her in and get her the help she needs or I could NOT go to sleep at night knowing what I know. She should be ashamed and she should know she is not helping her daughter at all. She needs help!!!

Tracy September 5, 2008, 10:49 PM

Just watched 20/20. Why? Not sure. It is clear from the beginning that the mom killed Caylee. Now, the stain & hair match Caylee and Chloroform found in the trunk as well and inquiries on Casey’s computer… IT IS HEART WRENCHING! I just can’t understand how moms and/or dads do this. I have two children whom I love and had some rough roads, but never never never would I ever hurt them! The grandmother knows - I heard the 911 call, when she stated she smelled death in the car. When someone dies there is a distinct smell that resinates.. I know personally and she is a nurse — she knows! SHAME ON THEM ALL. They will hopefully all see justice. REST IN PEACE CAYLEE! The public cared — too bad the mom couldn’t have cared a grain of what the public did!

Grandma & Grandpa probably put Casey on spot about her life style, fight (neighbors heard) ensued, Casey leaves with Caylee, kills her so she can continue her reckless PARTY ON SELFISH LIFESTYLE!

Sorry the bounty hunter lost the money he did — but very glad he revoked the bond. I liked him, hated him for releasing her, but now he has redeemed himself. I understand his method, but knew it would back fire from recordings of Casey with her relatives & friends.

SHE IS HEARTLESS! Death row is good for this case. GOOD LUCK PROSECUTORS!

trinaclaren September 6, 2008, 6:33 AM

Wow! Casey sure is a killer, we better stay away from her if we want to save our lives. Law should kill Casey. Why don’t we call her the Child Killing Godess! As far as i know, she is the only mother to kill a child and abuse it. If you are a friend or officemate of Casey Anthony, i advice you stay away from her or you’ll die. The authorities will kill her for you. Casey is a killer, killer killer killer! may god bless caylee and send casey to hell!

Kati October 2, 2008, 7:19 PM

This whole thing is disgusting.

I believe in “Innocent until proven Guilty” but as a mother…She is not behaving like a loving mother who is frantically in search of her beloved daughter. She’s acting like a guilty criminal.

I hope they throw the book at her and I hope she at least has the decency to reveal the location of the body so that that poor baby can at least rest in peace…

It’s God’s place to judge, but if he’s taking votes…I say send that monster to hell.

tiffany October 9, 2008, 10:57 AM

u think ur hinding it but really everyone already knows and ur mom is not that dumb she knows u did and so does god stop leting it build up in u

steve December 30, 2008, 8:30 PM

i would love to smash in caseys face with a baseball bat.

Sad January 7, 2009, 9:28 PM

I think they should give her a fair
trial & hang her.

mamaluke January 22, 2009, 11:09 AM

it is so sad, but it is like watching a car wreck it hurts so bad but you have to keep looking, this lady is very sick..I have listened to the tone of her voice…she is so practiced at lying that she believes herself…she also believes that no matter how transparent she is everyone else will believe her too..reading her bible all day in jail..yea right…poor baby caylee…

Tammie March 3, 2009, 6:44 AM

Have any of y’all ever been in Cindy Anthony’s shoes?!?? How dare you judge her!! She knew her daughter had some probs (lying, imaturity, etc ). But you can’t really believe that she thought Casey was capable of murdering Caylee! The woman has lost a grandaughter she obviously adored, her daughter & probably eventually her marriage & family. I am sure her subcomcious is keeping her in some degree of denial to keep her same. Yes, she has made some mistakes -as any of us in her situation probably would have …..But trust me she is (& will forever) be suffering!!!

lilly March 27, 2009, 9:45 AM

R.I.P caylee, you were such a cute girl i dont want to say i hope your mother suffers but she will so see whats coming for her.. RIP BABY

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