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Five Reasons The Duggars are Sex Machines

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There's only one thing we know for sure about Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, parents of 18 kids with a new one on the way: They LOVE to get their freak on.


Momlogic's Momstrosity: It was just announced that the Duggars are going to have yet another baby. Yikes.

As usual, news sources everywhere are jumping on the bandwagon with "Duggar Family Fun Facts:" They've used over 90,000 diapers! They do 200 loads of wash a month! All the kids names start with "J"! Here's one "fun" fact that never seems to make the list:

The Duggars love to get it on....and on and on and on...

Cover the ears of their 18 kids.

Most of us with just a couple of kids find it a challenge to maintain a healthy sex life. So how does Michelle Duggar, a woman who's been pregnant 12 out of her 42 years, find time to have sex -- not to mention finding a moment to herself to wait for the results of her many, many pregnancy tests? We've compiled a list of 5 things you need to know about the Duggar's prolific sex life.

Momlogic's Top 5 Duggar Sex "Facts"

1) Michelle Duggar can get her groove on.
When you've got 18 people calling you Mom, focusing on sex can be a challenge. To get in the mood, does Michelle Duggar work herself into a catatonic state? Is that catatonic state called "sleep"?

2) The Duggars love pregnant sex.
How do we know? Well, the average gap between Duggar pregnancies is 18 months. Guess Mr. Duggar doesn't mind getting sprayed with breast milk every time he touches his wife's breasts/feeding stations during foreplay. Hope he's not lactose intolerant!

3) Duggar sex is quiet sex.
Eighteen kids equals 36 ears -- all listening. Michelle's probably not screaming out Jim Bob's name during orgasm -- otherwise 18 lights instantly go on -- and the Duggar electric bill skyrockets.

4) Duggar sex is at night.
You can bet the Duggars aren't grabbing any "afternoon delight" with 18 kids milling around the house asking for help with homework, to kiss a boo-boo, or who simply need to "latch on" to Mom. Nope, no quickies in the kitchen for the Duggars. The only time they can have sex is under the covers -- under the cover of darkness.

5) Duggar kids know where babies come from.
They come from the bedroom. Every time Ma and Pa Duggar get behind closed doors, odds are you get a new sibling.

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praying4baby#2 September 20, 2008, 4:10 PM

Good for them!
I couldn’t do it!

My question:
How are these kids getting the right amount of attention from each their parents?? I know MANY parents are struggling with this AND they only have 2 or 3 kids?! AND HOW IN THE WORLD CAN THEY AFFORD INSURANCE, DENTAL, CLOTHES, COLLEGE, ETC.??

Kat September 21, 2008, 12:13 AM

Sadly, I watch this show depsite the fact that it angers me to watch it. She actually just had her 18th child >_

I mean if the world wasn’t already overpopulated she’s gotta shove 18 more in to the world knowing that one day they will each need a home + cars + 2+ children each. Dear God, America will collapse on itself.

Lee September 21, 2008, 2:47 PM

Kat~~ Your comment is very disturbing. Let me ask you, which of those beautiful children do you think she shouldn’t of had? Geesh, we don’t live in China this is the USA and we are in charge of our reprduction.

As far as these children being a drain, I’m willing to bet they will not be a drain on our country, when they get older. I’m sure they will be brought up as good citizens and make great contributions to our society.

As for the question of attention, it is hard to say unless you have experienced it. I know people, IRL, that have 12 children and take the time for each of them. Unless you live in a large family, it is hard to understand the dynamics of that family. I have 4 children, and I could not imagine only having one. That does not mean that the only child is lonely, it means it’s hard for me to understand because I have not experienced it.

R.C. September 22, 2008, 12:43 AM

Congratulations, So my question is if i had 17 kids would i get a t.v. show? Whats really sad is i feel sorry for all the moms out there who would give their right arm just to have one child and just think all these young celebrities like britney and jami having baby’s, these young girls are babys having babys and then you have the Duggar family come along and have another child, I guess you guys didn’t do your home work on the population of China are is it we can’t wait for that to happen to the U.S. as well. Have you guys heard of birth control. And did you know having baby after baby can damage a womans insides, Well good luck to the both of you and your show but don’t expect me to sit and watch it i have my hands full already between a loving wife 4 kids job,college,kids soccer,i am sure the rest of the non celebrity world understands.

redmum September 22, 2008, 7:15 AM

God sometimes the commentators here are soooo judgemental it makes me glad I do not live in the States.

