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Mom to Boss: Take Your Texts and Shove 'Em

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The Mediocre Mama: My boss thinks she can text and email me 24/7 and I'll respond immediately. But the new ban on texting is just the thing to shut her up.

woman driving

"Oh, I'm sorry ... I was in the car for over an HOUR."

I could not be more happy for California Governor Arnold Schwarzeneggar's new ban on reading, writing and sending texts while driving, effective January 1. Not only could it save teen lives -- those kids are dangerous when their fingers start going nuts, sending message after message -- but it could be just the excuse for me to get a little time to myself.

My boss uses text messages to communicate what seems like every thought she has. I just don't think you have to inform me via text about meetings that are happening weeks from now or questions that she could answer herself -- did I see the Johnson file? How about getting off your butt to look for it before you let your fingers do the talking? And if I don't answer in lightning speed ... they keep on coming faster and faster.

She's not the only guilty one. My mother-in-law has just entered the technology age and thinks texting is "fun!" I really don't need to hear about her latest and greatest Crock-Pot creation via text message. Hold that little gem of conversation for the next family dinner -- God knows we need it.

And the kids? It wouldn't hurt them to stop texting me and figure a few things out for themselves. Seriously, technology has completely dumbed down these kids -- turning to mom every second of the day is not cute. It's lazy.

This just may be the newfound "me" time moms have been begging for. So if you text me and don't hear from me for a while ... assume I'm driving. I would love to respond -- but it's against the law.

I could just kiss that Terminator on the mouth.

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foxymama September 26, 2008, 4:14 PM

I don’t plan to kiss Terminator on the mouth - but it is about time. safe and sound we shall be in out cars textless!!!!

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