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Matt Damon Slams Sarah Palin

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It seems like half of Hollywood has become political analysts for the upcoming election--Matt Damon is the latest actor to share his commentary.

The Oscar winner recently compared Sarah Palin's vice presidential nomination to a bad Disney film. While at a children's charity function in Canada, Fox News reports that Matt said, "It's like a really bad Disney movie, The Hockey Mom. Oh, I'm just a hockey mom from Alaska, and she's president," Damon said. "She's facing down Vladimir Putin and using the folksy stuff she learned at the hockey rink. It's absurd."

Watch this video, and hear Matt Damon's fears about the possibility of Sarah Palin being in office.

Check out which candidate other celebrities are supporting this year.

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ChicagoTom September 11, 2008, 3:52 PM

Hope you never get divorced and have to sit across thae table from an angry woman. Ask Alex about that!

How come all of the lefties make right wing movies? Never think what you see on the screen is real. Chumps acting like champs.

KnoxvilleGuy September 11, 2008, 4:35 PM

He’s absolutely right. She does not have the breadth of experience to handle being president if it comes down to that. And the fact she even seriously considered infringing on the Bill of Rights by banning books from the public library tells me she is NOT the person I want defending the Constitution.

Camille September 11, 2008, 4:44 PM

Celebrities need to stay out of politics, period. Most of them live in a world that is far removed from what “normal” citizens must consider when voting for a candidate. Many are so self-consumed they don’t realize they are coming across like idiots, as Mr. Damon has done.

Too bad McCarthy-ism is dead; Mr. Damon might find himself near the top of the list.

I’ll take a hockey mom over a plagiarist (Sen. Biden) any day of the week.

Kimberly September 11, 2008, 6:56 PM

After hearing Matt Damon’s comment, I am going to boycott all his movies!

Anonymous September 11, 2008, 7:19 PM

get over yourself, kimberly. I’m sure he is going to go broke if you don’t see Oceans 14.

Anonymous--from Louisiana September 11, 2008, 7:50 PM

After hearing his comments it really shows America how stupid most of our celebrities are and how those kinds of comments might influence a voter and that is really sad. I’m glad for his own opinion but if he really thinks that Obama has more experience running anything he and other Obama supporters are stupid. He has been a senator for 4 years and has ran WHAT? That should answer the questions about experience atleast Palin has been major and a governor. She has not flipped flopped on anything or any remark she has stated. So before people like Matt Damon bash a hard working woman, he and others might want to take the Obama celebrity blinders off and see the flips flopping he has made, and what change has he talked about besides raising taxes.There has only been the real emphasis on CHANGE, so what is he changing. You can’t just say it, you have to make things happen and to me and others He will not bring about much change. Another thing Celebrities should not determine who Americans vote for because if America was ran by Hollywood, it would be in shambles so young voters need to think for themselves.

Jeanne September 11, 2008, 8:10 PM

Ohhh Greeeaatt.

First interview, Charlie Gibson and Palin.

She already talks of going to war with Russia!!!

Pay attention everyone!!!! The self proclaimed pitbull finally speaks and she is already very scary.

Go Matt!! Thanks for being my voice.

Angela September 11, 2008, 9:06 PM

And do all these supporters of Obama think he is qualified? Because he was a representative in his state’s house and because for 2 of the 3 years he’s been a senator he’s been running for office? He is super experienced huh? I have no problem with celebs voicing their opinion but get the facts straight from a reliable news source (not Huffington Post). Palin did not ban books and is completely qualified. In being governor of Alaska she has more executive experience than anybody on either ticket. Yuck.

Jeanne September 11, 2008, 10:22 PM

Yes. Obama has earned the nomination by votes. Then he was smart enough to pick a VP who is experienced and at least familiar.

Palin have more experience than Biden or even McCain???? You have got to be kidding. That argument is baloney.

