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Kate is Great, It's Jon I Hate

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Message for those critics of Kate from "Jon and Kate Plus Eight:" You're sexist.


I just finished reading the posts Why I Hate Jon & Kate and Reality TV Mom: Abusive?. I am appalled by the amount of backlash being handed down about "Jon and Kate Plus Eight," the reality show following the chaotic lives of Jon and Kate Gosselin, parents of twins and sextuplets. I am particularly shocked by the anger spewed toward Kate. Kate, competent and organized, is portrayed on the show as a callous, irrational bully. Which is exactly how sexist American viewers like it: capable women are shrews beating down good-hearted men.

She's got eight kids for God's sake! That's the limit that some of us will allow our kids to invite to their birthday parties. And, heck, she has more to deal with than just kids. She's also got her bumbling husband. (One wonders how the two ever got together ... but that's another story.)

In one interview Jon tells the story of when he first met Kate:

"I was doing nothing myself. No career -- I didn't have any goals, didn't want to get married didn't want to have kids just bumming around. I was living with my mother."

Seriously, with his Mommy? TLC should change the name of "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" to "Kate Plus Nine" -- the ninth kid is Jon.

Often, the parenting choices this man-child makes are so misguided, I would defy any mom to keep their cool under the circumstances. Case in point: In a past episode, John is going on a bike ride with five of the eight kids. They're in their helmets and ready to leave from the driveway --- then suddenly Jon takes off WITHOUT THEM. Cut to Kate, who -- concerned for her toddlers' safety -- screams after Jon to wait for the kids. Gee, what a b*tch.
Come on moms, do you think if the cameras were rolling at your house, you wouldn't react  the same?  Or would you just smile and walk back into the house as your kids rode directly into oncoming traffic?

Kate, like any women who takes charge, gets a bad rap. Yeah, she's harsh at times, but at least she gets the job done. Which is more than you can say for her dumbass husband.

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lovinlife September 26, 2008, 6:47 PM

Just to add another take on Jon & Kate plus 8.I do think Kate is incredibly organized,seemingly to a fault! I think Jon puts up with alot from her “know it all,holyer than thou” attitude and I am with whom-ever earlier stated they were waiting for him to one day walk.
Look at dear little Maddie. What a spoiled,impolite,demanding,ungrateful little girl!! This child clearly needs some discipline and guidance in particularily in the area of manners, respect,consideration of others & this list goes on. Kate needs to quit making excuses for this child and start taking some definitive action. Perhaps it would benifit Kate to watch a few episodes of her family’s show and really look at whats going on. I think Jon has it figured out but really doesn’t get much consideration & occasionally gets to the breaking point where he gets a little pissed! Keep up the good work Jon, your a wonderful Daddy and tolerant husband. Kate,life is too short to get uptight about petty little things.Let the kids get dirty…SO WHAT…if it’s not going to matter in 10yrs then it’s not a big deal. I do give them both credit for taking the kids and doing all the things they do, I couldn’t imagine 8 kids.

Anonymous September 26, 2008, 7:30 PM

to all the people who think jon and kate are so great because they take and do all these things with their kids, let’s get REAL- alot people with large families can’t afford all thses luxuries—ESPECIALLY PRIVATELY!!

Anonymous September 26, 2008, 7:32 PM

to all the people who think jon and kate are so great because they take and do all these things with their kids, let’s get REAL- alot people with large families can’t afford all thses luxuries—ESPECIALLY PRIVATELY!!

Sandy September 26, 2008, 7:51 PM

I think both , Jon And Kate are Learning to be Parents together. They were young and I see Jon trying to help more and Kate is SUPER. You Both are doing a GREAT job as kids come with NO INSTRUCTIONS. Keep working together and YOUR FAMILY will be WONDERFUL.

non-loser September 26, 2008, 8:32 PM

all of you are so sad…none of you are perfect…just go on with your life..gees…give me a break!! Read a book or something, or learn a new word. Or watch Jon and kate…cause I know your gonna anyway…haterz!!!

LoonysGirlfriend September 26, 2008, 10:30 PM

Quote: I have a friend with ten including quintuplets. I’ve never, ever heard her act like Kate. Not to mention she doesn’t just say she’s organized. She actually is. She takes spare clothes when they go out. She always has snacks in her handbag. And shockingly, her kids don’t hit, fight, scream, or throw tantrums all over the place. I think I know why. Mama doesn’t scream, hit, or throw tantrums. Kids learn what they observe.

Really? I have a friend who has 15 (or 16?) kids; two sets of triplets, one set of octuplets, and a set of siamese twins (does that count as one or two?). My friend poops rainbows and her kids ride unicorns to school every day. Not only have none of her kids ever had an argument, they have formed their own model UN and have solved all of the world’s problems. My friend loves Kate Gosselin and thinks she’s awesome.

Take that, haters!

Baffled September 27, 2008, 12:26 PM

What show are you people watching? Jon does NOT “go to work.” He hasn’t gone to work in quite a while. He is home all day with Kate and the kids and the helpers. The helpers include a nanny, a chef, a gardener, etc. Don’t you pay attention to what you are watching?

Jodi September 27, 2008, 4:17 PM

I don’t get why she doesn’t let her kids get dirty. It’s not like she does the laundry all by herself.

Stacy September 27, 2008, 9:41 PM

Unless you have had the experience of birthing and raising 2 or more chidlren of the same age while also having a husband, who like most men, lacks common sense, DO NOT JUDGE!

