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9/11: The Day I Became a Mother: Page 2

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Continued from 9/11: The Day I Became a Mother, Page 1

Squeezing Christiana tighter, I watched as the plane continued heading north. It was low and it was fast. And as I stood there watching it, everything changed. Alone on the deck of my home, holding my beautiful, innocent baby in my arms, I watched as the second plane slammed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center.

And then, in that moment, I finally became a mother.

As the world changed around us and right in front of my eyes, I finally understood what it was to be a mother. I wanted to sink to my knees and cry and scream like all the screams I heard coming from the streets and homes of my neighborhood, from my neighbors and friends. But I couldn't afford the luxury of all that emotion, of all that precious time wasted. I was a mother and I had a baby to protect and keep safe--and that's all that mattered.

Soon after I raced back down to my apartment, Dave called. He was now at the base of the flaming towers, looking up at them. "Don't worry," he said. "They got the second tower, what more can they do?  The worst is over." Unfortunately, this was not the case.

When the South Tower collapsed, I knew Dave was there doing his job under and inside the Twin Towers alongside the firefighters as they did theirs. I sank to my knees. In my mind, I was now a mother and a widow as well.

Thankfully, I was wrong. Dave was finally able to call home about an hour after the second tower had collapsed. He's lucky he survived--and for a while, he didn't think he would. By now, everyone has seen the iconic footage of 9/11, which has been played around the world. The cameraman stands his ground, shooting towards the flaming towers while hundreds of people race past him and a tornado cloud from the collapsing tower barrels down. Finally, he turns to run away himself, the camera still rolling as the debris cloud closes in on him, coming at him from every direction. There's no escape. It finally overtakes him. The camera goes dark.

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