If the kids are happy and loved, who gives a hoot. It isn’t as if they are asking you to bring up their kids!

Lillyisaflower2 September 22, 2008, 10:10 AM

I have watched the few and very few times that I have seen this family on T.V. However I was shocked to hear that she will soon have another. Yes the children look fine and somewhat happy, but to me they look more robotic then kids today who you see playing and having fun, its as if each time the mom gets P.G. they other children raise the one before, That to me doesn’t seem fair. But then again Im a mother of one who for me was very hard, not the rasing my child part but the income, INS, etc, as a mother we always want for our child what we didn’t get as children. My son is now a very well mannered young man with two children and a very good job!!! and I see them struggle at times. Would I have had another child if I could have, yes more than likly, but In my life I believe things happen for a reason, and if God has given this family that many children then so be it. I again just hope that each child is able to be themselves and are not on this earth to help mom raise her ever after children. I know they seem to dress the way mom does almost clut like, I have never seen the children wear jeans, a skort, or jewelery. so in my eyes they are not being raised in todays society. They are being raised to not see the world as it really is. Good and Bad of the world. Thanks Becka

the.lilangel October 16, 2008, 4:49 PM

What gives anyone the right to judge? I have seen their shows many times. The kids are well brought up, they all have manners and use them. Yes they do also help out and seem to enjoy it. When the last baby ( Jennifer , I think) came along the kids who were old enough to understand were thrilled to have another sister. Just becasue you couldnt handle having that many kids doesnt give you the right to judge these people. and as for being able to afford INSURANCE, DENTAL, CLOTHES, COLLEGE, ETC.?? thats no ones business but theirs! If they want to keep having kids then more power to them and God bless.

Bigfella October 18, 2008, 11:49 AM

I think it’s just great.It’s up to them how many children they have and nothing to do with anybody else.Thye’re having children for goodness sake,not committing murder! Now, let’s hope number 19 comes along soon!!!

Brittany October 26, 2008, 11:24 PM

If some seem to forget, back in Biblical times, heck, back a few hundred years, women were having babies for most of their lives. A woman’s body can handle it. Her uterus may be a little loose, but at least she’s not have miscarriage after miscarriage. And I’m glad that they love their children. There are too many people in this country who shouldn’t have even had children. It’s nice to see a family who works together and loves each other, even if they do dress a bit out of the ordinary. And can I just make a point of saying that they wouldn’t have all these kids if they couldn’t afford it. They seem like they know what they’re doing.

Mark November 21, 2008, 3:30 PM

I’ve watched the Duggars too.

I agree with Lee about Kat.

If the world is so overpopulated Kat, why are you still here?

You should keep ypur derogatory comment about the Duggars to yourself. God has a different plan for all his creatures. May be he planned for you to have 1 or 2 kids. For the Duggars, he planned for alot more.

anna November 30, 2008, 12:52 AM

i hate how some of you are so ignorant about their family. first of all they used to use birth control but after a miscarage they decided to have as many children as god wanted them to. they are a great family with very good values. who cares how many kids they have? if you dont like how big their family is or u think they r taking up space in the world, why dont you ask god himself why he created them! they are great children!

EnuffZNuff February 25, 2009, 10:13 PM

Brittany back before modern medical science 1 out of every 5 pregnancies resulted in the death of the mother. So, no women were NOT having tons of kids in “biblical” times.

As for the Duggars, I do think they have too many kids. They may be one family, but imagine if EVERY family in the US had 10 or more kids. The population would explode.

The reason China has the 1 child per family law is because of the huge population. China has a larger population than any other country in the world and the population hasn’t declined since the law was enforced.

I don’t agree with the Chinese law restricting the amount of children a family can have, but I do feel that each family should be more reasonable.

Especially considering the carbon footprint a family like the Duggars are leaving behind… approximately 90,000 diapers? Disposable diapers take 500 years to decompose. 200 loads of laundry a month? It’s outrageous… and wasteful of precious resources. A family like the Duggars is like a virus multiplying and consuming resources and leaving behind waste.

I can understand fearing miscarriages from using the pill, but there is such a thing as condoms. These people need to start using them.

Tinamae March 5, 2009, 4:29 PM

TLC is exploiting them period. Just because they are religious everybody is defending their choices. To be honest i feel sorry for the kids.

