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Mom Blogger Against Obama

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Guest blogger Rolemommy has a bone to pick with Senator Barack Obama.

barack obama wearing a can of spam

Dear Barack Obama,

While I still haven't made up my mind in the election (I can't decide if I'm comfortable electing Tina Fey into the White House), I have to get something off my chest that's been bugging me for a while now. To be blunt: It's your emails.

Every single day of the week, Saturday and Sunday included, you send me emails. Actually, sometimes you send them, sometimes your wife sends them, sometimes your campaign manager David Plouffe sends them. No matter -- you have officially become a spammer.

Without fail, my inbox has been littered with your messages -- asking me to donate to your campaign at every turn. And today, of all days, the day that Lehman Bros. files for bankruptcy and several other banks are on the verge of collapsing, your handlers send out a blast asking for donations so you can reach your goal of signing up 50,000 more supporters. And yesterday, you sent me a message that you raised over $60 million dollars during the month of August. Go you.

Senator Obama, I have a message for you: If that isn't the height of insensitivity, I don't know what is.

You should sooner take the money you are earning along the campaign trail and, rather than use it to fuel jets and pay for television ads, perhaps infuse it back into our economy. If your goal is to raise $300 million dollars by November, I can see a lot of great ways to spend that money -- and it does not involve getting you elected to office. I would rather have received a heartfelt email offering a sound solution to our economic woes than yet another plea to dig into my pockets and DONATE NOW to your campaign.

While I am currently not supporting your opponent, I hope you will realize that sending out emails every single day of the week asking for donations can get a bit taxing. Especially on someone who is a small business owner trying to make ends meet with a husband who works in the crumbling finance industry.

Perhaps since I'm a New Yorker, the topic of finance hits close to home. I'm sure you're well aware this latest economic news will have implications for Americans across our country. I beg you -- please stop asking me for donations. And if you happen to wind up with extra cash at the end of the election, please use those funds to help those who need it more than our presidential candidates.


One mom against campaign donations

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MyBrownBaby September 16, 2008, 7:30 PM

Wow. Really? Is it that deep? You can’t just, like, I dunno, push delete? Or better yet: Keep you eyes on the prize and recognize that the only way Obama can get into office and actually CHANGE all the things you’re beefing about is to actually raise the money it takes to get there in the first place? I have an idea: Why don’t you write a post dedicated to all the congressmen and women who, every year, without fail, refuse to pass strong, smart, sound campaign finance reform that would make it so that a candidate wouldn’t need the resources rivaling the GDP of a small nation to run for president. Now that I’d appreciate.

Sarah September 16, 2008, 7:44 PM

Why should she have to push delete and ignore the fact that she gets spammed every single day and wants it to stop. And I don’t know about you, but why on earth would it cost $300 million dollars to run a successful presidential campaign? It’s just plain absurd - and don’t say it’s the TV ads. If it’s costing millions to run ads, maybe they need to re-think their budget - did you know that Facebook only charges $5 a day for ads? Now that is a bargain. I guess that’s why they’re running their magnet ads on that site!

Nicole September 16, 2008, 9:50 PM

You know…there is a link at the bottom of each email that lets you unsubscribe. It’s like a spouse complaining about being abused- leave already (in your case, just unsubscribe, and stop complaining about things you have the power to change). You obviously signed up for the emails- they weren’t unsolicited.

I too get many emails a day, and I too own a small business and am a mother- but I don’t have a husband/partner’s income to back me up. I get over 50 emails a day dealing with business- and no, I don’t mind the few I get from the Obama campaign that I SUBSCRIBED TO. They’re not “littering” my inbox.

Mark September 16, 2008, 9:55 PM

If that’s all you have to complain about is Spam?? Maybe because McCain doesn’t even know if his wife is PC or Mac. Does it take a lot to run a campaign for the highest office? Yes, in fact the reason Obama couldn’t take the public support he would have lost 90% of his money.
And by the way Sarah, Obama’s campaign started on Facebook but it’s become more and more expensive since you have to combat Fox News and CNN. McCain has his own networks. nuff said

Shivani  September 16, 2008, 11:22 PM

For all the time it took you to write such a long complaining letter you could have just unsubscribed at the bottom of the email. Obama’s opponents party has lots of money and none of it has trickled down to us middle class folks during the last 8 years. Let Obama do what he has to do to win this election. It is extremely important to our country that he win!

shauna September 17, 2008, 1:57 AM

Yes she could have unsubscribed at the bottom of the page and left it at that but then she didn’t get to voice her opinion and that my friends is one of the great things about this country…FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

redmum September 17, 2008, 5:34 AM

I am presuming you subscribed in the first place, so unsubscribe. Its no biggy.

