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Halloween Inspired Fall Fashion!

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It's Fashion week--what's cute on the runway isn't necessarily so cute in real life. Take a look at these disturbing new trends.

Black Nails

Black nails look cute on a rock-star or when dressing up as a witch. But for the office or at home? Not so much.

ashlee simpsons nails
lily allen lipstick

Black Lips

Black lipstick belongs on the runway only. Period. Imagine going to parent-teacher night with this look?

lilly allen lips
rihanna leggings

Liquid Leggings

The name of this trend says it all: liquid leggings. It's like--huh? Not unless you've decided to go Goth or he's into that kind of thing in the bedroom...

rihanna shiny leggings

Pocahontas Head Band

This is all over Hollywood, on everyone from Ashlee Simpson to Nicole. Honestly, it would just look like we'd lost our minds if we tried this. But it would be cute with your Pocahontas costume on Halloween!

nicole richie head band

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Michael December 25, 2008, 3:19 AM

“Disturbing new trends?

Wow, someone who does a sort of news article, you sure are ignorant and small minded.

What is “disturbing” about black nail polish, or going to a PTA meeting with it on?

What does a persons choice in makeup have to do with their ability to do a job professionally.

Are we trying to teach Parents to show their kids to discriminate, breed hate, or to be closed minded towards others.

This isn’t Nazi Germany. Living in the USA means anyone that dresses different should be welcomed with open arms, since it means we still have our freedom of choice.

Its just a color, like any other in a Crayola box.

People like this are the reasons why school shootings and hate crime is allowed to fester and breed.

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