Anonymous September 11, 2008, 10:34 PM

Matt Damon is a jerk

Yeil Raven September 12, 2008, 2:03 AM

Matt Damon is very cool with lots of fans. I like the way he presents himself in interviews. He will thank the stunt men that help make the action movies he is in a success.

Matt Damon and Moby both support Obama/Biden. Notice that the artists were one of the first to support Obama. Artist voices count too. This is a Democracy. Now Schmidt and Rove what to take out our artists this election year.

Here a cool video of Matt Damon and Moby …

‘Bourne Identity’ track by Moby

Its a great move with a great sound track. Obama has over 70 real life retired Generals supporting him, which gives the artists the freedom to create art like this.

Shutter Nutter September 12, 2008, 8:26 AM

“Camille on September 11, 2008 4:44 PM wrote:

Celebrities need to stay out of politics, period. “

Matt Damon, apart from being a celebrity, is also an American citizen, so he has the right to express his opinion just as much as anyone else’s.

I think he points out some valid issues about Palin. I sure had never heard of her before all this either. I am undecided on who I’m going to vote for yet, but a more or less unknown politician, who is a mother of 5 with 2 of her kids really needing her right now does not motivate me much to vote Republican.

cara September 12, 2008, 10:58 AM

I happened to catch a clip of this last night and to me he sounded like he just didn’t think she could do the job because she was a woman. Real liberal if you ask me!! Glad he has only daughters. And I love how governing Alaska doesn’t really count.

Look, the gay movement has taken great strides in the last seven years (hey some are even divorced already) and you can still get an abortion in my conservative city. And this was under Herr Bush!!! So do you really think Palin’s going to change everything?

Lillyisaflower2 September 12, 2008, 12:36 PM

Well Matt I see who side you are on and thats ok, however I think we should all keep our comments to our selves as you know being an actor yourself you don’t like people talkin trash about you. So let give Sarah a chance like we all have for Obama, this cut throat world we live in isn’t fair but for hollywood to join in the let smash Sarah campain doesn’t do good on you Matt. This was her first interview so leave her alone for now. Lets see and hear for ourselves what she and John have to say before we comment. I will say I do like her and John and I will until I hear something more to change my mind, but for Hollywood to take sides for people to jump on their train is wrong. Vote because of who you want not who Matt wants. This is america and we all have our own brains so VOTE when you are thinking with yours.

Cindy September 12, 2008, 2:51 PM

As a libertarian, I am not for Palin and it has nothing to do with what sex she is…it has to do with lack of experience and it has to do with her running-mate. I look at all the ads that McCain has put out - negative ads - and he keeps talking about the lack of experience in Obama…however, Palin has even LESS experience…but, that isn’t even my main concern.

Have you really researched McCain? (And, please realize that I am not judging anyone…just asking)

We all know that Cindy is his second wife…but, just yesterday I was reading that she wasn’t his first fling while married to Carol (his first wife.) He was a scoundrel while married to her, cheating on her MULTIPLE times. If he can cheat on his wife, that many times, and not feel sorry about it (since he eventually divorced her and married Cindy, two months later []), then how do we know he won’t cheat on the USA, lie to the USA…?

We were impeaching Clinton for not having “sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” Why then, would we elect someone who has admitted to MULTIPLE affairs??????

A quote from just one online article says “McCain has acknowledged that he had girlfriends during this time, without going into details.” Notice, it says girlfriends - and it also say he acknowledged this.

Last time I checked…most people don’t approve of adultery and, in fact, it is still ILLEGAL in many states!!!!

…and, before you mention the “abortion” issue concerning Obama, please remember, he isn’t for abortion…he is only for the right of each person to choose their own path. He is for “free-will”, and if I remember correctly - that is one of the main aspects of the USA…FREEDOM!

(and, please don’t flame me - I can say I probably wouldn’t have an abortion, but it isn’t right for me to judge someone for their choices. I may not agree with their choices, but I have no right to judge anyone.)

And, lastly, if you plan on responding that abortion is murder…keep in mind, so is the war and the draft. Yes, I know, we don’t currently have the draft…but, in the past we did…and in the future, we probably will again. And we are currently in an unpopular war.

