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Toy Story Saves Lives

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To infinity and beyond! How Buzz Lightyear saved the day for two young boys.

You gotta hand it to Disney's Pixar.

Not only are their movies highly entertaining, but they have also been linked to helping two kids survive some pretty perilous situations.

Buzz Lightyear was instrumental in saving the life of 12-year-old Christopher Morino, an autistic boy who was swept out to sea in a Florida riptide with his father. After four hours of treading water, the Daytona Beach currents caused Christopher to drift away from his father Walter's reach.

In order to keep some contact with his almost completely non-verbal son, Christopher's dad screamed the boy's favorite movie catch phrase from Toy Story: "To infinity..." Then Christopher would invariably answer: "And beyond!"

Eventually, they drifted nearly three miles apart. For eight solid hours, Christopher--who, because of his autism, had no sense of fear--happily treaded water alone in the shark-infested waters. He and his father were eventually rescued and reunited 15 long hours after their ordeal had started. Woody would be proud.

Another boy who had Buzz Lightyear on the brain is nine-year-old Jak Theyer. He fell a startling 60 feet off a cliff at a beach and landed on his feet, sustaining only minor injuries. "It was like being Buzz Lightyear -- except my wings didn't come out," Theyer joked.

Could it be that owning Toy Story is a good way to keep your kid safe? Probably not -- but just in Toy Story now!

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michelle September 13, 2008, 1:28 PM

I read about this father and son last week. I think it’s amazing that they even survived at all. Treading water for 15 hours? Not only that, but the 12 yr old just treaded water for hours on his own? As the mother of a 12 yr old daughter, I find it hard to believe my own child would be able to do that even though she is strong swimmer. Truly an amazing story.

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