You cannot accuse someone of spamming you when you have effectively requested updates.

Candace September 17, 2008, 9:14 AM

Sorry Rolemommy I guess Obama supporters are so wrapped up in getting him elected that they fail to see the significance of your article. Obama is desperate and reaching into the American peoples pockets to try to win this election. He doesn’t care that we are all broke because of the price of gas, food, and everything else! He cares about his political career. Barbara Streisand is putting on a grand $30,000 dollar per person fundraising dinner and concert for him in Hollywood. Isn’t that enough? Let them spend their money…They have no problem spending $5,000 dollars on a purse or a pair of shoes. Shows you how smart the Hollywood stars are, huh?

sherry September 17, 2008, 10:17 AM

I can’t take this seriously in any way. You clearly don’t know what spam actually is. Spam is unsolicited email trying to get you to purchase things. Those emails for buying Xanax online? That is spam. An email newsletter for which you have subscribed by choice? That is not spam, that is, you know, an email newsletter.

You signed up for it. If you feel overwhelmed by the volume of mail, remove yourself. It’s really quite simple.

As for requesting donations, that’s part of campaigning. It doesn’t mean you have to give money with each email. You can choose to donate sometimes, or you can choose not to donate at all.

But whining that he’s spamming you when you signed up? That’s just silly.

Abbey September 17, 2008, 10:22 AM

Okay, Obama is asking for a $5 donation. That is not $30,000. McCain doesn’t need to ask for money because he has enough of his wifes (by the way, how can Obama be the greedy one when McCain has 10 houses?) Obama & Biden are not as wealthy as McCain & Palin (although, where are her tax records or the records of McCain’s wife?). It’s an election. Obama wants change. McCain is Bush the 3rd.

I get e-mails everyday about how I won the UK or Virginia or Yahoo lottery or how my paypal account needs my password changed. I can’t unsubscribe to those. You can unsubscribe to Obama’s.

kwenzel September 17, 2008, 10:53 AM

I too get unsolicited email from BO & the DNC. I had written to complain about the unfair treatment of Hillary Clinton and since that day, my mailbox has been filled. They’re pushing me over to the other side.

Nicole September 17, 2008, 11:39 AM

If emails push you “over to the other side”, you were never strong in where you stand from the beginning.

And speak for yourself, “Candace”- you might be broke, but everyone isn’t.

As far as rolemommy using her freedom of speech, true- she has the right to complain. But instead of putting this here, she should could have contacted Obama’s campaign directly. That would seem more effective than posting anonymously on the internet, don’t you think?

Jon September 17, 2008, 2:41 PM


You must’ve missed that fact that Obama’s campaign raised millions for victims of Ike and Gustav. This baloney comment that Obama should just disarm his people powered political campaign, so that the monied Washington special interests can continue to destroy the nation — well, dry that one out and you can save money fertilizing the lawn.

In the meantime, Mr. Obama can feel free to send me as many emails as he’d like. Together we might just save the nation.

Candace September 17, 2008, 4:06 PM

Nicole You are full of it! Everyone I know is struggling and complaining about how much everything costs. Don’t try to act like you are so much better off than other people. Whatever! You are insulting most of America. Is that all you could come up with to defend the ALMIGHTY OBAMA? The Democrats think Obama will be their savior, HAHA!!! You are blind! He may want change but it’s socialist change. You will be the government’s little puppets. You will do what they say, when they say it and tough shit if you don’t like it. If you think you have so much money now don’t count on having any after Obama and his socialist government start dipping into your paychecks even deeper. Who the hell deserves to waste 66 million dollars on a political camapaign? And, he wants more! You are HIS PUPPPETS. Keep wasting your money…you deserve it for being so ignorant.

