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Palin: A MILF, Hockey, Super Mom?

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Sarah Palin has declared herself just an ordinary "Hockey Mom"-- isn't it time we stopped with the labeling?

Sigmund Freud once famously quipped,  "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." The same could ring true for moms. Sometimes a mom is just a mom. So why do we insist on categorizing ourselves? Isn't "mom" enough of an overwhelming, all-consuming title?

Sarah Palin, in her bid to connect with women voters, is calling herself a "Hockey Mom," presumably with the same connotations as the "soccer mom" moniker. Soccer mom, a term that gained popularity in the mid-'90s, is often defined as the stereotypical mothers living solely for their children, carting them around in minivans, gabbing on their cell phones and religiously attending all soccer games and practices.

That caricature of mother is supposed to galvanize women voters? One mom, whose daughter plays soccer but does not refer to herself as a "Soccer Mom," thinks Palin is misusing the term: "She's not a hockey/soccer mom since she didn't give up her career to stay at home. Her taking credit for being one is offensive to those moms who made the choice to focus solely on their kids."

But to some, the phrase is offensive enough on its own. "Why must I define myself by my children?" complains another mom. "I'm many other things beside a mother--am I not a good mom if I'm not a 'Soccer Mom'?"

If some women insist on defining themselves by their children, wouldn't it stand to reason that a mom whose kid is battling an alcohol addiction should be referred to as a "Rehab Mom"?

Ultimately, a term that was supposed to unite has divided. Labels are like that. They put undue pressure on moms to be uber-Super Moms and "hot" MILFs.

Poor Palin, she has a lot to live up to--especially now since a Web site has even sprung up called VPILF in her honor.

What do you think -- are labels empowering or degrading? 

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Amy September 7, 2008, 11:24 AM

Give me a break. She was just trying to tell the people of the country who have never heard of her, the type of person she is. They are obviously family oriented, regardless of whether she stays home. She’s still a Mom and I’m sure her kids’ activities are every bit as important to her as every other mother’s. Don’t accuse anyone of labeling themselves when they are just trying introduce themselves for the first time. How else would you do it??

Anonymous September 7, 2008, 12:28 PM

Who came up with those ridculous names anyway?

Karen  September 7, 2008, 1:07 PM

Palin’s not a Hockey Mom anymore, if she ever was. She’s full of it. She’s using Hockey Mom to leave the impression she’s as involved with her kids as a Stay-At-Home-Mom. Either she’s a working mom with a nanny or some kind of childcare for her 5 kids, or she’s a stay at home mom. Does she load up the minivan with gear and carpool to practice? I don’t think any governor has time to do that(even in Alaska). Watching your kids play a game doesn’t mean you’re a Hockey Mom any more than baking one cake makes you a baker—no matter how you spin it.

McCain didn’t want her. He wanted Lieberman. But he caved to his advisers (lot of them Karl Rove’s old crew) who picked Palin because she sounds good on paper. We can call her a “Hockey Mom,” and she has “executive experience” as a governor (of a state with a population one quarter the size of Chicago). It sounds good, but it’s all distortions. If McCain was his own man he would have picked the person he wanted, Lieberman.

Kathryn September 7, 2008, 4:23 PM

Get over yourself. It doesn’t matter who McCain would have chosen for a running mate people like you wouldn’t have liked him or her no matter what. Is there a definition of a “Hockey Mom” anywhere out there? I consider myself a “Basketball Mom”, but I work and can’t transport my child to every practice or attend every game, but you can bet your bottom dollar that every time I can attend I am my child’s biggest fan. The problem now is that most of American loves Palin. We love the fact that she is “real”, and neither the media or the left know how to handle it. We love the fact that the worse thing the media can slam her for is a mistake her 17 year old made. Children aren’t perfect, but the character her parents have instilled in her will come out when America sees how she handles her mistakes. The media can’t tie Palin to any criminal investigations or scandle and they hate that. We have two choices in this election—I chose experience, dedication, and country first over a “community organizer” who likes to write stories about himself.