A video of the interactions btw my husband and I would be exactly the same—-and I only have twins. I love Kate. She is my role model who brought me out of my “OMG, what do I do with 2 babies who cry at the same time, eat at the same time, want to be held at the same time” funk. Watching that show let me know it could be done.

jenn September 30, 2008, 7:01 AM

I love the show. Kate and Jon are great. She has OCD, but with 8 kids wouldn’t yo?? How she stays so organized with 8 kids I have no idea. Jon is her complete opposite that is why they work. And so what if he didn’t have direction when they got together, how many 20 year old guys do. The fact is he provides for his family now and they make it work. None of us are the Brady Bunch and if you think you are, you’re fooling yourself. We are all a little disfunctional. I wish I more of Kates OCD!

BIG JON & KATE PLUS EIGHT FAN September 30, 2008, 11:59 AM

Love the show, this family has already done more with their eight children then I did with my 2 through all 18 years they were at home. As I watch the show I keep thinking, why did I not do more with my children? Especially now that I lost one of them in a car accident. The only thing that Kate should ease up on is letting the kids get dirty, buy some cheap play clothes and don’t worry about them, Goodwill, garage sales, second hand stores all have kids clothing cheap. So what if the clothes do not match, let them be different once in a while. Hope the show keeps going because I feel like they are part of my family. Have to see how the kids grow! Keep up the good work Kate you are awesome, love how organized you are. Jon & Kate compliment one another and make a great team. The kids are lucky to have such loving, fun, caring, organized parents. Keep up the great work TLC love the show.

Susie Hudson October 1, 2008, 8:01 PM

I do not hate Jon or Kate, I sometimes think watching their shows is funny. It has got to be hard with 8 kids , all differnt personallities, and we all women and men can be boobs at sometimes in our lives. They are trying their best and they are doing it. If GOD didnt think they were doing good for them. the kids would not be here.

EvenSteven October 3, 2008, 10:24 AM

I agree that many of the reactions are sexist. And the reason why sexism is mentioned is because there isn’t an equal or fair amount of clear-headed criticism toward Jon, just people brutally bashing Kate, when in truth they are quite equal in the positive and negative qualities both as parents and as mates (or toward one another). Also, it’s sexist to assume that having children is not a 50/50 deal, as most seem to forget when they bash Kate but not Jon. If you have a problem with the parenting of these two, fine, but it shouldn’t all be shouldered by Kate in your criticisms.

Anonymous October 3, 2008, 5:16 PM

Oh come on. They are both just people. Neither one is perfect but they do the best they can.

Anonymous October 5, 2008, 10:40 AM

My boyfriend makes misguided parenting choices too…most guys do. (Soda in the Sippy Cup, anyone?) and trust me, soda WASN’T his biggest faux pas. But I noticed something about him. He’s having FUN. While I stress about vaccinations, school districts and scary parole violators in our neighborhood, he’s doing the air plane with my daughter in the living room, and allowing her to do his makeup. Because of this, the other stuff can slide. Dads and Moms have different roles. But if you hear somebody call you an idiot 90% of the time, you’re bound to tune them out.

Point is moot, I guess anyway—there’s something so ironic about parents watching shows about parents who spend time with their kids, instead of, you know, spending time with their kids.

Judy October 6, 2008, 7:59 AM

I like Lisa’s comments, and the one about the dad’s being regarded as “babysitters” has always got to me. If Dad wants to go somewhere, he goes, but if Mom wants to go, she has to ask him to “babysit” his own children!
When my children were all at home, I was called many things by “outsiders” because I needed to know where my children were, whom they were with, and when they would be back; because they had chores and certain hours for bedtime and meals with the family - not grab and run type. Some of the things that happened to my children were because my husband also seemed to leave his brain at the office and “forgot” we lived in houseful of kids and you always have to be mindful of their safety and well-being. But we all survived and the kids are loving and supportive of their spouses, kids, each other, and me. (their father is deceased)

Suzanne B October 6, 2008, 9:55 AM

I totally agree with you! I’ve always thought that Jon was a bit of a child. I raise 6 kids on my own, and watch her and think she’s holding it together fairly well.

I always hated the hatred towards her, she’s doing an amazing job and should be commended, before throwing stones, try doing what she does for two months.

SLS October 8, 2008, 1:02 AM

While I agree that it is not normal for 4 year olds to be on a reality TV show, these kids are getting opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise. The trips they get to take expose them to all sorts of new environments and people; I can’t help but think they will be better for it. If my son and I were given this chance, I would take it! Way to go Jon & Kate for opening up your life and allowing your kids to really experience life!

Dayle Peterson October 9, 2008, 7:24 AM

omg people have we forgot that the have 8 kids they are awsome parents both of them.I personally love them and love there show more families should be like them. Too many families now a days want the kids but not the responsibilities of raising them,kate stays home and from the very beginging both of them have hardly asked for help for that they should be applauded. Good job guys your kids will grow to be excillent young adults and parents, not enough parents want to actually take the time to raise there own children.

Alex October 26, 2008, 11:38 AM

The author of this majestic piece of work needs to get her head out of her ass. Kate is down right rude, and just because she has the lovely job of dealing with the 8 kids on a day to day basis doesn’t give her any right to belittle her husband. Cry me a river that she’s frustrated. Her fault.

No one is outweighing her responsibility as a good mother or claiming she’s bad at it. She’s bad at being a WIFE. Actually bad at being a friend for that matter.

The author points to a few fair portrayls of Kate being a good mom under pressure. Great for her. Now give an example of her being a compassionate, caring wife who understand that her husband needs her too.

I don’t quite understand that for so many years a stay-at-home mom is able to treat everyone else like crap and claim the hardest job in the world when there are mothers out there who work all day, tend to their families after work, wash, clean, etc. and seem to do it effortlessly. I admire those women much more than the SAHM’s who seem to think that because they’ve made a choice or come to a conensus with their spouse that they are not entitled to bitch and whine and be held on the highest of pedestals. Wrong.

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