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Levi Johnston: Boys Will Be Boys: Page 2

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Continued from Boys Will be Boys

But the fact is, boys are much less equipped to handle the challenges of fatherhood. From a very early age, girls are encouraged to play with dolls--boys are rarely taught that parenting skills are valuable. And although
Levi's mom has said the teens had plans to wed before the pregnancy, a whooping 8 out of 10 teenage fathers do not end up marrying their child's mother. Jamie Lynn Spears apparently is still waiting for her trip to the altar.

The "cold feet" statistic could be attributed to the fact that ultimately, teen boys think of pregnancy as inevitable. A study has found that more than half of teen boys surveyed said they believe there's a chance they'll get someone pregnant. But few have a desire for children.

"The parents of teen boys I work with don't ever even talk to their sons about contraceptives," says licensed marriage and family therapist Shannon Fox, "Until a girlfriend ends up pregnant and calls him the 'baby daddy,' they don't really think about it."

Did Sherry Johnston turn a blind-eye to her son's sexual relationship with Bristol?  Possibly. But now Johnston said she's worried about her son dealing with all the attention. Maybe, if she paid a little more attention to Levi, he wouldn't be under the media microscope today.

Do you think there's a double standard when it comes to teen pregnancy? 

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PG September 4, 2008, 1:58 PM

My concern in this situation is that this boy is being forced into something he might not want to do because of Sarah Palin’s current run for Vice Presidency. At the RNC last evening, he looked very uncomfortable. Of course he and she needs to take responsibility for their actions but is marriage at 17 years old the right answer or is this a religious belief that the Palin family are forcing on both children.

Jasmine September 4, 2008, 5:25 PM

This young man looks uncomfortable and out of place. I am the mother of two boys and two girls. My youngest child, a boy is 19, and we have discussed pre-martial sex with him, and his siblings. Anything could happen, even with the best parents, however, none of our four children have had this life changing experience. I don’t think the young man she be forced into marriage; however, this family seems far less than perfect to me. The father looks like an alcoholic and the kids seem out of control. I don’t think this group is ready to be a heartbeat from the Presidency.

basementfrog September 4, 2008, 8:12 PM

This is how republicans give speaches: rarely do the facts support their positions or even the off the wall remarks. Her votes, Senior Huchabuck, were 909; Biden recieved 79,754. So get those facts straight!

But there was nothing in her speech and she never told anything truthful about herself just a bunch of info that was totally false - even as the news about her is coming out in buckets. Her response to that was attacking the press..what a joke.

Explain why Levi Johnston shouldn’t be arrested as a pedophile.

How can she protect the country if she can’t protect her own kids from pedophiles?

This is his second child; the first was with a 13 year old girl. Even by Alaskan standards (which are very loose) that is a bit young.

Sick…. really sick… yea, we want her in the White House. Her and her husband are good evangelicals, and typical of the breed. But lets move on to other issues.

Her husband and daughter: is child #5 really Sarah’s? I don’ believe so after looking at family photos on the internet. The eldest daughter is the mother for sure, but is the father of that child Sarah’s husband? Let’s do a little DNA test.

Will she support states that wish to secede from the United States, since her and her husband were both in a party pushing to have Alaska secede from the Union?

Will she legalize pot since she smokes it herself?

Will she change her position and start supporting unwed mothers, particularly teens so they can finish an education through college?

Last night, this woman was pathetic. Nothing to say that was grounded in reality and less to say about solving our problems except continue the same old republican bull that has existed since Reagan and have proven a failure to all but the rich.

What a joke on McCain by his own party.

And today from the same group that exposed Edwards, the news is she had an affair…oh, no.

Jas September 5, 2008, 5:52 AM

“Explain why Levi Johnston shouldn’t be arrested as a pedophile.”

Because the age of consensual sex on Alaska is 16.

There is a double standard when it come to teen pregnancy. But then, there is a double standard when it come to sex.

The sad thing is, this probably could’ve been prevented if the “Abstinence Only” programs were not taught. Teens are going to have sex, they need to be taught how to go about it safely.

pilgrimpoet September 5, 2008, 6:44 AM

Sarah Palin has a record that fills me with terror at the thought of her being anywhere near the Presidency of the United States of America. That said: Yes, there remains an appalling double standard regarding the female and male roles, expectations, and realities of parenting. My daughter is a teen mother. She knew all about contraception and safe sex, and she also had the choice available to have an abortion. She CHOSE to have this baby. That she had a choice is vital in so many ways, not least because although she and her “baby daddy” are struggling to do what they need to do in order to raise this child well, having made the CHOICE, they are working hard, and are very loving and caring parents. Of course, if Palin were to become President (and with McCain’s health issues and age, that’s a distinct possibility), I worry about young people having that CHOICE. And this world just doesn’t need young vulnerable women forced to become mothers because boys like Levi have a free pass based on an old worn out false premise such as “Boys will be boys.”

