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Nie Nie's Sister Speaks Out

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Stephanie Nielson's sister Courtney Kendrick opens up to momlogic for the first time.

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After her sister Stephanie, creator of the Nie Nie Dialogues, and Stephanie's husband were critically injured in a plane crash last month, Courtney Kendrick took three of Stephanie's children into her own home without a second thought. You see, Courtney Kendrick suffered for years with infertility, and was always wondering why she couldn't get pregnant. Now she thinks she has a pretty good idea.

"For five years, I tried and tried to have a baby," she says. "Finally, I got pregnant with my son, who's now one. I was always trying to come up with a reason for my infertility -- different doctors gave me different medical explanations, but nothing definitive. Now I believe the real reason for my infertility was so that I could take this on."

Courtney says raising four kids is an intense experience. "We don't know exactly how long the kids will be with us," she says. "But the five years my husband and I waited for a baby taught us to have such a longing for a house full of children. Now we have that."

Courtney's sister Lucy, who is taking care of Stephanie's youngest child, had a miscarriage last year, and was devastated. But now she also feels a sense of purpose -- that she can be there 100% for Stephanie's baby boy. "It has worked out so beautifully for him," Courtney says. "He is so spoiled!"

Presently, Stephanie is sedated in the hospital with burns on over 83% of her body. "We initially heard they'd been in a crash, but that they had only minor burns," Courtney recalls. "Stephanie was even talking with the first responders on the scene. She just said she wanted to go home and make dinner for her family. She also said, 'Mom is going to kill me!'"

Their mom had always been nervous about Stephanie flying, Courtney explains. "My mom told Stephanie millions of times: 'Do not get on that plane,'" she says. "My dad's father was killed in a private plane crash when my father was 16, leaving behind 8 children. So plane crashes are a part of our family history. However, we knew Christian was a safe pilot, and we all felt (and still feel) confident in his abilities. We know he would have avoided the crash if he could have."

Stephanie's husband Christian suffered burns on over 30% of his body. "He's still in for weeks of recovery and physical therapy," Courtney explains. "He's pretty incapacitated, but he is getting stronger every day."

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brissiemum2 September 26, 2008, 7:33 AM

Thank you for providing us with another great update to Stephanie’s story. I check in on Courtney’s blog regularly to see how she is going.

Also, I think that Courtney is an amazing sister. We can only begin to imagine what she is going through yet somehow she is managing to deal with it all (including those 3 gorgeous additions to her home family!) and still selflessly keep us readers informed as well.

You rock, Courtney and make me wish that I had sister, too!

Anonymous September 26, 2008, 9:59 AM

wow, such a sad story. Courtney, you are my hero!

Jodi September 26, 2008, 1:56 PM

my heart goes out to this family and Nie Nie is an inspiration to me.

April  September 26, 2008, 2:09 PM

I like how she believes everything happens for a reason. I believe that too. Very inspirational. This helped me learn new things about the family.

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