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The 'Juno' Effect Strikes Washington

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The daughter of the Republican vice presidential candidate is due in late December.


Yesterday in Moms Are Talking About, we told you Bristol, the 17-year-old daughter of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, is five months pregnant. And just like Jamie Lynn (and Madonna in Papa Don't Preach), she is keeping the baby.

Since Juno hit screens last year, teen pregnancy has suddenly been in vogue again. In recent months, The Secret Life of the American Teenager hit small screens, and the Gloucester, Massachusetts pregnancy pact made headlines. And now Bristol is pregnant, too.

Bristol claims she is marrying the baby's father, but on his MySpace page, he says he does not want kids. Go to PAGE TWO to see Bristol's baby daddy...and find out how other moms are reacting to the pregnancy news.

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prisinnia September 2, 2008, 3:47 PM

You are to be ashamed by printing this nonsense. It is really none of anyones’ business what is going on with this young lady. As far as I am concerned this is a private matter and the media is showing their true colors thru this issue.

Danika September 2, 2008, 4:12 PM

exactly.. leave them alone.. it is NON of our business. have to make drama out of everything.

April September 2, 2008, 4:13 PM

I have to agree with the previous post. Since when does her daughter’s pregnancy impact her political skills, ideas, or know-how? Yes, she is running for VP and her daughter is pregnant… but since when does that override her daughter’s right to privacy? At least she’s honest, and is keeping the baby - most pregnant teens would rather have an abortion and move on. Or rather, most PARENTS of a pregnant teen would rather their child have an abortion.

You really should be ashamed of yourself for posting this.

Kim September 2, 2008, 4:28 PM

The thing that really makes my blood boil is that no one it taking into consideration what is best for the baby. It is NOT in the best interest of the baby. I think it is wrong for them to be pushing this young couple into a marriage that statistically speaking has a very low change of surviving. There are many stable couples that so badly want to have a child but can’t. I personally think this is a political issue as it goes to showing where this mother really stands on this issue. Also the issue that is not being addressed is the fact that she has a special needs infant. As a mother of three special needs children. I think it is VERY wrong of her to be spending her time run for VP. When she should be spending her time helping give this young child the best chance at life. And to do that that requires a lot of time which this child will not get from his mother. Now that is a real tragedy,

Lesa September 2, 2008, 4:44 PM

You people are out of your flippin’ skulls, it has everything to do with her politically. DUH.

First of all, she is for ABSTINENCE ONLY being taught in schools, see how much that worked??

Secondly, were you aware of the fact that according to the No Child Left Behind act no funding will be made available if anything other than ABSTINENCE ONLY is taught.

Third, Sarah threw her daughter to the wolves the moment she decided to accept McCain’s offer of V.P. knowing what she knows.

AS A MOTHER wouldn’t YOU decline and stay safely in Alaska where you could keep things relatively quiet?

Don’t be ridiculous. Of course her daughter’s pregnancy status has NOTHING to do with her abilities to do a job. But it certainly smacks us all in the face that the whole Abstinence only stance is UNREALISTIC. She has this pregnant teen and then tells us that she’s honorable because she’s keeping the baby and getting married???

EXCUSE ME BUT—WTF????! Since when is a teen getting pregnant to be viewed as honorable?? IT’S A FLIPPING MISTAKE. I have to explain to my teen and tween daughters that there is NOTHING HONORABLE in getting pregnant out of wedlock.

Yes, teen pregnancies happen. Yes, people deal with it differently. Yes, it is a private matter but it should NEVER BE PUT IN SUCH A WAY TO EXCUSE IT. It is NOT o.k.

For the record, I like Governor Palin a lot. I respect her for the work she’s done and the toes she’s stepped on. BUT, she should have stayed in Alaska to PROTECT HER DAUGHTER. Don’t stick her out on the public stage and dangle her like a piece of raw meat, because the wolves will snap.

Honorable. Pish.