Joni September 7, 2008, 9:20 PM

Sarah Palin is the first woman I have ever admired, (besides my own mom of course). She has a demanding career, a large family, a baby with special needs, and an adoring, handsome husband. She is tough as nails!!! She can beat down and inspire with her words. I was a stay at home mom for 10 yrs. Now, I work….and I still volunteer at school, go to all the games and practices that I can with my children and I even bake!!! So, to say that Sarah Palin can’t be both is totally ignorant. Some people don’t have the patience or the energy to do both…but Sarah Palin does and so do I!

lluck September 7, 2008, 9:25 PM

You seem very defensive to Karen…
“Get over yourself”?
This is a public forum she can say what she thinks, and “most of” America does not love Palin.
Her speech was written for her by Bush’s writers, they were not even her own words…and the words she spoke were just critical attacks against another candidate…
You stated one…”Community Organizer”..

She said nothing of her policies or what she plans to do as Vice President…
So without hearing any of those things…What is she dedicated to Kathryn?
Also, you need to look at a few of her voting polices…there are a few investigations currently being engaged surrounding her career…look farther then your hometown news channel…
What about Her “Bridge to Nowhere” Lie…
She wasn’t against it… She was for it..
And now the people of Ketchikan Alaska have been insulted by her lie…
And The mayor is starting to talk about it…
As for Being “real”… as I said before…the speech you refer to as showing her as being “real”
Wasn’t even written by her…So how “real” is that?
Think about it…

CK1 September 7, 2008, 10:11 PM

TO Kathryn All I hear from you is criticism of a VERY IMPRESSIVE WOMAN.
Quit listening to the bullcrap that the media tries to brainwash you with. This woman is a true American mother and leader. She is AWESOME to say the least. As far as her speech goes, she doesn’t seem to have a problem speaking at all, unlike Barack Obama who fumbled over what to say when his teleprompter went on the blink. Yeah, Republicans do pay attention. He said an asthma patient in the hospital was taking a breathalizer. WHAT? This is who you put your confidence in. OMG! Are you kidding me? Really! So there we have it, your argument about who can speak is null and void. On to something real people.
Sarah Palin referred to herself as once being a hockey mom to explain to America how she began her quest to support her children. And also to let other women know you can do ANYTHING if you set your mind to it. She went from Hockey mom, to PTA, to city council, to mayor, to Governor. She is TRYING to make a better future for her children. Isn’t that what every mom wants for her children? From what I’ve seen she has the guts to do it, too. She has gotten rid of good for nothing corrupt politicians and made her state of Alaska a better place to live. That’s what I call a GOOD MOTHER. Her kids will benefit from her accomplishments, NO DOUBT! A BIG “HELL YEAH” to her for representing and fighting for HOCKEY MOMS, SOCCER MOMS, VOLLEYBALL MOMS, BASKETBALL MOMS, or whatever you want to call dedicated mothers. You go SARAH! WE LOVE YOU!

lluck September 7, 2008, 10:52 PM

Who said anything about who can speak…
I talked about who can “Write The material” They speak….
Yes, it’s an impressive woman like Palin that would fire a city official… not because of job performance…But for no other reason than her sister had a bad relationship with them…
Yeah, That’s a real civic-minded individual…

I think You should say,
You go Sarah!I love you!
“We” is just too inclusive for me…
I think you were writing to me…
My names not Kathryn…

CK1 September 7, 2008, 11:15 PM

lluck Are you really that naive that you think Obama writes his own material? If so, why can’t he remember what he wrote when the teleprompter stops working? It is funny to me that the media is harping on this one investigation…and I repeat INVESTIGATION…because they can’t find anything criminal on Palin. There is a big difference between an investigation and commiting a crime. Look it up. I would be more worried about a man who went to a church for 20 YEARS that preached hatred for America. What were the Reverand’s words? Oh Yeah, “God DAMN America!” Hmmm….makes you wonder or maybe not you. Now, that’s scary! This is the church he got married in and baptized his children in. Hmmm…he must have been a dedicated member, yes? Why else would he have stayed there for 20 YEARS!?! Someone had mentioned that they saw alot of white faces in the crowd at the Republican convention. How many white faces did you see in the church of the dear Reverend that Obama supported for 20 years?

