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Halloween Safety Tips

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Halloween is the second most popular holiday in the United States. It's a time for kids (and adults alike) to dress up and scare each other and, of course, devour their weight in candy. But sadly, Halloween is not like it used to be. At one time, kids could roam the streets for hours, going house to house in search of that ever-elusive "full-size" candy bar. But today, trick-or-treating takes place while the sun is still shining and now more than ever, safety is a huge concern for parents.

trick or treating mom and kids

Halloween Safety for Trick-or-Treating

Here are a few Halloween safety tips that you can use to help keep your children safe while keeping the carefree nature of the holiday in check.

  • Parents should always accompany their younger children on their trick-or-treating escapades and older children should always venture out in groups
  • Children should never enter the home, car or garage of a stranger
  • Children should carry a flashlight and wear some type of reflective tape somewhere on their costume
  • Children should only visit homes where the porch light is lit
  • Children should only visit homes of people they are familiar with
  • Children should never take "short-cuts" through back alleys, backyards or side streets
  • Children should always adhere to traffic signals and avoid simply running across the street without looking
  • Before diving in to their cache of sweets, children should always have their parents inspect the candy first

Halloween Safety for Your Home

Sometimes, parents get so consumed with the safety of their children on Halloween (and rightfully so), that they often overlook many other areas of Halloween safety such as making their own homes safe for visiting children.

Parents can easily make their homes safe for trick-or-treaters by creating a clean, well-lit pathway for them to walk on. Because trick-or-treating can often last into the late afternoon, keep porch lights or exterior lights on while the kids are out and about. Jack-o-lanterns should be kept well away from where the children will be walking and if you have pets, keep them out of sight so visiting children are not frightened.

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