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No immunity for Caylee's mom: Casey Anthony no longer has the prospect of immunity from prosecutors in exchange for information concerning her daughter Caylee's whereabouts. Investigators have been searching for 3-year-old Caylee since mid-July after it was reported that she had been missing for a month. Her mother, 22, is being held as a "person of interest."

Mom left 3 kids alone for 2 weeks to go on honeymoon: Simten Sezgun had allegedly left her three children (ages 11, 6, and 5) home alone for two weeks, before officers found them and turned them over to social services. Sezgun's ex-husband Parvez Sadiq believes that "she's been on honeymoon in Turkey with her new husband." Investigators have been interviewing family members trying to find out the circumstances of the abandonment and are still awaiting Sezgun's return.

Children of older dads face higher bipolar risk:
Researchers at Sweden's Karolinska Institute have announced that children born to older fathers have a higher risk of developing bipolar disorder. They are theorizing that this may be occurring because of the higher percentage of mutated sperm in older men. The odds of a person being born with bipolar are still so insignificant that the researchers want to ensure that they are not dissuading older men from fathering children.

Tiger Woods and wife expecting Baby No. 2: Even with his golf done for the year, Tiger Woods found something to celebrate today: His wife is pregnant with their second child. Woods said on his Web site that wife Elin is expecting in late winter without being more specific on a due date. Woods' first child, daughter Sam, was born in 2007.

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adam.osman September 4, 2008, 7:18 AM

the home alone mum who goes to honeymoon in afghanistan leaving her young children for two weeks is selfish and does not deserve to get her kids back. This is her third husband she is on honeymoon with, a few months before she was honeymooning with her second and left the kids but did not get caught. If you do crime sooner or later it catches up with you, she is a criminal.

Anonymous September 7, 2008, 2:35 PM

Padilla said that officials ruled it was Caylee’s hair just by a process of elimination because the hair had a death ring around it and they know Casey is alive. The fact that the DNA is identical has something to do with who the father is, Padilla said.

“Would the DNA from a child resulting from a union from Lee and Casey have basically the same characteristics? Making the preliminary DNA check not definitive as to who the hair samples are from,” he said.

Padilla’s statements come at a time when police have filed more charges against Casey Anthony, who has already been arrested twice. Officials charged Casey Wednesday with two counts of uttering a forged check, two counts of petty theft and two counts of fraudulent use of personal identification.

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