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Would You Post This Nanny Ad?

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An honest want ad for childcare stirs up controversy among mothers. Read it here, and hear from the mom herself in our exclusive interview!


"My kids are a pain in the ass."

That's the first line of a help-wanted ad placed on Craiglist by a desperate mother of four.

More excerpts from the ad went as follows:

•"If you cannot multitask, or communicate without being passive aggressive, don't even bother replying," New York City's Rebecca Land Soodak wrote.

•"I can be a tad difficult to work for. I'm loud, pushy--and while I used to think we paid well, I am no longer sure."

To hear what else this mom had to say, go to PAGE 2: Would You Post This Nanny Ad?

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Nicole September 4, 2008, 4:35 PM

Hey you have to give this Mom credit, at least she’s not sugar coating anything. Whoever decides to reply to this ad can’t say she didn’t warn them! It may be a tad straight forward, but we are who we are!

Sheilah  September 7, 2008, 10:53 PM

This lady’s kids are a “pain in the ass” because she has raised them to be. She sounds like a pain herself. How rude. If it is real, she sounds like an idiot.

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