I do understand the viewpoint of Republicans in wanting a conservative candidate, however, I don’t think the actions mentioned above are conservative in any way, shape or form.

We all have a right to our opinions and no one deserves to be called an idiot (or anything else for that matter) just for stating that opinion.

Go, Matt!!

Jen September 12, 2008, 3:37 PM

He spends more time on the woman issue; so it is a sexest point! And her presents no facts. Keep your day job Matt!

Govs that became pres.

Thomas Jefferson, Governor of Virginia, 1779-81
James Monroe, Governor of Virginia, 1799-1802
Andrew Jackson, Governor of the Florida Territory, 1821
Martin Van Buren, Governor of New York, 1829
William Henry Harrison, Territorial Governor of Indiana, 1801-13
John Tyler, Governor of Virginia, 1825-26
James Knox Polk, Governor of Tennessee, 1839-41
Andrew Johnson, Governor of Tennessee, 1853-57, Military Governor of Tennessee, 1862-65
Rutherford Birchard Hayes, Governor of Ohio, 1868-72, Governor of Ohio, 1876-77
Grover Cleveland, Governor of New York, 1883-85
William McKinley, Governor of Ohio, 1892-96
Theodore Roosevelt, Governor of New York, 1898-1900
William Howard Taft, Governor of the Philippines, 1901-04
Woodrow Wilson, Governor of New Jersey, 1911-13
Calvin Coolidge, Governor of Massachusetts, 1919-20
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Governor of New York, 1929-33
James Earl Carter, Jr., Governor of Georgia, 1971-75
Ronald Wilson Reagan, Governor of California, 1967-75
William Jefferson Clinton, Governor of Arkansas, 1978-80, 1982-92
George Walker Bush, Governor of Texas, 1995-2000

Keep in mine she is not running for President she has been selected for VP. Yet more experience than Obama; the community leader with a staff of 13!

alexandra September 12, 2008, 3:44 PM

Okay everybody keeps saying that she has experience but doing what? Just because you are in an office doesnt make you the best at what you do. Did anyone hear how she was raking in money from the people of Alaska when she was sitting in her home doing nothing? It does make a difference when you have only done something on a small scale and now you could be running a country? Come on people! And i am sorry there is something wrong with this picture. Why is that there have been so many attacks against her and Hillary didnt hit this hard! So it is not woman thing this is about Sarah, nothing else! i dont agree with them attacking her family but she does have a lot of issues! which may be more than you think! If you dont want Obama to President that is fine but dont try to sugar coat it by praising this woman, she is not fit for the job just face it!

alexandra September 12, 2008, 3:49 PM

Now i dont understand this why cant Matt Damon express his issues? You wouldnt mind if he was discussing other world affairs except for poor Palin. She better get ready because want to admit it or not this is a man’s world (especially when it comes to politics) and she can either take it or step to the side! No time for crying, there’s no crying in Politics! she claims to be a Pitbull so then she can take all the criticism that comes her way!

Norma September 12, 2008, 4:06 PM

I bet if Robert Duvall showed up on the news praising McCain/Palin, you conserva-mommies would praise him… Especially if he knocked on Obama or Biden. This is what it is to run for this office. We need to know our candidates inside & out. What is this media blackout bs? I wouldn’t hire a cashier at an Orange Julius without a proper interview process let alone a President or Vice President. Get real people!

Anonymous September 12, 2008, 5:21 PM

I want to know why my post isn’t showing up!!! I have tried to post it twice, now. Is it because the answer made too much sense??? If anyone wants my opinion, email me at 1972clh420 at gmail dot com…and I’ll send you my post. It is a shame that other posts have shown up since I submitted mine, but I seem to be being “edited.” There was no foul language or anything that would be offensive…just a intelligent answer. What gives???

Don’t make me write to the owners of this site and let them know that I am being censored for no reason!

Although, this one probably one go through either.


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