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Mom Blogger Fights for Her Life: Page 2

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Continued from Mom Blogger Fights for Her Life, Page 1. 

Christopher Nielson at baseball game
Can you give us a current update on Stephanie's condition and her prognosis?
Things change every day. Stephanie was just in surgery, which went very well. Doctors had been worried about her developing infections, but she has been fighting them off. And next week, we start skin grafting. Right now, her skin cells are sitting in a lab in Boston.

What is Christian's condition as of now?
Christian had his breathing tube removed and is able to speak. He's not coherent but he is lucid and sometimes makes sense. He's in much better condition than Stephanie, as he was only burned on about 30 percent of his body.

Christopher Nielson kissing girlfriend
Our site is for busy moms. What would Stephanie tell them about motherhood, if she could?
Her message is simple: Enjoy your life and time with your kids, because you won't be here forever. It's funny, because I recently visited Stephanie, and her life isn't perfect. For example, the paint on her walls is chipping, the house is small, and there were dust bunnies on the floor. That's what every mother's house looks like. She is no different.

How is your faith pulling you through this?
Faith is what keeps our family going. We truly believe there is a life beyond this one, and even in the face of tragedy, there's something temporary about it. What's pleased me the most is that people of all different religions are sending their support. We feel very loved.

Stephanie Nielson and Family
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