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The Best of Nie Nie

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Read Me ... one of our favorite posts from the Nie Nie Dialogues.

We've been updating you on the story of Stephanie Nielson, the mom blogger who was in a plane crash with her husband last month. Yesterday, Christian was able to see Stephanie for the first time since their crash. In the words of Stephanie's sister: "You'll want to know that he was strong. He told her to fight. He thanked. He prayed. Hearing this gives me the feeling Steph won't be long in recovery."

Here is another one of our favorite posts from Nie Nie:

fotrunes with read me tags

Friday I went with the children and my Mesa-sister Lindsay (aka Ms. Jones) and her daughters downtown to hide happy fortunes.

We hoped some Mesa citizens (and snowbirds, aka: senior cits from Minnesota) would find them, read them and feel good.

Simple as that.

fortune being written on table

We wrote the happy fortunes on slips of paper attachin "read me" stickies on them.

daughter holding up fortune reading someone loves you

Popular fortunes include:
"you are special"
"someone loves you"
"God loves you"
"you are beautiful"
"you are perfect"
"you are like a rainbow"
"you are pretty like a unicorn"
and so on and so forth.

child near pile of fortunes

caughter hiding fortune

Claire hiding the fortune.

kids walking around mesa

Downtown Mesa on a Friday afternoon.

daugher hiding fortunes

man walking away with fortune

This was the happiest moment of the day.
A passerby picks up a happy fortune, reads it, smiles and walks away. It felt good. I think it read: "God loves you." Maybe he has never heard that before or maybe he needed to hear it today -- whatever it did, it worked, because he smiled and slipped the small paper with Claire's picture of a unicorn on it into his shirt pocket and walked away.

Originally posted on the Nie Nie Dialogues, March 31, 2008.

For updates on Stephanie's progress, click here. To donate, send contributions to the Christian & Stephanie Nielson Rehab Fund, P.O. Box 8850, Mesa, AZ 85214.

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brissiemum2 September 20, 2008, 8:35 AM

That was one of my favourite posts of hers, too! It was so typically unselfish and shows how much she delights in thinking of others.

That news on Christian and Stephanie’s reunion is one of the best I’ve read since finding the Nie Nie Dialogues after their accident.

Go the power of love and prayer, I say!

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