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Levi Johnston: Boys Will Be Boys

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Before we point the finger at Sarah Palin for her daughter's unplanned pregnancy, shouldn't the baby's father, Levi Johnston, and his mom at least share some of the blame--or is this just one more example of the teen pregnancy double standard??

The stigma of the unwed mother has never been more evident than in the media firestorm around the pregnancy of VP nominee Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol and boyfriend Levi Johnston. But as the saying goes, boys who get a girl in "a family way" are merely sowing their entitled wild oats.

The reaction, of course, has been fully focused on Sarah Palin's lack of mothering skills--why else would her daughter befall such a terrible fate?  Last time we checked, it takes two people to make a baby--but no one seems to question Sherry Johnston, the mother of Bristol's young boyfriend ... a.k.a. the father of her unborn child. Or Levi himself for engaging in unprotected sex, for that matter.

Yet, Sarah Palin must ardently defend herself, her daughter and her political viability while Johnston's mother casually said in an interview recently that the news of her son's impending fatherhood is "just a bonus."

Really?  Just the icing on the cake?  Let's look at the facts: Levi Johnston is an 18-year-old high school dropout who had sex with minor, impregnated her and has publicly declared on MySpace that he does not want kids. Oh, and he likes to play hockey and chill with his friends. Bonus! 

Then the decision was made to have Levi show up at Bristol's side at the RNC. Would Bristol be allowed to show her face in such a public forum without Levi by her side?  Probably not. The self-proclaimed "fu**kin' redneck," at least by outward appearances, "looked" like a happy expectant father.

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Anonymous September 5, 2008, 12:57 PM

The relationship between Sara Palin’s daughter and Levi Johnston brings to the forefront a glaring disparity in our society. In 2005 a 17 year old African-American high school football player in Georgia was having a consentual sexual relationship with a 15 year old girl. He was convicted under statuatory rape laws and was given a 10 year prison sentence without possibility of parole. The state of Alaska also has mandatory statuatory rape laws that would effect the Palin’s and the Johnston’s

I do not believe that an 18 year old and a 17 year old having a consentual sexual relationship should be convicted of statuatory rape, but isn’t a law a law. At what point do we begin ensuring that laws on the books are applied to all equally? If Sara Palin’s daughter was having this same relationship with a minority, would our society still continue to rally behind her or would it somehow be viewed differently?

Our society is plagued with double standards and unfortunately this is yet another example. And yes, we have young girls getting pregnant all of the time. And actually, it is not our right to judge them. Unfortunately, the Republicans have historically judged and condemned this behavior and now they want America to look the other way.

kammie September 5, 2008, 1:14 PM

Perhaps Mrs. Palin should have realized these things happen if the parents (Palin’s) are not engaged in their daughters life enough to educate her on the facts of life. A mother with 5 children and especially with a special needs child, should stay at home and do the job she has already made a decision to do. Palin is irresponible,plain and simple. Her daughters pregnancy is a reflection of decisions that her child made but because Mom was not there to guide her at a critical time in her life, it happened. Mrs. Palin can’t have it all. Stay at home and do the job you decided to do when your children were concieved.

Pam September 5, 2008, 1:18 PM

Although I love news stories and love to hear the latest thing happening in this world, I think the media( not all) is the root of all evil. They take a small fragment of something and turn it into something off the charts. They care nothing about the person they write about, they have no respect for anyone, because it puts money in their pocket and a medal sometimes on their wall of fame. They don’t care whose life they mess with, whose feelings they crush, whose life they ruin, all for the almighty dollar. They, (most in the media world, not all) are to blame for keeping the pot stirring and upsetting people’s lives. I thank God I’m not in the limelight because I would probably end up in prison for committing a crime of teaching them a lesson in discipline and respect for others.

should teens want kids? September 5, 2008, 1:30 PM

Regarding Levi’s comment about not wanting kids…. Are we really that shocked that an 18 year old young man didn’t want kids. Who actually wanted kids when they were in their teens? Think about all the things you said and did as teen. Are you proud of every moment? My guess is probably not. Let’s give these young adults a break!

Deb September 5, 2008, 2:20 PM

Why can’t we focus on the issues? It is not ok to “gossip” about the families private lives. Yes, Sarah Palin herself is under fire but not her children, etc. Shame on this site for promoting such conduct.

