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Men Aren't Smart with Money

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According to the results of a new study, you're smarter than your hubby when it comes to the green stuff.

woman with stack of coins

These days, the economy is not looking good.

But there is a silver lining -- for women anyway. Experts say many women aren't suffering so much in today's market because they're wiser about money than men. In general, women take fewer risks and know when to let go of bad stock -- unlike men.

See, guys tend to invest to make money, while women invest to keep what they put in. What's more, women generally put more money into long-term funds that will weather economic storms, just like the one we're in now.

Recent research conducted at Iowa State University found women stress out more about investing and assume they know less than men do, so they ultimately take fewer risks. Women are also more likely than men to ask for guidance from financial advisers.

Tell us -- are you better at managing money than your husband?

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Charles Orlando September 29, 2008, 3:44 PM

My wife manages the books… and she’s incredible at it. I tend to spend now, manage later… and that doesn’t work (not to mention that I spend more than she does—quantity of items, as well as higher-ticket).

To help combat the challenges of managing a joint checking account with multiple people on it, I have a business credit card, a personal credit card (both of which I manage) and a separate checking account that she puts money in each month (like an allowance). Works perfectly, and highly-manageable.

Rosabel September 30, 2008, 6:20 AM

Some women are very good with their money, but some are just love spending. However for those who are very dedicated to the family, they tend to help the husband saves lots of money and spend wisely. My sister is the one who control the finance in her family. Her hubby believes her that she is a great book keeper at home!

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