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McCain Wants Change, Too: Page 2

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Continued from McCain Wants Change, Too.

Republican mom Mary Ann Butterfield thought McCain rocked the house:

There is nothing phony about John McCain's respect for women--homemakers or career women, whatever their choice. In expressing respect for Barack Obama's achievements, he promised to continue to reach across the aisle to Democrats and Independents, pointing out that the partisan rancor is from politicians who are working for themselves and not for our country. He was gutsy in addressing specific platform issues:  lowering government spending; providing choices in health care that won't have bureaucrats coming between us and our doctors; lowering taxes; opening the marketplace and supporting job cross-training and salary subsidies; getting rid of government programs that aren't working; making schools accountable and supporting a parent's right of choice and opportunity for their children, without the interference of unions. But how great was his promise to stop sending $700 billion to countries who don't like us?!

McCain is about fighting for a better America.  He doesn't believe he is the anointed one; he feels his country saved his life, and for that reason alone he will "fight for her as long as I draw my breath, so help me God." Don't like the status quo? He wants you to do something about it. "Never give up, never quit, until everyone has a reason to thank God for being a citizen of the greatest country on earth!"  Personal responsibility ... what a concept!

Democratic mom Angela was less enthusiastic about McCain's performance:

Having watched all three-and-a half nights, I was struck by what I didn't hear. There were lots of stories about Sarah Palin and small towns and how America is struggling, but I didn't hear any of the speakers offer any real solutions about what's happening in those small towns. Someone should explain how drilling for more oil will eventually end our addiction. Or solve global warming. Or how continuing President Bush's tax break for the richest 1% of the country will jumpstart the recession or rescue the middle class. Come to think of it, I hardly heard President Bush spoken of at all. He was like Lord Voldemort. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named--or seen for that matter. And there's something else I didn't see in the faces of the delegates: Diversity. Night after night, I was astonished by the cutaway shots, the sea of white faces. 

But what unnerved me the most was McCain's last-minute nomination of Sarah Palin and how it electrified the hall--and reflected his judgment. Eight years ago, America chose He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, a featherweight intellectual, because they thought he was a regular guy--and he drove the nation into a ditch. With the country in recession and at war, the last thing we to do is pick someone we'd like to have a Mooseburger with.

Governor Palin will be a 72-year-old's heartbeat away from the presidency of the United States. Now is not the time to shake things up with a political gimmick. This isn't a reality show where Bristol marries the hunk. Iran is trying to obtain a nuclear bomb.

What did you think?

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Charles September 5, 2008, 6:40 PM

Typical Democrat, Angela, spouting media sound-bytes (“heartbeat away”), embracing partisanship, and bringing up non-issues. Bristol, and her boyfriend/fiance, won’t have any influence on the presidency. And if she’s really worried about Iran, wouldn’t someone with foreign policy experience like McCain be a far better choice than a 3-year Senator from a district with a higher murder rate than a war zone?

Jacquie September 5, 2008, 7:16 PM

Puhleez you give the Senator more credit than he deserves. The man was present in the Senate exactly 143 days before he decided to run for president- before that he was a “community organizer” whatever that means. Is this the person anyone wants to run the country- someone who couldn’t decide how to vote and voted “present” the majority of the time. I totally agree with Charles - there is only one person that can handle foreign policy and that is McCain. The Presidency is not for learning about foreign policy

Kerry  September 5, 2008, 8:40 PM

Yeah, let’s hire someone to continue the policies of the last eight years. Someone who voted with Bubba over 90% of the time. After all, look at what great shape our country is in.

Anonymous September 5, 2008, 11:41 PM

Yes, how dare Obama be a “community organizer”? thats like, as useless and petty as “PTA moms” or other day to dayers. I don’t think he thinks he’s the “anointed one” you know who does? Republicans. They’re scared. And they should be. McCain is Bush’s third term, tastes as good and is ALMOST as useful as a poopy-flavored lollipop.

Oh, and Palin wants to ban books and overturn Roe V. Wade. I hope they don’t think I’ll vote for her just because I noticed we both have vaginas.

Anonymous September 6, 2008, 4:08 AM

…. Palin for Vice-Vagina?

Anonymous September 6, 2008, 7:04 AM

Are you people new??? Do you see the state that our country is in now? This is the result of the last Republican that you elected into office, and McCain is talking about change - yeah right! I didn’t hear anything different from what Bush has been talking about for the last eight years. That last eight years, by the way, has led this country to an unneccessary war and a period of recession. Maybe not for that 1% that McCain is advocating for, but I mean for the rest of us. That 1% doesn’t make up the majority of this country. During his whole speech last night he was talking about how he-will-work-for-me. Yeah right! I’m not in that 1%. I’m actually middle class and middle class is not 4 million a year! In one of his examples of how he will work for that 1% he said that “I will work for the Jones who lost their real estate investments in a less than perfect housing market…WTF! What about the people who have lost their homes? The ones they LIVE in, in this less than perfect housing market!!

As far as Obama is concerned - being Senator in a state with high crime rate…It’s much easier to do when you are Govenor of the 47th most popular state - Alaska! Hell, there’s nobody there. That’s why her job was so easy. And, the fact that her daughter is pregnant, she posed nude at one point and there are tons of pictures with her daughter holding up a 40 ounce speaks volumes about her character. And yes, it does make me question whether or not she can assist with running this country. How many of you can go to work everyday - not completely stressed out, that is, when you have chaos going on in your family life?

I’m also sick and tired of the way people are glorifying this teenage pregnancy. I am a black woman, who had her first child at age 21. I was grown, but everybody still looked at me like they wanted to paint a big old scarlett letter on my chest. But, since it’s Palin’s teenage daughter, their camp is placing Palin and her daughter on some moral high horse - gimme a break.

CK1 September 7, 2008, 10:58 PM

As a Republican, I’m not scared. I am thrilled beyond belief with our pick for President and Vice President. They represent, to me, true Americans. A military man and a mom. That is what I grew up with. My father served in the Navy and the Air Force. And my mother, who also served in the Navy for four years, was a working mom that made me proud. You cannot truly understand what it is to serve your country unless you have LIVED the life. Military families make sacrifices that other people wouldn’t even think of doing. Like when a husband and father goes away for a year or more at a time so that others in America can be SAFE. That is their job folks, to ensure our safety here in America. That was my father’s job. It is an honorable job. My mother had three children, one with severe disabilities. She was tough as nails, standing by her man, and working harder than anyone I’ve ever known. So I can totally relate to John McCain and Sarah Palin. They make me feel safe just like my dad and mom do. I see how they are willing to fight for America and I’m proud of them just like I am my own parents. They are both strong leaders and given the chance I think they will make some great changes for the betterment of America.
How’s that for a comment? I just said how I feel and I didn’t have to bash anyone.

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