Pam September 5, 2008, 2:43 PM

Do you have kids? Is this not 2008? Women in today’s society CAN HAVE BOTH motherhood and career. Most of the time they do a better job of mothering because it’s not quantity, its quality of how you do your job. I myself was a stay at home mom but some women choose both. Just because Sarah Palin has a job doesn’t make her a bad mother or make like she wasn’t doing her job as a mother. Just because she has a handicapped child doesn’t mean she will neglect him by working outside the home. You can preach till your blue in the face to kids but sometimes they don’t listen. They do sneeky things behind parents backs just to see how far they can go. They are their own person and have to learn for themselves no matter how you guide them. Get off your pedestal, NO ONE IS PERFECT!

Jackie September 5, 2008, 2:57 PM

i agree that running for office your life is put out there. It is nothing like the Bill Hillary, and Monica thing. He was already our President, it happened “In the white house” and with someone there. Totally different. Bristol is NOT running for office and she is a normal kid. And we have no idea what her mom has taught her, does not mean no matter what you preach they will listen. I know this for fact..
Palin can have a career and be a mom. Just like they have stated her being in the white house will just give those kids more of everything just as if any rich star with a nanny would have. I think she is to be commended for the things she has already done. If you were Govener would you have give up your chef? Would you have sold your own personal jet on Ebay? I think not, people who tend to go into power love all of that crap. Take it while you can get it right!! You want change? Really, when Hillary was running it was just all about a first woman president? Well this would be history too. Everyone I think is just afraid of change, she just might do us some good but far to many is afraid to give her that chance. “THAT’S A SHME”

Jean September 5, 2008, 3:01 PM

Pam- High horse? Pedestal? Look at how you yourself comment to Kammie and I. We just gave our opinions and you fault us for having a different opinion than you. Our country needs a full time VP. Yes, of course woman work, duh. The VP of America is not a NORMAL job. There are plenty of jobs she could have, but these children only have 1 mom. And if you really think that 17 year old Bristol was never embarrassed about her predictment and the attention brought to it, than you are really out of touch. And where do you get your info about working mothers being better mothers than stay at home mothers?

Pam September 5, 2008, 5:25 PM

I didn’t say working mothers are better than stay at home moms! I was a stay at home mom and I think I did a damn good job of it too! I said women who work and have kids ARE NOT BAD MOTHERS for doing both. I told you to get off your pedestals because you come across as if you are a better person and have better judgement than anyone else, and If it was your child she would have never gotten pregnant. Would you tell that to a man VP with kids? Would you tell him we need a full time VP without kids, because if you have kids you won’t be able to do your job? Heck no you wouldn’t so why is it different for a women? I’m not faulting you for your opinion, I’m just giving you mine on the subject. No one knows how much time Sarah Palin spends with her kids but her, and for someone to say she didn’t spend enough time doing her job is a crock. You don’t know how she guided/guides any of her kids unless you know her personally. That’s why I told you guys to get off your pedestal, don’t act like your above people because they didn’t do it “your way”!

Pam September 5, 2008, 5:31 PM

Another thing, I applaud Sarah Palin for not letting anyone make her feel “embarressed” or letting her daughter feel shame because of people who show ignorance by thinking like the way it used to be in the 50’s and thinking it’s wrong and your a bad person if something like what’s happening now in their family in this day and age.

CK1 September 5, 2008, 6:19 PM

TO ANONYMOUS Where did you get your information? I did extensive research on these laws. My daughter was sexually assaulted when she was 15 by a 19 year old. In my state my daughter is considered a minor child. The law stated that the “man” who had sex with her would be prosecuted if he was at least THREE years older than her.
There is no law that says a 17 year and an 18 year old can’t have sex. Of course, if he sexually assaulted her that would be different. This was NOT the case with Bristol and Levi, obviously. I just want people to know the FACTS about the law!
I can’t believe this discussion continues to go on. Like I said before MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS…move on to the issues of the Presidency and Vice Presidency and stop rambling on about these teenagers. For goodness sakes, why oh why do people think this is something to exploit. Respect their RIGHT TO PRIVACY. Stop this now momlogic! It’s disgusting!