MiddleAmerican September 5, 2008, 9:10 AM

you people are all crazy. Basement Frog- where do you get your research from the Aliens???? To think that you actually belive what you wrote frightens me. You are the reason most politicians say and do the things they do - because most American people BELIEVE everything they read in the Media. - The media runs this country they will make or break the preseidential race because people like you believe everything they write- they never give both sides objectively and they even write crap like you just did.
The issue is not whether her daughter is pregnant and who’s to blame, it’s about what Sarah stands for. Do your children always do what you tell them to? Do you really believe that schools are responsible for sex Ed- I don’t care what schools are teaching my children about Sex I’M teaching them my values and I hope they are listening, but I’m not going to blame Abstinence teachings only if it happens- that is rediculous. What’s wrong with this country today is NO ONE takes repsonsibility for anything anymore. For every decision you make there are consequences- that’s what I teach my kids. Voting for a candiddate that can’t even make a decision, like Obama, is not something I would call intelligent, but you all keep preaching about what a great change he’s going to make and in 4 yrs we’ll what a BIG MESS we’ll be in as he gives this country away due to his indecision and give away programs that will only reinforce that you don’t have to take responsibility for your actions the government will always bail you out!

ladyintown September 5, 2008, 12:08 PM

“The Baby Daddy” definitely looked very uncomfortable at the convention. I understand Palin’s views are pro-life, however, what are Bristol and Levi’s views, are they pro-life, pro-choice or forced into Palins decision. They made a mistake, but did they have any other choices afterwards in how they would deal with it? Do they want to marry? Did they want to have a baby at age 17 & 18? Was this a planned pregnancy? Who knows, my only question did the teens have a choice?

lady in red September 6, 2008, 12:25 AM

I know for a fact that Levi is being forced to marry Bristol,I do not know what Bristol wants,as far as Sarah Palins last child it was posted on Levi’s myspace that it was his and Bristols and that the Palins deceided to raise him as their own.There are so many rumors going around who knows what to believe?

Patricia  September 6, 2008, 12:02 PM

I am very disappointed in this article. It seems to me that you are coming down hard on Levi’s mother. What has she done to offend? I think she must be very gracious in allowing, no, excuse me, supporting her son in his decision to stand up in front of the nation, on national television to exploit his so called sin. I would just about bet they have had many decussions about what can happen as the result of un-protected sex. One of those being, un-planned pregnancies and the moral, emotional and financial responsiabilities that go with that.
Mistakes happen. It takes two to tango. He is as much responsible as she is, no more, no less. The same goes for both of their parents. But, I think, no matter how much we talk and teach morals and responsibilities to our children, sometimes, things happen.
As a mother of three I would have to think more than twice before putting my child, or children or entire family for that matter, out there for the world to put under a microscope.
No, McCain/Palin does not have my vote, nothing related to Palin or her family, but I have little respect for her and I don’t think she has put her family first.
I have always believed God first, family second. Has she put Sarah first? Uh, yes.

BandFmRecess September 8, 2008, 12:39 AM

Yes, it is a big deal that Gov. Palin has a pregnant, teenaged, daughter and they are forcing a high school senior to get married to another unemployed teenager. If she wasn’t ashamed of her daughter, then why did she made that “child” stand on that stage at 5 months pregnant and carry that baby, in order to hide the fact that she wasn’t getting sex education from her mother, who is too busy holding public office. No one took that baby out of arms. That had to be torture. Gov. Palin EXPLOIDED her daughter’s privacy.
But they are Republicans, therefore the rules change and they are off limits. I’m still not convinced that is the Governor’s 6 month old baby. Don’t you have to be in the same state while the baby is being born in? Nobody knew she was pregnant until her 8 month? UH, come on, Do I hear Grandma? That is plenty of time for her daughter to have a baby and get pregnant again. That girl is going to have a heck of a Senior year.

G September 17, 2008, 4:45 PM

I think teenage pregnancy is becoming the new “fad” especially with magazines and blogs saying that the “hottest accessory” is a baby bump. At the rate that it’s going there is going to be another baby boom but the difference is that they are baby’s too. Many of these girls do not really want a baby, they want to still have their fun, hang out with their friends, go to functions, etc. and after the thrill of having a baby is over and they have to take care of that person, it doesn’t seem as “fabulous.” Now if the rumors are true and this isn’t Bristol’s first child, then, yes this is sad. And again that would make me question on exactly how qualified Gov. Palin can really be to the “entire” country. I think she exposed her daughter’s pregnancy to make her seem more “normal” however, coming from Alaska which could very well be considered it’s own country, how can she relate her daughter’s experience to that of an unwed teenage mother from an urban community or even a community within the continental United States? Bottom line, she can’t. Pilgrimpoet, I absolutely agree and share in your concerns. If she were to ever have to take the role of Commander in Chief, America will be in a lot of trouble, seriously…

JC October 11, 2008, 9:02 AM

There is a double standard when it comes to pregnancy - teen or not. The majority of men (NOT ALL) do not take as much active interest in their children as women do. Hence all the single moms. Can you imagine the uproar if Obama brought a pregnant teenaged daughter with him? It would be a racist free for all for the Republicans. And yes, it is obvious that ‘abstinance only’ education to hormone-ravaged teenagers does not work. Education works much better - in all topics! America wake up and stop trying to control morality - EDUCATE!

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