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Drug Dealers Want Your Kid

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Cheese and Strawberry Quick may sound like afternoon snacks, but they're dangerous -- sometimes deadly -- drugs marketed to your children.

Kid being approaced by drug dealer

Cheese, a mix of black tar heroin and Tylenol PM, sells for only a buck or two. The shocking thing: It was actually cooked up specifically to push to kids -- skipping needles that are typically needed to inject heroin.

And Strawberry Quick may be a treat you remember having as a kid ... but now it's a methamphetamine for kids. According to the DEA, marketing directly to kids is the newest trend in the drug trade. "They're looking for a new consumer, " says James Capra, the Special Agent In Charge of the DEA office in Dallas tells FOX News. "They've taken the tactic that advertising people have taken for years; you want to sell a product, you've got do a good marketing approach to it."

Just a few years ago, police didn't even know these drugs existed. So how are we supposed to keep our kids safe when drug makers come up with more and more ways to target our kids?

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