Candace September 17, 2008, 5:11 PM

MomLogic are you screening the comments on this story? Hmmm…Amazing how all the comments other than the first one that I made are all from Obama supporters. Are you protecting your Democratic pick MomLogic? Seems that way to me.
I made a comment to Nicole that never made it here. Let’s try again and see if it goes through this time. To Nicole, speak for YOURSELf. Most of America has taken a huge hit from the outrageous price of gas which has raised the price of EVERYTHING else too. You are not speaking for the majority. If you don’t mind Barack Obama reaching into your pocket then by all means send him all your savings. I personally wouldn’t give him a dime. As I said, he raised 66 MILLION DOLLARS. Isn’t that enough?!!!! It is outrageous what politicians get by with! And, to think that people allow it is just crazy!

Joyce September 18, 2008, 12:46 PM

Did you all know that there are “internet goons” on Obama’s payroll? They make their way all over the internet, praising the chosen one and degrading his opposition. I see they’ve made their way to momlogic, which is a shame. I’m another Hillary supporter that wrote to the DNC to complain about their treatment of her and as a reply to my letter they decided to spam me for Obama. No thanks! I report them all to I never requested to be added to their list. Maybe if they read some of the letters they get, they would realize that. I also am another democrat that will be voting republican for the first time in my life.

Anonymous September 18, 2008, 1:07 PM

Candace, “screening” the comments to this post would be the same as denying rolemommy her first amendment right to voice her complain in the first place.

Joyce, are you blind to the fact that McCain and Palin have flat-out lied about several issues and have hired their own squad of “goons” for the internet and all other forms of public life. Wake up. Both sides are doing it. Is it right? No. but sometimes you have to start a fire, to prevent another fire from spreading.

You guys want cheaper presidential campaigns, tell Fox News to stop being so conservative and MSNBC to stop being so liberal. News media are supposed to be objective, not biased. Also, we live in an age where the cost of airing a commercial once can be several tens/hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention producing a commercial in the first place. Imagine running ads in 50 states several times a day because you have to counter trash your opposition is throwing at you. It gets expensive.

The Democrats rolled over last time and the GOP steam rolled them (2004). This is the game they want to play, then that’s what the Dems must do. The USA was formed by rebels who wanted change. But it didn’t happen without an ugly fight.

That’s life ladies & gentleman. Get used to it or stop complaining about the gas, mortgage, groceries, insurance, etc.

$$$$$ September 18, 2008, 2:17 PM

The reason you’re not getting any substantial information from the Obama campaign is because there is no substantial information for them to give you. As for the constant DONATE NOW requests … well… at least it’s just a REQUEST for now, but, if he get’s into the White House you won’t have a choice. He will raise taxes to point of slowing our economy to the breaking point.
Obama talks about raising taxes for only the rich, who he claims are people making over $200-250K per yr, and redistributing that money in the form of lower taxes to lower income people.
RObamaINHOOD? take from the rich and give to the poor? Is he saying that people who make over $200K annually aren’t hard workers and that they didn’t work hard to have that success? That is an insult to all the hardworking people who are lucky enough to bring success to themselves and their families. Who exactly does he think employs those “lower income” workers? What will happen to small businesses when their taxes are increased? The is basic economics… when small business taxes increase they wind up cutting jobs, struggling to survive, and they cannot employ as many people so jobs go away and eventually, without relief, they will fail.

What is good is a tax break if you don’t have a job to go to?
Obama’s tax plans will lead our country into a welfare state like we have never seen before.

Nicole September 19, 2008, 2:05 PM

Not once did I say that I was speaking for anyone but myself- you took it upon yourself to declare everyone is broke like you “Candace”. It’s quite clear that the only thing most of you here understand about economics is that you don’t have as much money as you’d like.

And just because things don’t go your way, does not mean there’s a conspiracy.

Candace September 20, 2008, 11:26 PM

Nicole You are a blatent liar…go back and read the comments. You were NOT speaking for just yourself. Read again. You must be one of those people that lives in a glass house. Perhaps you shouldn’t throw stones and act like you know so much. Economics is so complicated that is very hard for the even the experts to completely understand it all. With that…This is what I know to be true, Obama plans on raising taxes on the “rich” and businesses. This will have a domino effect. In order for business to afford to pay higher taxes they will have to start laying off people. That will lead to a huge unemployment rate. Who will PAY FOR THAT? How can that be a good plan? The American people need to keep more of their money so they can invest it back into our economy the way they choose to.

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