Tammy September 2, 2008, 4:58 PM

I agree that the child best interests should be what’s important here. Also that this should be a non-issue. How many teenage girls get pregnant in this country on a daily basis? Why is this girl to be so scrutinized? Because of her mother’s political status? The daughter did not choose for her mother to run for VP or help decide her moms political views. No matter what the mother stands for it doesn’t mean the child has to fall instep like a mindless robot. This girl is almost old enought to be considered an adult in this country and if she decided to have sex than it should in no way be reflective as to her upbringing nor her mother’s political views. One has nothing to do with the other.

And secondly, since when is it not in the best interest of a child for it’s parents to come together and try to be a family? Or why is it not in the best interest of the child for it to be raise by only the mother or the father? This girl has access to enough resources to make raising a child “alone” that much easier for her and the baby. Why should that baby not know the love of it’s mother if that mother is perfectly able and capable of providing a good life for it? Just because shes young doesn’t mean she can’t be a great mother.

Lesa September 2, 2008, 5:02 PM


If this had been a V.P. addition to a DEMOCRAT or LIBERAL ticket it would have been the end of the world as we know it.

You people would act like it’s the fall of Western Civilization!! You’d all be screaming “What will we tell the children??!”

When you use your family as a campaign prop and when half of your appeal is FAMILY VALUES you’ve made your family fair game.

You people and your double standards make me sick.

Susan September 2, 2008, 5:25 PM

I don’t want a woman who can’t teach moral values in her own family, and help her daughter not NOT get pregnant in the first place, as my VP. She needs control over her own family and life first.

Marquita September 2, 2008, 5:35 PM

What i do not understand is, ok, a teenager has unprotected sex and gets pregnant, that happens. However, I think that Sarah Palin is making this a political issue. I personally think she is forcing her daughter and the baby’s daddy to get married. I honestly do not think that they are ready to get married. Ok, people are going to say well do not have sex. Just because someone makes a baby with someone does not mean they are compatible. She is against women having a say so maybe she talks for her daughters as well.

Jezzie September 2, 2008, 6:49 PM

As a conservative woman (on family issues), I’m looking at what takes priority in Sarah Palin’s life. For all her religious, right-wing rhetoric, she has made interesting choices, in my opinion. Not that a woman cannot have it all - she can - but in certain times, family takes priority.

I believe family takes priority when a mother has an 18 year old serving in Iraq, a pregnant 17 yr. old and a 5 month old baby, w/or w/out special needs - not to mention the 5 and 12 year olds. It is not the time for Ms. Palin to take on one of the biggest responsibilities in the free world, and at the same time, present herself as a social conservative.

I also do not understand why she is being lauded by religious right conservatives - is it purely the anti-abortion issue? What abt. her role in her family? Now it’s okay to give up your infant to a nanny? It’s okay to be 17 and pregnant as long as you don’t abort AND get married?

I teach students in a school system w/a high teen pregnancy rate in a state w/a high teen pregnancy rate and abstinence only options for sex education. Again and again, my students are ill-informed and lacking in guidance from parents - not unloved, but LACKING IN GUIDANCE.

Many of them have had dreamy,yet age-appropriate responses, to learning they are pregnant…”I’ll just hopehopehope that it goes away, and maybe it will.” Despite what a previous poster wrote, many do not want abortions or have parents who want them - I’m in the Bible Belt.

Of the pregnant young women I’ve known (approx. 6 students each year in my 5 years of teaching) - ages 13-19 - there are 2 major fears: telling their parents and boyfriends. I have yet to meet a pregnant teen who was in it for the “big” welfare bucks or to trap a man. I have met teens who had terrible info abt. abstinence and contraception, had boyfriends in their 20’s, lacked parental guidance, lacked parental supervision, lacked parental love, wanted a child to love, wanted a family, wanted to no longer be lonely, or wanted an identity and “mother” was what appealed to them.

I have taught really good teen mothers and really bad ones - bad mostly b/c they were way too immature to take on the responsibility and had minimal family support. I have heard their mothers talk a good line abt. how this experience (teen pregnancy)will “force my daughter to learn what life is really abt.” I have seen their mothers go on w/their own lives w/out looking back and taking stock and saying to their daughters, “Okay, let’s slow down, let’s follow this path back to where it began together so that I know where I have failed to reach you.” I’m just not sure one can do this and be VP as well.
I want Sarah Palin to put her family first and graciously decline this honor in exchange for the honor of being there for her children.

