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Should You Pass Gas in front of Your Husband?

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Sure, your guy loves you no matter what, but should you hide your gross habits? Our staff weighs in.

Woman covering mouth with hand, looking away

I have a confession.

When I have to use the bathroom, I often leave my house and go to the restaurant next door. Why? I don't want my guy to know I do number two. I admit I'm neurotic--In fact, I once endured a weeklong Mexican vacation without going once. Sure, I ended up with an awful case of constipation--but for me, it was worth it. And it doesn't stop there. I won't remove tampons, fart, or pick my nose in front of my guy.

Friends say I'm nuts--after all, I know my guy loves me no matter what. And it's a safe assumption many men don't share my feelings. From farting jokes to raunchy shows like Family Guy, guys usually have no filter when it comes to their bodily functions--and some find the topic downright hilarious.

But I wonder: Is my behavior a sign I'm not comfortable in my relationship, or am I just plain uptight?

Here's what some momlogic staffers said:

• "I don't do number two with the door open, and I won't pick my zits in front of my husband--and he appreciates this. After all, he doesn't want to see my used tampons or pads lying around. There are some things your guy should never see. It kills the romance!"

• "There is nothing off-limits in my family. However, I won't remove tampons in front of my husband. But putting them in is fair game!"

• "I'll do anything in front of my husband--even number two. Just the other day I had diarrhea while in the bathroom with my hubby and three kids. One of my kids even told me I smelled funny!"

• "Earlier in my relationship, I was horrified if my husband ever heard or smelled a fart escape, but aftermore than a decade of marriage, pretty much anything goes. That said, certain habits of his, like leaving his shaving stubble in the sink or skidmarks in his underwear grosses me out. I have a double standard!"

• "I refuse to floss in front of my husband. What's sexy about having bits of old, smelly food flinging out of your mouth? Plus the faces people make while flossingare downright scary."

• "I don't fart, use the bathroom, or pick my nose in front of my guy. It can dampen the sexual spark. This may change down the road but for now it's better to be a lady."

Says one male staffer:

• "I don't want to see my wife going to the bathroom or picking her nose because there should be a certain level of privacy between two people. Of course I know my wife does these things, but seeing itis far from romantic. I try to keep all my bad habits hidden from her, too. I wouldn't want to gross her out."

Tell us--are there any things you won't do in front of your husband or does anything go?

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Desiree Fawn October 13, 2009, 9:02 PM

Haha, I have NO shame.
I’ve been known to #2 with the door open.

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