Jean September 5, 2008, 6:45 PM

Pam-Oh brother. How do you know the daughter doesnt feel shame? Bristol is an underage pregnant child that has been paraded in front of the press. Most 17 year olds are not emotionally and mentally ready to even be married, let alone be a mother AND have this media attention which the mother brought on herself! Do you know them personally? How do YOU know she had enough time for them and had conversations about sex and the consequences because something sure went wrong? I never said or even thought I was a better person than Palin. She definitly can stand on a pedastal way above me career wise. You seem way out of touch. Actually you are sounding like one of those pit bull ladies. Do you also approve of underage drinking?

Jen September 5, 2008, 9:00 PM

You know whatever the Palin’s or Johnston’s parenting skills are or are not - these 2 kids had unprotected sex and are now going to be parents. The only thing I think this proves that it CAN happen to anyones kids. I strongly believe in teaching ALL kids sex education, giving them ALL the information because even if we don’t want to face or admit it - KIDS HAVE SEX!!!! We also need to STOP blaming the parents - they didn’t force these 2 to have sex!!!!

Margie September 5, 2008, 9:14 PM

Years ago, the girl hiding until the baby was born, given up or if early enough, had an abortion. The guy has always been the one to get off scot free. I have, myself, heard my friends say that “boys are easy to raise”. Excuse me? Girls have no power if the boy is not trained to respect the power of “no”. Parents tend to give boys the free rein, the least time spent on manners and respect and after a certain age, they just accept whatever happens. I see moms writing that they feel sorry for them or that everything will be fine becaue the Palin’s will take up the slack. The boy’s mother is typical. Of course, the baby is a bonus. The mom’s family is rich and may be the VP of the USA. Levi will be able to play endless hockey. It’s time that we made men responsible. Let’s be totally honest here. Levi Johnston commited a crime of sex with a minor, whether it was consentual or not, whether the starry eyed Bristol is thinking this is her knight in shining armor (I think not!) and whether the Palin’s have to dodge the bullet for them and take all the blame or adulation (depending on your definition of “responsibility”.) This is not a happy occasion, people. It’s time for a real talk with our kids about this before they think it’s the fashionable thing to do. It’s all of us who are to blame for letting this type of behavior in young males go one with a wink and a nod.

iowaredneck September 5, 2008, 10:26 PM

Will he get to keep the shotgun after the wedding?

Meredith Peters September 6, 2008, 4:36 AM

Nobody is blaming the Palins but it makes one wonder how you can be so publicly against teaching sex education to teenagers when this is all it is trying to prevent. The only thing abnormal about the whole situation and it makes me sick that these teens are playing happy family for appearances only. Would they be gettinh married otherwise. I think Mr. Man had other plans!

Dawn September 6, 2008, 4:25 PM

I became pregnant at 16, had my baby at 17. I married her father and we just celebrated our 19th anniversary. We have two more beautiful children. So it can work out.

As far as abstinence education, I was a product of very liberal sex education. And there were tons of girls pregnant every year in my school.

No matter the approach, teens will still get pregnant. But lets look at the statistics. Since the implimentation of abstinence education, teen pregnancy rate have dropped significantly. THAT should be our focus.

(On a side note, I have used abstinence education with my kids. My oldest just entered college and is saving herself for marriage).

Judy September 6, 2008, 6:38 PM

Don’t necessarily agree. Bristol’s mother doesn’t agree with condoms, sex education in schools & even fired the city librarian for not banning the books Sarah Palin wanted banned.
Perhaps the daughter thought that abstination was the only way to go & also didn’t believe in condoms!!!!

anna September 6, 2008, 11:49 PM

The pregnancy of her daughter doesn’t bother me so much as the fact that she just had this baby, who needs alot of care and attention, plus she has 4 other kids. She is not just an average working mom…she will be VP of the US !!!! She will be VERY busy. It’s not the same as someone who has to work to make ends meet. She makes alot of money already. I just don’t think she has her priorities in order.

LizCordeiro September 7, 2008, 12:50 PM

Look, you all need to knock it off. I don’t care how good of a parent you think you are, stuff happens and that’s putting it mildly. The two happy kids are getting married and doing the right thing that’s more than I can say for some.
McCain was well informed as to Bristol’s preganancy; and so, apparently her own home town all knew that Bristol was preganant. I am sure that before McCain asked Sarah to be his ruuning mate, he didn’t go into this blindfolded. Sarah informing the media about Bristol was a good move and her part so Bristol would not be thrown to the wolves, I much rather have her publish it than the media. Media always looking to scandal the oposition. So knock it off and grow up and worry about whether our candidates are going to do their jobs.

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