Lee September 2, 2008, 7:12 PM

I think if it was a liberals daughter the media would NOT be jumping all over this! They have nothing to dig up on this lady, so they dig up dirt on her kids.

The Mc Cain/Palin ticket has my vote and many I talk to are turning the same way. :0)

April September 2, 2008, 10:29 PM

Jezzie - I was born and raised in the Bible Belt. And I still live in the Bible Belt. I attend church every Sunday and some Wednesdays (when work and family schedules allow it)… and I have seen many teens get pregnant, only to have an abortion because it’s shameful or inconvenient to them. In my small town, a teen pregnancy is often swept under the rug.

Kate September 3, 2008, 3:28 AM

Dear Lee:

Well, you are making a pretty stupid choice. And you are wrong. If this were an Obama daughter the right-wing media would be having a field day. Don’t waste your vote on someone who will open up Alaska to drillers and take away women’s reproductive rights. Just because she is a woman doesn’t she is good for women.

Mom to One September 3, 2008, 8:19 AM

Kate - what exactly gives you the ultimate authority to say who is wrong and who is right? What gives you the right to say someone is making a stupid choice?

How about if you don’t waste your vote on someone who believes late term and partial birth abortions are okay? You’re wasting your vote on a socialist who doesn’t even believe babies are human beings who deserve basic human rights! You’re wasting your vote on someone who isn’t even proud to live in the country. As a Marine wife, that’s insulting to Americans!

CK1 September 3, 2008, 10:36 AM

SHAME ON YOU MOMLOGIC! Stay out of this young girls business. It’s disgusting that people think they have any right to make comments about her and her pregnancy.
Too many people have become judge and jury and don’t care about the rights of the families and their privacy. This subject never should have been an issue. So what if Sarah Palin’s DAUGHTER is pregnant. Sarah Palin has proven she can run a state and take care of her family. Teen pregnancy is widespread and nothing new. So why exploit an innocent child? Move on to the real issues…1)The war 2)The economy 3)Education 4)Healthcare , etc. etc.
The media needs to stop reporting like the TABLOIDS and give us some intelligent information about the issues. The true issues that are important and need to be heard.

Judy C September 3, 2008, 10:44 AM

Mom to One - I have never heard Obama say or infer that babies don’t deserve human rights. But I have heard loud and clear that Michelle and Barack are not only proud to live in America, but also that, their stories would only be possible in America.

CK1 September 3, 2008, 10:52 AM

To Susan.. MORAL VALUES! Give me a break! I am a Christian CATHOLIC woman who raised my children with moral values, as you say. We were very strict with WHO our children spent time with. I talked to them openly about sex and abstaining until they got married. Despite our dedication to raising our children with our moral values, my teenage daughter got pregnant. An older boy, 19, she was 15, convinced her that he LOVED her and took advantage of her. Girls are naive at this age. They believe it when a boy says, “I love you” or “one day we’ll get married”. So don’t give me that crap about Sarah Palin not teaching her daughter moral values. You are SSSOOOO wrong! And, how dare you judge her. I am sure you are not PERFECT, Susan. Sarah Palin is like me, I understand her. She is human! Unlike you who sits in judgment, as if you have that right.

Anonymous September 3, 2008, 1:43 PM

Check O’s voting record. He voted NOT to ban partial birth abortions…you know where they half deliver the baby and crush the skull.

Kristen F September 3, 2008, 2:16 PM

Not only did he vote for partial birth abortions to NOT be banned, I believe he did it 3 times! Then came back and said he didn’t know all the details of it, then why vote that way 3 times?

kate September 3, 2008, 2:51 PM

Dear Mom to One.

You can believe whatever you want but LET ME MAKE MY OWN CHOICES! I do not presume to make your choices for you. As an Air Force widow, I AM VERY OFFENDED BY YOU.

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