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McCain Wants Change, Too

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His speech electrified the Republican National Convention last two moms tell us what they think.

mccain speech at Republican National Convention change

Arizona Senator John McCain accepted the Republican presidential nomination last night with a speech that tried to divorce himself from the record of the Bush Administration. In an unprecedented move, McCain admitted about his own party: "We were elected to change Washington, and we let Washington change us," adding, "we're going to reach out our hand to any willing patriot, make this government start working for you again, and get this country back on the road to prosperity and peace."

• McCain was clearly at his strongest and most sincere, recounting his POW experience in Vietnam and saying, "The good man in the cell next door to me, my friend, Bob Craner, saved me. Through taps on a wall, he told me I had fought as hard as I could. No man can always stand alone. And then he told me to get back up and fight again for my country and for the men I had the honor to serve with, because every day they fought for me."

• However, he received his biggest applause of the night referencing Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. One couldn't help but think her performance on Wednesday night overshadowed the top of the ticket. 

• The speech was disrupted several times by Code Pink activists who were wrestled out of the hall. High in the rafters, a loan Iraqi war veteran defiantly held a sign: McCain Votes Against Vets. The nominee urged the crowd not to be distracted "by the static ... Americans want us to stop yelling at each other."

• McCain ended his address vowing to "fight for what's right for our country ... for the ideals and character of a free people ... for our children's future ... and justice and opportunity for all."  And with a massive balloon drop, the Republican Party brought their convention to a close.

To hear a Democrat mom and Republican mom weigh in on McCain's performance, go to PAGE 2.

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CK1 September 9, 2008, 10:56 AM

This speech touched my heart, to say the least! Two true Americans fighting for the betterment of the people. That’s exactly what we need in America. The speeches of both candidates energized Republicans and gave us hope for a better tomorrow.

Anonymous September 12, 2008, 7:30 PM

Someone should change his diaper.

Buttercup September 22, 2008, 1:52 PM

I’m always amazed to read comments like those from Angela re McCain and Palin. Believe it or not, Bush is no longer running for President; why would he be discussed? This was McCain’s speech about what HE would do for our country and why. In re-hashing the usual alarmist sky-is-falling rhetoric spewed by liberals, she misses the issues that are NOW and important.

So TV cameras didn’t pan the attendees to make sure a variety of different races/color were shown? How totally obvious is that anyway? Global Warming? The opinions on that are so biased and controlled by liberals (read Gore) that you can’t even get a straight answer from Wikipedia (which only gives you Gore’s Chicken Little theory and bans all other comments). Re the energy “crisis,” there wouldn’t be one if the Democrats had moved forward years ago to make us independent of global oil and had supported alternative energy sources. When alternative energy has been introduced to the public, like the clean-burning Natural Gas Vehicle Conversion Kit for automobiles that was introduced in 1968 in Washington, D.C. (for $375), the public didn’t support it. Know anyone who bought one? No…because drivers would be inconvenienced by having to use part of their trunk space for the tanks.

Sarah Palin’s nomination was a surprise—but the surprise was the strength of character and foresight McCain used in choosing a strong, experienced woman who isn’t afraid to do a tough job and still be a woman!

As for being in a rescession—this is not true. Simply put, a rescession is two SUCCESSIVE failing quarters…and, thankfully, this has not happened. Are we in a tight squeeze? You bet! However, a big part of this is because in 2003 the Democratic Congress denied the Bush administration’s request for the most significant regulatory overhaul in the housing finance industry since the savings and loan crisis over a decade ago. Now WE are the ones who must pay. In addition, we are paying for a war that is important to the security of our Nation and the survival of the free world. Why wouldn’t we all be affected in some way?

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