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Knocked Up (and Out!) By Teen Pregnancy

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From Jamie Lynn Spears to Bristol Palin to "Pregnancy Pacts," stories of unplanned teen pregnancy have been big news in this past year.

Popular movies like Juno exposed us to the perils of unplanned pregnancy, while Levi Johnston left moms wondering how their son would handle early fatherhood. Considering that 78% of all teen pregnancies are unplanned, something needs to be done. Here's a round-up of our top teen pregnancy stories:

Jamie Lynn Spears The Palins Juno
Teenage Celeb Moms Candidates' Families Knocked Up Flicks

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cara September 17, 2008, 10:41 AM

I actually applaud all of the discussion. I am the product of an unwed teen pregnancy, and my adopted mother started homes for unwed mothers (in NY state) and was heavily involved in the right to life movement there as well. However when I got pregnant as a teen, I was given an abortion, (although I didn’t know) and was sent out of the country. I, being the honest idiot that I am, had already told people I was pregnant, as I wanted to keep my baby, and this mortifed my parents. So while I was away, they concocted all these stories about me and really it made ajusting to life all that much harder when I came back. What I am trying to say is, when I got pregnant, in the late ‘80’s..this was just not happening. I think it’s good that now, people are like, yeah it happened, but it’s still my kid and we are going to deal with it as a family, rather then aborting or adopting the baby out. Honesty IS always the best policy.

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