lluck September 7, 2008, 11:34 PM

I think we finally see what your Major Argument is about…
That Last statement shows me where you are coming from…
Good Day Ck1…
As you said before…
one statement seems to make everything Null and Void…

CK1 September 8, 2008, 9:54 AM

It’s ironic that it’s ok for the black race to preach hatred for “Americans” or “white people” in churches, no less, but don’t you dare call them out on it. Oh no, that would be racist.
Let me give you my main reason for not voting for Obama…HE’S NOT QUALIFIED! Why would I vote for a man who has not shown me that he can make ANY changes for America? And if you think voting for abortion is a good thing you better think again. We are suppose to protect that which is sacred to God. Children are sacred. Also, I won’t vote for a man who stands in front of an American flag and disrespects America by not putting his hand on his heart to honor it. Does he not understand the sacrifices that have been made for America and what that flag represents? The stripes represent the blood that has been shed to protect others from suffering. His lack of respect reaffirms the Reverends stand, “God damn America”. No respect for America and it’s people.
I WILL vote for someone who has served America and knows the beauty in it. I WILL vote for someone who has pride in the American people and all that they do. I WILL vote for someone who will protect God’s children. I WILL vote for that person whether they are black, white, a woman, or a man. That is what I am about.

Betty September 8, 2008, 12:38 PM

It’s amazing that women in this country think that Palin letting her minor child get have sex and get pregnant with an older boy is a good thing. It’s a stupid thing. Isn’t Palin being investigated in her own state for some shady behavior? And she’s been accused of cheating on her husband. Nice Mom. And, she says she’s pro-life but she shoots coyotes from a plane…that’s not pro-life at all. She’s a nut is what she is. Plus, she’s compared to a pit bull…an animal known for killing children.
If she lived in my town I would tell my kids to stay away from her and her family. If she really cared about her pregnant daughter and special needs child she should stay home and take care of them.

Jacqueline Carpenter September 8, 2008, 1:07 PM

I am not for Palin to start with but she cannot stop her child from getting out and getting pregnant.Remember when we were young,we did what we wanted and Mom didn’t know?
I am a hunter for food not just to be doing it and I think she is pretty cool to do all she does and raise a family too.
Those coyotes are no good for anything and need to be killed.
All pitbulls are not killers and all people are not killers either.
Alot of women could take a few lessons from Palin.
I am voting for the man I think is best for my country and that is Obama.

CK1 September 8, 2008, 1:21 PM

Betty Are you grasping for straws or what? You didn’t even make a real point just your opinion which is a little twisted by the way. GOSSIP GOSSIP GOSSIP. That’s all you have to offer? It’s funny how people judge others and think that’s ok, isn’t it? You’ve never lived their life and don’t have a clue what they have suffered but somehow think you have the right to tell them what you think they are doing wrong? It amazes me at the ignorance of other people. Betty, your first sentence sums up what I just said. “Palin LET her daughter have sex and get pregnant with an older boy”. Yeah, ok, that’s an intelligent statement. Ha! Do you even have kids or do you just like to judge others who do? Oh, and the statement made about her possibly cheating on her husband, HA!, did you pull that out of a hat like a rabbit? Gossip, gossip, gossip. Pro-life is the protection of HUMAN LIFE, by the way. So what if she hunts. Many people do. Many people where I live are out hunting doves right now. Why? To eat them. How do you think grocery stores get meat? They don’t wave fairy dust and meat appears. Animals are slaughtered and you go and buy the meat at the store. Oh, and one more point, she is not compared to a pit bull because they kill children. HAHA!!! Pit bulls protect their young. And, she isn’t a chihuahua now is she? She fights for what is right and that is why she is compared to a pit bull.

