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Proud Non Breast Feeder

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Momlogic's Annie: I was happy to see the study that said C-section moms have trouble bonding with their kids. Now all the moms who judged me for not breast feeding know how I feel.

baby reaching for breast

For years I've been listening to moms quote "studies" and preach about how it's selfish not to breast feed. They go on for days about how without it, the parent/child bond won't be as deep and the child will become all sorts of sick. Many of these moms had C-sections. Now they know how it feels to read some bullsh*t study that insults their relationship with their child and even their child's health and intelligence.

Born in the 1970s, I wasn't breast fed and most of my peers weren't. We actually all turned out fine. You see, these wonderful creatures (called scientists) came up with a "formula" that ensured babies got every nutrient they needed. When I had my baby 13 months ago, I didn't breast feed. After months of debate, my husband and I decided that for us, this wasn't an option -- that I would be a better, happier mother if I didn't do it and, in turn, our baby would be happier. You should have seen the looks I got and still get when I reveal this to other moms. Many of you are giving them to me right now!

It may be said that women don't opt for C-sections the way I opted not to breast feed, but obviously women don't wait until they are in labor for their "scheduled cesareans." They rely on what those wonderful scientists have come up with -- an alternative to the natural way that works better for some. Notice a pattern?

For the record, I do feel completely bonded to my baby. I also do not believe for one second that women who have C-sections don't feel completely bonded to theirs.

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Amanda May 29, 2011, 12:33 PM

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!! I know I am a couple years too late, but I just saw this post. I wish I could find more posts like this!!

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