Momma March 11, 2009, 4:01 PM

I think the Duggars are amazing! I think even the people on here with not so nice opinions are amazing! We are all children of our creator therefor we all have a right to be here on this earth no matter the circumstance! Love to everyone and pass it on dont be afraid to share it. We’ll all be so much happier!

christian momma March 19, 2009, 8:29 PM

I cannot believe how some of you could say such hurtful things about these strangers. You are not paying for their food, diapers, homeschool supplies, ect. God has CLEARLY blessed them, and everytime I watch the show, every child has a smile from ear to ear. That is the beauty of this great country; if you only want one child, then only have one. They want alot, and thats their buisness. They are not a virus, they are good role models because they are teaching their children morals, kindness for others, responsibilities with money, how to manage debt, and letting God lead their life. I actually applaud them because the world is filled with too many “trashy teens” like Brittney Spears who dress skimpily, and are poor role models for our children. For example: Look at their oldest son Josh: what is he 18 or 19? Already owns his OWN car dealership!!!! If that isnt raising responsible children, then I don’t know what it is. KEEP it up Michelle. I hope you have many many more! GOd bless you and your precious family!

michelle March 29, 2009, 11:55 PM

LOL @ the “sex facts” they definately LOVE the SEX! seriously though who would want that many kids!? lets hope michelle goes through menopause real soon! she’ll probaly ball her eyes out when she cant have anymore lol..or maybe then she’ll turn to adoption..hmmm..makes ya wonder. why the hell would you want to spend half your life raising kids anyways?? dont ya need a break? my god. i think shes brainwashed or something, “MUST HAVE BABY, MUST HAVE BABY, JIM BOB WE MUST KEEP MAKING BABY, WE MUST!” lmao. they are crazy thats for sure yet i still find myself watching the show every now and then, mostly for a good laugh..

M April 2, 2009, 7:15 PM

Hate to break it to you guys, but the number of children a person has isn’t based on “god’s” plan and they aren’t “god’s” blessing. Firstly, the number of children you have is quite simply determined by the time during your cycle you have sex, the number of times you have sex throughout the years, whether or not you use a form of birth control, and fertility. Secondly, what about all the women in the world who are infertile? Why doesn’t “god” bless them with children? To all those who really think having 18 kids and no intent of stopping is ok: your logic is horribly flawed. Why doesn’t your “god” bless the millions of starving and suffering people around the world by relieving them of their poverty, rather than blessing an already oversized family with more brainwashed kids?

S April 13, 2009, 2:55 PM

You couldn’t have said it better, M.

PL April 15, 2009, 11:39 AM


The world is not even close to being overpopulated.

Lets look at the facts:

Current Earth Population Estimate: 6,760,092,626 (United Nations Estimate)

Earth’s land surface in square miles:
196,800,000 square miles.

Now lets say only 1/4 of which is habitable.

So we get 49,200,000 square miles to let everyone live and raise animals, crops and have recreation.

49,200,000 square miles works out to 1,371,617,280,000,000 square feet.

If we gave EACH and every man, woman and child on earth 3,5000 square feet, no wait, 5,000 square feet, that would consume 33,800,463,130,000 square feet.

This leaves an unbelievable amount of the habitable part of the planet UNINHABITED.

Based on these calculations, every man, woman, and child standing side by side, front to back, on the WHOLE planet could easily fit within the city limits of Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

So why so much hunger in the world?


Next, disposable diapers have not been in existence for more than 62 years. How in the world can anyone intelligently say that a disposable diaper takes 500 years to decompose. That is purely a fabricated “fact” spouted out by a leftwing, environmentalist, nutjob to make the less intelligent on the left scared and thus bilk more “green” hippies out of their cash.

Please show me the 500 year old decomposed disposable diaper used as the “control” in the experiment to prove the time it takes to make a diaper decompose, or stop repeating that non-scientfic trash as evidence.

Have a great day!

Tammy June 23, 2009, 9:48 AM

We are a big homeschooling family 6 and would welcome more if God chooses to bless us again. If you budget and live by God’s laws putting all faith and trust in Him…He will then provide.
I see some families when we are out and they make rude comments…”2 and thru, etc” Ask yourself this…Do you really nn to have the brand new SUV, or the spring break trip just to keep up with the Jones??? Yes, all of our children have their own 529’s set up, which we contribute to every month. How many of you can say that which only have the 2.1

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