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Time For a Hand Job, Ladies

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Time for a hand job, ladies.

Woman with lotion in hands

Come on, admit it. You work hard to look good.  You work out, moisturize, highlight and maybe even botox with the best of them. But hold on there one minute, honey. What's with those hands?

Yes, it's true. Hand jobs can make you look younger.

For you, looking younger is worth every dollar you spend at the cosmetics counter and every hour spent sweating on the treadmill.  But despite all that hard work; your hands may spilling the dirty little secret you've been trying so hard to keep under wraps -- your age. Nothing says "I'm not as young as I look," like dry, crusty hands covered in veins and brown spots. Not a pretty picture is it?

Here's the deal: The skin on your hands is thinner than the skin on your face and the rest of your body so it needs a little extra T-L-C to keep you from looking O-L-D.

Don't worry, ladies. Help is on the way.  Today's New York Times dishes on some great ways to keep your age spots under wraps and keep your hands looking as young as you feel. The answers vary from the simple and inexpensive to the splurge, which can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $12,000!

*use gloves and a thick moisturizing cream at night
*never leave the house without using sunscreen on hands
*run lemon on finger nails to make them white

*Restylane injections to add volume and make veins less pronounced
*Scelerotherapy which injects veins with a solution to shrink them
*Inject fat cells into hand to make skin appear plumper
*Lazer treatments to remove brown spots.

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