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Internet: The Gateway to Cheating?

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Guest blogger Dani Klein Modisett: Over the last 10 years, several couples I know have split. Not so unusual. What is unusual is that the impetus for the demise of these marriages has been sex outside the marriage. The genesis of this sex, pun intended, was contact made on the Internet. In one case, it was hardcore porn leading to hardcore whores, but in the other two, it was reconnecting with someone out of their past through one of the many popular "social networking" sites.


Even if you don't have a problem with sex addiction like Mr. Duchovny confessed to last week, (or if you have one and don't know it yet), home computers pose a very real threat to your home life.

"The Internet has provided a level of access (to pornography) that was previously unavailable. So many people have this problem and the Internet has driven that," said Rob Weiss, executive director of the Sexual Recovery Institute in Los Angeles.

Although I've never blown a stranger, I actually relate to this problem myself. For someone with a sex addiction, having Internet access 24/7 would be like me moving my bed in to a Dunkin' Donuts. I have a compulsive donut disorder. I seriously don't eat donuts because once I have one, they take hold of me and I can no longer find a reason to stop eating donuts.

To hear Dani's solution for sexual addiction go to PAGE 2.

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tk September 6, 2008, 9:12 PM

drivel… the key to donuts is a little thingee adults call self control… but seriously, MomLogic, rather than come off like harpies, the net COULD be a gateway to all sorts of sex ills.. but considering the stats are tremendous in terms of percent of folks who access daily, it’s a chicken and egg thing, to some extent… there exist stats of daily internet pron usage by active attenders or various christian churches? Shockingly high percent of the congregation are ALSO looking at porn daily.. is THAT cause and effect to church going and cheating? of course not….but this crud sells.. especially with the headlines of is your hubby a porn addict? yikes… ever notice it’s just all puff?

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