CK1 September 8, 2008, 2:16 PM

Jacqueline I have a sincere question for you. Why vote for Obama? What do you see in him that makes you want to vote for him? I have watched him over and over and I just don’t trust him. Sorry, but that’s the feeling I get. Is it not true that his church of 20 years preached hatred of America? “God damn America”, was the exact quote I listened to that horrified me. I was raised in a military family. We are proud of America. If I went into a church preaching this way I would walk right back out. And maybe you would say, “But he doesn’t go to that church anymore”. In MY opinion, that was only because he saw that it would ruin his political career if people knew the truth. Or, do you think there is another reason? What I know to be true is he listened and supported the prejudice and hate filled Reverend for 20 years. This is the church that married him and baptized his children. If he would have been a member of T.D. Jakes church I probably would have a whole different feeling about him. Unfortunetly, that’s not the case. I want a President and Vice President that truly show respect and love for our country and for God. That is what I see and feel from John McCain and Sarah Palin. They love the people, they love America, and they love their families. I do appreciate the comments you made about Sarah Palin. She should be respected as a hard working woman and a mother. Thanks for not bashing her…I respect that.

Cha September 8, 2008, 3:17 PM

I am a wife and stay-at-home mother of 5. I’m a “football mom”, I take my children to practice, attend their games, boy scouts, girl scouts, choir rehersal, cheerleading, PTO, volunteer at their schools, and still managing to make the time to go to school full-time. I can relate to Palin (being a multi-tasker), but I don’t think she or McCain should be in charge of our country.I agree with Karen, just dropping your kids off doesn’t make you a hockey mom. I believe in volunteering my time and money to what ever my children participate in. Go Obama!!!

Marci September 8, 2008, 4:59 PM

CK1, have you actually listened to the whole sermon that you are referring to? I ask because I know that there were certain “sound bites” that were played over and over in the media. But what wasn’t explained is that in one of them, Jeremiah Wright was quoting someone else. I feel that there were certain parts played that were taken out of context. I would encourage you to listen to the whole sermons that are in question…not because I think it will change who you are voting for, but because I do not think it is fair to take one quote out of context. Just as I can take that one quote out of your post, and say this is what you said. I am not attacking you, I feel we are all entitled to our opinions. I don’t feel that it is ok for any group to preach hatred against anyone. And also, most congregations in America are not equally balanced when it comes to race. I don’t think that you can call a predominately white church or predominately black church racist because of this. Even though when we look at Obama we see a black man, do you not realize that he is mixed race? He grew up with his white family members, and had brief contact with his black family members. He is not campaigning to be the Black President. He is campaigning to be America’s President. The media has been focusing on race, not him. This country needs to learn that it is ok to lean toward one candidate and not hate the other, because the bottom line is that we all have to face the fact that the person we vote for may not become President, and we need to pray for whomever that is because that person will be making decisions that affect us all.

CK1 September 8, 2008, 9:54 PM

Marci I did get the chance to listen to the whole sermon. It is still alarming to me. I listened to an interview done with Barack Obama that was even more alarming. I was under the impression that Barack was a Christian. Today when he was interviewed he said he was a muslim. HUH? What is he really? I have so many questions about this man and I just don’t trust him. It was weird when the interviewer said Aren’t you a Christian? And Barack tried to play it off like he was too tired to remember his religion. Honestly, have you ever accidentally said you were something you weren’t? I am Catholic, but I’ve never accidentally said I was a Muslim, or a Baptist. How can you just forget what you are? Again, I am truly concerned. Help me understand this man, please. Who is he, really?

Frida September 9, 2008, 7:36 AM

So pro life (anti-choice) only means human life? The last time I looked all animals are alive and deserve a chance. I am also pro hunting for food, not sport. Is Palin eating coyote?
CK1, I respect your opinions but I think you have to remember that no one will listen to you if you sound like a bully. You keep referring to all the GOSSIP out there but everything you say is gossip too if you are listening to the press you so dislike…or is just things you don’t agree with “gossip.”
I have a lot of respect for McCain but not for my President…Palin I just don’t like.

Betty September 9, 2008, 7:58 AM

This is great…I love political conversation! That’s what is so wonderful about our country…you can have different opinions and feel free to express them! No matter who you vote for just get out and vote.

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